What NEET Toppers Do Differently Before the Exam?

NEET Toppers strategy

It’s that time of year again!! This is the time when you must be throttling at full horsepower to complete your whole NEET syllabus in time. No distractions, no hustle and bustle, and certainly no gatherings must be your rule.

Want to know what rules does your NEET toppers follow? After all, they might be doing something different before the exams, that makes them “A TOPPER”.

In this blog, we reveal the secrets of NEET toppers strategies and habits that they perform before the exam.

However, take cognizant of the fact that NEET-UG toppers pursue a disciplined strategy with consistency throughout their preparation. They have mastered their concepts in various subjects, so they have a thorough understanding of the NEET syllabus. So, anything they do in the last few days before the exam is just an extension to their preparation.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what NEET toppers do before the last few days of the NEET Exam.

1. Practice Thoroughly

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory.”

The phrase is perfectly valid and makes sense. You can’t achieve glory without practice. Take a look at the behavior of actors, musicians, and professional athletes who all tend to come up with their best when they practice a lot. A renowned psychologist Malcolm Gladwell came up with the ten thousand hours rule.

According to the rule, it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to become an expert of complex skills and materials, like playing the Basketball or getting as good as Beethoven at piano.

So, if you want to score higher in the NEET exam, what should you be doing before the NEET exam?

Yes, practicing!!

When you are about to sit for the rest of your lifetime, how will you achieve perfection without practice? Practicing loads of mock tests in the last few days is like a warm-up exercise before the actual exam.

No matter, how outstanding is your NEET preparation, if you are not used to sitting three continuous hours like in the exam, you might find it difficult to complete the paper on time.

So, what exactly are NEET toppers doing? They are right now practicing. A NEET topper practices on an average of 300 NEET questions a day before taking the actual test. They do it to widen their understanding, enhance their logical thinking capacity, and raise their confidence in making decisions concerning correct answers.

Darwin NEET app has a large question bank of previous year’s question papers from NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, MHT-CET, CITEE, and more. Solve these questions or mock tests to simulate the exam environment before the actual NEET 2022 exam.

2. Revision is the Key

The last few days before the NEET exam can be very stressful. Of course, one topic from Biology is remaining, and the other one from Chemistry is too important to leave! These thoughts are the bane of every NEET aspirant.

Students usually worry that they have not done enough revision and are not able to recall anything. But do you know the secret? NEET toppers, too, feel the same. After all, they are also humans!

But do you know what they do differently? They start revising early in their NEET preparation. They usually get extra marks because they have been revising daily. A daily revision of NEET subjects can facilitate aspirants in maintaining the canvass of the study.

Starting revision early allows NEET toppers the time to really learn the material. They understand the concepts better rather than just memorising information for the sake of the exam. They also have prepared summaries or handwritten notes for subjects, which they use for quick revision.

And if you feel that whatever you have forgotten everything that you have learned, then do not panic; it will come back to you exactly when you need it. As you practice and continuously revise, the brain forms neural networks which will send signals/answers when the problem/questions come up in the examination.

If you have been practising with Darwin, the best NEET app has distinct features to make your revision easy. Our revision section shows the questions that you have got wrong in the past. You can revise your mistakes and strengthen your concepts at the same time!

Darwin's revision feature for quick and easy NEET revision
Revision on Darwin

3. Everyday Focus on Your Weaker Areas

Do you know what the toppers do differently? They don’t leave their weaker NEET topics till the last minute. They already know their weaker areas, so they practice or revise those daily to improve their scores.

At this stage of the NEET prep, it is utterly essential that you have smoothened out your rough areas. With a few days to go before the exam, there is still an opportunity to strengthen weaker areas (if you have mastered your other concepts). Every mark matters, and thus it is important to iron out the deficiencies to secure a seat in the government medical college of your choice.

Darwin’s PrepDNA continuously identifies your weaker areas. You can revisit these NEET concepts that you have eluded earlier. While practicing, our breakthrough technology will give NEET practice questions from your weaker topics. Spend a few extra hours clarifying these concepts again and you will surely notice your test rank getting better every day.

Accurately pinpoint weaker areas with Darwin’s PrepDNA

4. Keep Your Body Healthy

Remember, it wouldn’t do you any good if you are suffering from unwanted anxiety. And it is certainly not good to have it throughout the last week of the NEET exam. Keep yourself motivated with things that you like best. Health is the most important thing that you should take care of.

If you are through with your revision, it is an excellent option to take longer breaks. Go out for a walk or meditate or listen to some songs. The idea is to distract yourself from work and make you physically tired so that you sleep better.

NEET toppers take a sufficient amount of rest and sleep during the last few days of their NEET preparation. The major reason behind it is that adequate rest gives your brain more processing time. Taking a break or rest from studying means that your brain can quietly organize your study in the background. This will help you to recall things more efficiently during your NEET exam.

You can also join Darwin’s discussion group to keep your mind afresh. Post any questions or ask your peers to clear your doubts. Darwin NEET app’s study circle helps you stay connected with like-minded aspirants. So, stay motivated!

5. Do What Works Best for you

Finally, everyone is different and unique. What might work for the NEET toppers might not be suitable for you. Some individuals like to study the whole day, while others like to burn the midnight oil. Similarly, some NEET toppers like to be on their own during preparations; some like to discuss things with friends. So, do whatever puts you in the best frame of mind, and you will realize that you are perfect for cracking India’s toughest medical exam.


If you have been following our previous blogs and articles, and have been preparing sincerely for NEET with Darwin, you will become absolutely confident in your preparation. You have worked hard, prepared diligently, and have done your absolute best. So it’s time to keep calm and stay focused.

You are going to do well!! That’s our promise.

All the Best!