How to Prepare for FMGE?

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Every year thousands of students go abroad to become doctors. Students who have completed a medical degree from abroad must clear Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (MCI FMGE) if he or she wants to practice medicine in India. This examination is organized by the National Board of Examinations (NBE), India. The candidates who have passed MBBS from MCI recognized colleges are eligible to appear for the FMGE exam.

The FMGE exam is held twice a year, and a medical student has a maximum of 3 attempts to clear this examination. Due to limited attempts and the rising complexity of the exam, candidates face difficulty in clearing the examination.

Despite getting a seat in the topmost medical colleges across the world, every FMGE aspirant should prepare diligently and seriously since there is no room for error at this stage. In this article, we will tell you how you can prepare for the FMGE exam. Our preparation tips can help you secure good marks and help you achieve your dream of practicing medicine in India. So, let’s get started.

1. Understand the Syllabus

The FMGE exam consists of 300 questions under Part A and Part B, which are to be solved in under 2 hours and 30 minutes each. To pass the exam, candidates must score at least 150 marks out of the allotted 300 marks.

FMGE 2022 syllabus – Pre and Para Clinical Subjects
Subject Distribution of marks 
Anatomy 17 
Physiology 17 
Biochemistry 17 
Pathology 13 
Microbiology 13 
Pharmacology 13 
Forensic Medicine 10 
Total                                                              100 
 FMGE syllabus – Clinical subjects 
Subjects Marks  
Medicine and Allied subjects 
(I) Medicine 33 
(II) Psychiatry 
(III) Dermatology and STD 
(IV) Radiotherapy 
General Surgery and Allied subjects 
(I) General surgery 32 
(II) Anaesthesiology 
(III) Orthopaedics 
(IV) Radiodiagnosis 
Paediatrics 15 
Ophthalmology 15 
Otorhinolaryngology 15 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 30 
Community Medicine 30 
Total 200 

Every candidate appearing for the FMGE examination should cover the entire syllabus. It would be best if you went through the syllabus to understand the weightage of each topic. Candidates should avoid preparing any particular subject or topic which may not prove fruitful. You should focus more time on topics that are scoring and have FMGE questions coming year after year.

Having a clear understanding of the FMGE syllabus and the weightage of the diverse topics will help you decide how much time you should dedicate to each topic. It would be best if you prepared according to the topic and instructions mentioned above to ace the exam with excellent scores.

2. Make Your Notes

You should write your own notes while preparing for the FMGE exam. By creating a condensed summary of the notes, you effectively prepare yourself for the exam and for quick revision. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of the materials, but you will also gain conceptual clarity. Anything which you cannot state in your own idea means that you do not understand it. When you can understand the concepts, you will be able to think about them critically. When you write notes for FMGE, you are engaging your brain more, which will help your study material stick, thereby improving your recall.

Candidates preparing for this exam should write notes in their own words because it creates a personalized, powerful record of the learning material, which becomes ready-made revision guides for FMGE.

3. Attempt FMGE Mock Tests

It is important to know where you stand in your FMGE preparation. Mock tests and solving previous years’ FMGE question papers are excellent ways to evaluate your preparation. Attempting FMGE MCQs from several topics in a stipulated period will help you identify the areas where improvement is required.

After attempting the mock test for FMGE, you can analyze your performance to identify your weakness. For getting the best results, solve FMGE practice tests on Pre-PG designed as per the latest changes in the exam. Pre-PG has more than 23,000+ clinical questions for FMGE which will give you a better perspective about kinds of questions that will appear in the exam. Practicing these daily FMGE tests will certainly help in improving the score in the exam.

Apart from practicing FMGE questions, you can mark questions with doubts and get them cleared from your teachers, mentors, or peers. This will ensure that you do not have any doubts by the time you sit for the exam.

Also, solving previous year FMGE questions can help you get familiarized with the actual exam scenario. Practicing sample mock tests for FMGE under stimulated conditions will also boost your confidence and improve your accuracy.

4. Transform Your Weaker Areas into Strengths

Many test-takers assume that they would see a drastic jump in their score by solving many FMGE questions and reviewing the concepts. Rather than taking practice test after practice test, you should keep a log of all the problems that are troubling you the most. Once you have identified where you are lagging and finding the problems that you find the most challenging, you need to create a manageable problem set where you solve those types of FMGE questions and scrutinize them.

While doing this exercise, you might find that you understand the concepts better and your timings affect your performance on those particular questions. You might even find that you do not have a strong grasp on some of the FMGE concepts you originally thought you had, so you could probably go back to your notes to analyze where you are facing difficulty. In this manner, you will start noticing a common thread that may help you study more effectively for the FMGE exam.

Identifying the weaker areas and devoting ample time to studying those can really amp up your performance.

5. Regularly Focus on Your Revision

There are many benefits of revision for the FMGE exam. For instance, the revision will show you what you have learned, allowing you to break through the topics. For this Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, a thorough revision will help you remember the main facts, topics, and methodologies that you have studied in the past.

Regular revision is a terrific way to prepare for the FMGE because a greater recall value will help you correctly answer the test question. You will feel prepared, and the security and confidence that comes from that feeling will significantly boost your FMGE score. Regular revision improves your knowledge level, lowers errors, and reduces your test anxiety. Revision can be the make or break for any exam, therefore do not skip this critical step.

How Pre-PG Can Help You Prepare for FMGE Exam?

Since you are preparing for the FMGE exam, the Pre-PG app can help you in your journey. The app allows you to practice 75,000+ PGMEE MCQs from every subject and various topics. Pre-PG has been specifically designed for different medical tests. You can apply the ‘FMGE exam filter’ to practice all the previous year’s questions papers for FMGE to understand the pattern of the exam and know what type of questions are asked in FMGE. You can also participate in daily tests for FMGE to keep track of your preparation.

With Pre-PG Prep, you can take unlimited tests for the FMGE. You can even customize the test by subject, the number of questions & time. Practice the test by simulating real exam conditions to reduce your fear of giving the actual FMGE exam.

Also, when you are practicing questions, the Pre-PG’s breakthrough analytics – PrepDNA analyses your preparation. It acts as a guiding tool that identifies what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are. Knowing your weakness can really help you to clear the concepts and solve more related questions to strengthen those concepts.

And finally, when you have practiced the questions, the Pre-PG prep app can help you revise too. Its daily revision feature and deep revision feature help you make the best use of your revision time. You can revise questions that you have solved recently or have bookmarked for revision. Revising the questions before the FMGE will certainly enhance your score.

So, now you have all the tips at your hands, you can start your FMGE prep will full enthusiasm. Subscribe to the Pre-PG app to clear the FMGE exam to start your medical practice in India.

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