Effective Time Management and Revision Plan for NEET


Your NEET preparation heavily depends on time management. And if you dream of cracking the competitive exam where over 15 lakh students apply each year, then time management becomes exceedingly important. To get more done in less time, you must manage your time. But it’s easier said than done.

In order to effectively manage your time for the NEET exam, consider the following suggestions:

1. Set realistic goals: The first step towards time management is to have a clear set of goals and objectives. These should be realistic and achievable based on the amount of time left before the exam. Be flexible with the goals, review and modify them regularly if needed. Pushing yourself to study when you don’t want to will make you lose interest. Rushing through the curriculum won’t be good either as you won’t recall anything and it would simply lead to mental burnout.

2. Be familiar with your course: It is a well-known truth that the NEET is one of the most difficult competitive exams at the All India Level because of the extensive course that applicants are required to study. Let’s face it: a year may not be sufficient to cover everything that you are expected to. But it’s crucial to be completely familiar with all the topics if you want to finish them.

A handy trick would be to have a printed copy of the syllabus nearby while you are studying. After that, you must work to identify your strong points and weaknesses. Of course, once you identify your deficiencies, they must be addressed. One of the best methods to achieve this would be using the PrepDNA feature in Darwin. PrepDNA allows diving into subject-wise, categories-wise, and even at topics-wise preparedness.

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This will aid you to spot the weaker areas and gauging where more attention is needed. The app’s algorithm also repeats the questions that were answered incorrectly or were missed so you can go through them again.

3. Follow a study schedule: You cannot prepare for NEET by being vague. A proper timetable will help you to be disciplined, let you effectively cover all the portions, and also give time to unwind. While creating the study plan, keep in mind to avoid the timetable that will be both mentally and physically impossible for you to follow.

If you overwork yourself when studying, you won’t get any results. Allocate specific time slots for each subject, and try to avoid distractions during these times. Create a regime that can be followed and then make every effort to follow it.

4. Practice NEET mock tests: Taking mock tests is an important part of time management, as it gives us an idea of how much time you need to spend on each section. Try to take at least one mock test every week on Darwin and analyze your performance. Use the results to identify the areas where you need to focus more and plan accordingly.

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Free NEET test series on Darwin

This will help you build confidence and improve your performance in the actual exam. And yes, don’t forget to revise the questions you marked wrong. Darwin’s daily revision allows you to regularly re-practice the questions that you marked wrong while practicing so that you can gradually eliminate your weak links.

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5. Create a to-do list: Make a daily to-do list of all the things you need to do. This can be created on the previous night. You can do it with a paper pen or use apps like notion, google calendar, inkpad, etc. Your to-do list should include daily MCQ practice and specific time that you need to dedicate to study each subject among others.

You can practice mock questions from the Darwin NEET Prep App which has 40,000+ questions complied from the last 20 years’ PYQs.

NEET Practice Questions

6. Revise from Day 1 of your NEET Preparation: Revision is imperative if you want to score a good enough in the NEET. A well-planned revision strategy can go a long way in helping you succeed in NEET. Instead of allocating revision time to the last some months, start revising from the initial phase of your preparation. The syllabus of NEET is vast and an effective revision can improve your retention to a whole another level.

Cracking NEET is not a cakewalk. It requires enormous patience, time will power, and hard work. It is a foundation for your dreams so give it all to reap the benefits. In the end, success will depend on how much effort and commitment you put in to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.