How to Prepare Chemistry For NEET 2022

How to prepare chemistry for NEET

“A Goal without a plan is just a wish” 

You must have heard the above saying. It’s 100% true! A well-laid plan means that you have completed half the job. And when you are planning to ace NEET Chemistry, it is important that you devise a robust plan and execute it well.  

If you want to secure a seat in one of the prestigious government medical colleges, it is imperative to score above 600 marks. To achieve that score, cracking NEET Chemistry is inevitable. 

Chemistry is one of the least time-consuming and highly scoring subjects for NEET if prepared well. With the right strategy, you can answer at least 40 questions out of 45 correctly. Set your aim at this target and you can score above 160 marks in NEET chemistry. 

Want to know, how? Read on to know how you can create an effective study plan for NEET Chemistry. 

1.Evaluate Your Syllabus 

 NEET Chemistry consists of three major sections: Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry. 

  • Organic Chemistry: It includes the reactions of organic compounds. Students will have to learn various types of reactions, the mechanism of these reactions, the stability of intermediate, and some important NEET chemistry concepts like Resonance, Inductive effect, and Hyper Conjugation. 
  • Inorganic Chemistry: It revolves around concepts like periodicity, the structure of compounds and their hybridization, electronic configuration, etc. You will have to memorize some facts and apply them while solving the questions. 
  • Physical Chemistry: It mainly consists of numerical questions around thermodynamics, structure of atom, equilibrium, and related topics. NEET 2022 aspirants should focus more on the calculation and application of the concepts. 

Each section has equal weightage in NEET-UG. Therefore, NEET 2022 aspirants preparing for Chemistry should ideally start with a proper analysis of all three sections. These three major sections have been divided between the curriculum of class 11th and Class 12th. Aspirants can check the weightage of each section from the table below: 

NEET Chemistry Weightage 

Topic/Chapter Weightage* 
Class 11 
Basic Concepts of Chemistry 1% 
Structure of Atom 2% 
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 2% 
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5% 
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids 2% 
Thermodynamics 8% 
Equilibrium 6% 
Redox Reactions 3% 
Hydrogen  2%
s-Block Elements 2% 
Some p-Block Elements 2% 
Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles & Techniques 4% 
Hydrocarbons 3% 
Environmental Chemistry 2% 
Class 12
Solid State 2% 
Solutions 2% 
Electrochemistry 2% 
Chemical Kinetics 3% 
Surface Chemistry 2% 
Isolation of Elements 2% 
p-Block Elements 5% 
d- and f-Block Elements 4% 
Coordination Compounds 9% 
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 3% 
Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers 4% 
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 4% 
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 2% 
Biomolecules 3% 
Polymers 3% 
Chemistry in Everyday Life 2% 

Please note that some chapters have less weightage than others. But if you have abundant time in hand, you should cover each chapter. After all, every mark can make a difference between your dream NEET 2022 rank and college. 

If you are worried, how you can practice weightage-wise for every topic, then stress not! Darwin app helps you prepare for NEET chemistry with chapter wise question bank. You can solve the questions to get a clear idea about the importance and types of questions asked from each chapter. 

Topic-wise Question Bank for NEET
Topic-wise Question Bank for NEET

2. Refer to the Best Resources 

NEET Chemistry demands good use of learning resources to clear the exam. First comes the NCERT books that are the prime element when it comes to NEET prep, as most of the questions are asked from it. Second, you should thoroughly read each topic and practice all the questions to develop a sound fundamental base. 

For that, you can also follow other prescribed books such as: 

  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon 
  • Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon 
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee 
  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide 
  • Inorganic Chemistry by VK Jaiswal  
  • Organic Chemistry by MS Chauhan  
  •  Physical Chemistry N Awasthi 

These books will be helpful for practicing and refining your NEET Chemistry prep for the tougher topics. 

After class notes and books, come the online practice test series for NEET Chemistry preparation. Darwin app is the best learning resource for NEET aspirants as you get study material with chapter-wise MCQs, online NEET test series, & customized mock tests. Darwin app has proved to be an unparalleled resource for aspirants aiming to score big in their exams. The tests on Darwin are designed as per the latest NEET 2022 pattern so that you get a fair idea about the questions asked in this medical UG exam. 

Daily Free NEET Mock Tests on Darwin
Daily Free Mock Tests on Darwin

3. Make Note-Making a Habit 

NEET chemistry syllabus is vast, and thus you should have proper knowledge about the important topics to get a good head start. In addition, most NEET questions are asked from NCERT books, and thus you should read them in-depth. 

While preparing Chemistry for NEET, you should develop the practice of writing everything down. The practice of writing everything goes a long way during the time of revision and will be beneficial to you. 

While studying, prepare your notes and highlight the topics or lines in the books for easy revision. Making a summary of each chapter/ topic or writing down formulas will help you in quick revision. Then, before the exam, you can easily go through the whole chapter and revise the topics within minutes. 

Did you know that an online test platform can even help you in clearing your concepts? 

With each Chemistry question, you solve in Darwin, you get detailed explanations along with it to strengthen your concepts. The explanations will help you apply your learnings or concepts to various questions. 

4. Daily Practice 

It is rightly said that practice makes you perfect, and when you look into the habits of cricketers, athletes, musicians, and toppers, it’s easy to see why. 

Daily practice should be an important part of your NEET Chemistry preparation. Be it inorganic chemistry, equations, or numerical, daily practicing is the key to ace the NEET exam. Also, practice questions from NCERT and NCERT Exemplar (mandatory books for medical UG exams). Practicing from these books will help you become more comfortable with the process. 

After solving questions from the books, practice past year’s NEET previous question papers. Solving these question papers will help you understand the exam pattern, the types of questions asked, and provide you an idea about time management and speed. Then, with higher accuracy and regular practice, you can take up the NEET UG exam with boosted confidence. 

Darwin NEET App allows you to create customized tests for NEET along with the breakthrough analysis to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. It contains more than 30 years of previous years’ questions from various Medical UG  exams. The advanced filters and switches help you select any year’s question bank. When you solve recent year questions, you can become more aware of the latest changes and trends of the exam. 

NEET Previous year question paper
Filters present on Darwin NEET Prep App

5. Take NEET Mock Tests Online 

NEET 2022 aspirants should regularly take mock tests online so that they are able to manage the allotted time and get familiar with real exam day scenarios. As you progress, you should solve mock tests of intermediate and advanced difficulty levels. This preparation will help you on the day of the NEET examination, and you will also not be overwhelmed by the paper on D-Day. 

With Darwin, you get access to more than 20,000+ Chemistry questions. In addition, take daily free NEET tests to improve your time management and speed. Daily ranks on Darwin help you gauge where you stand in NEET competition. 

With its ground-breaking features such as PrepDNA and Performance analytics, you can identify your weakness that requires more practice and improve your score. Darwin is that one online guide that enables you to get out of your comfort zone to achieve a sure-shot success. 

Chapter wise NEET Questions analysis
Breakthrough analytics with PrepDNA

6. Revision 

NEET Chemistry syllabus is so vast that an aspirant tends to forget the initial part that they have learned. Revision is the vital key to prevent this scenario. It is important that you continuously keep on revising your topics and chapters.  

NEET aspirants in Class 12th should continuously revise the syllabus of class 11th. Make a strategy or timetable so that revision is done along with learning new topics. You can target one chapter in a week or topics for daily revision. Also, you can attempt questions during the revision of any chapter or topic. 

Well, fortunately for you, Darwin NEET prep app is designed in such a manner that you can revise daily. You can practice questions that you wrong, bookmark questions and review them later. In short, Darwin revision features help you to: 

  • Revise daily (Daily Revision) 
  • Practice Bookmark questions (Bookmark Revision) 
  • Improve weaker concepts (Deep Revision) 


NEET is one of the most coveted and prestigious medical exams in India. The exam is tough, and millions of aspirants taking the exam just make it fierce. You have to prepare for the exam like there is no tomorrow-utilizing your time and energy productively. And thus, you must use the best learning resource to become a successful medical professional. 

Darwin for NEET is one of the most authentic and reliable online platforms for NEET aspirants. You can avail free NEET test series, customized NEET mock tests, and topic-wise questions for each subject. 

 When the stakes are high, you can’t take a chance. So, download Darwin and achieve your aim of becoming a doctor.