How To Prepare For INICET with Pre-PG Prep

INICET Preparation

The Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test or INI CET exam is speculated to be the most challenging and toughest PG medical entrance exam. With more than 80000 candidates applying for the 800-odd seats every year, it is certainly not a piece of cake. But you should not lose any hope yet!

Even if the exam difficulty level has been raised due to tough competition, students can crack the exam with a perfect INICET preparation strategy. INI CET aspirants should prepare themselves to work hard, have an organized and disciplined study schedule, and learn from trustworthy study materials. This article will help you frame a solid-proof strategy concerning INI CET.

Understand the INICET Exam Pattern

INI-CET syllabus and exam pattern are designed to test your knowledge about the topics through multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The exam duration is 3 hours and has 200 Questions. The questions are mostly clinically oriented and application-based. The exam is usually conducted in online mode at multiple digital centers across India. Candidates preparing for the AIIMS INICET exam must solve at least 1000 MCQs on daily basis, including single correct answer questions and multiple correct answer questions.

Answering multiple correct answer-type questions requires a comprehensive understanding of concepts by INI CET aspirants. You can solve AIIMS, and NEET PG previous year questions in the Pre-PG to familiarise yourself with the type of questions asked in the INI CET exam.

INICET Previous Year Question
AIIMS Previous Year Question on Pre-PG

Pay Close Attention to Clinical and Application Based questions

As we have seen the new trends in the NEET PG and INICET exam pattern, a vast number of questions are now being asked from clinical and application-based concepts. Earlier, the exam pattern was dedicatedly more theory-based, where single-liner questions were asked. But it’s not the case not anymore.

Nowadays, the trend has shifted to a paragraph style, image-based, and diagnostic case-based questions. INI-CET aspirants should pay close attention to solving clinically based questions to score more in the exam. This could only be achieved when you have a good understanding of basic concepts. When the concepts are known, you need to solve more and more practice questions to improve your analytical skills. Students should study and understand each topic from a clinical point of view and try to apply their learnings to each concept; doing so will be beneficial to them.

Pre-PG has an extensive question bank of clinical questions to prepare INI CET candidates for such questions. Using our “clinical questions filter”, you can solve 20,000+ clinical NEET PG/INICET MCQs on Pre-PG.

neet pg clinical
23,000+ Clinical Questions on Pre-PG

Extensive Revision

Your INICET exam preparation success is determined by two things – your hard work and time dedicated to revision. No INI CET aspirant can claim to study each topic of the AIIMS INICET exam syllabus and remember everything without revision. Therefore, INICET aspirants are suggested to frequently revise the topics to recall the facts and concepts in the actual exam. You should have a clear timetable and organized method to revise efficiently each time.

INI CET revision
Revision features on Pre-PG

The best way to revise is to solve AIIMS in previous years’ question papers and mock tests. These would help you understand which topics you are weak and strong in. You can always go back to the topics in which you are weak. It would be best if you also create your own INICET notes from the various learning resources like coaching institutes notes, books, or YouTube lectures. Have all the notes in one place so that you can revise quickly before the exam. Pre-PG also enables you to revise all the questions that you solved during your INI CET preparation. Its deep revision feature and bookmark feature enables you to revise questions that you marked wrong or kept for revision later. Besides this, you can also utilize 15,000+ clinical-focused flashcards on Pre-PG for active recall and longer retention.

neet pg flashcards
15,000+ Clinical-focused Flashcards on Pre-PG

High confidence before the INI CET exam will help you avoid being flustered by the immense pressure of the exam.

Practice a Large Number of Practice Questions

Until you know where your weakness lies, you cannot strengthen it. Not knowing your weakness is the biggest disadvantage for any aspirant compared to the one who not only knows them but has also taken an effort to rectify them.

One of the main troubles faced by many INI CET aspirants is that they do not practice sufficient questions. Most aspirants are in a rush to complete the syllabus rather than analyzing how well they are on the right track. So, they give the exam without finding out how prepared they are.

inicet questions
Specifically, Practice INICET Questions on Pre-PG

Solving thousands of practice questions and appearing in INICET mock tests can come as a savior to you. Practicing topic-wise questions will not help you reveal your weaknesses, but you will also become familiar with the pattern and types of questions. So, when a similar question comes in the examination, you can solve it quickly. Like in a cricket game, the home team always has an advantage compared to their opponents because they have knowledge about the weather conditions and pitch. In the same way, INI CET aspirants solving maximum questions have the advantage of performing better in the exam.

By using the Pre-PG, INI CET aspirants can customize their prep by creating tests from particular topics and subjects. Besides this, you get to practice from the largest NEET PG Q-bank of 75,000+ MCQs to improve the accuracy and speed in the exam.

Prepare with the Pre-PG app

Thousands of aspirants have used the Pre-PG App to prepare for the INICET exam and have cleared it with great ranks. Our learning platform offers advanced features like daily tests, AIIMS previous year question papers (from the last 30 years), in-depth analytics to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, flashcards to recall concepts, and deep revision for faster and more efficient revision. Unlike other platforms, we have the largest question bank of INI CET clinical questions. We believe in personalized learning, and therefore, each AIIMS exam aspirant has its own learning graph. As you practice more and more questions, our adaptive PGMEE prep platform presents you with questions in which you are weaker. Solving these questions, again and again, can help you to master the concepts.

Used by millions of aspirants across India, Pre-PG has become the most preferred app for INI CET exam preparation. So, come subscribe to the Pre-PG to get admission to the college of your choice.