How to Pull Off a Mega Jump in NEET PG Rank?

Encountering failures during your NEET PG Preparation is common. It is absolutely normal if you fail to score good enough to get into the PG college of your choice. Doctors have been battling with the push-and-pull created by this burning desire to succeed. And giving a fightback is in our DNA itself; it is part of the very fabric that makes us into who we really are. 

Many NEET PG aspirants have been through a phase in where their self-confidence and self-esteem takes a backseat when they fail to crack NEET PG in first attempt. While the thought of flinging your hands in the air and running away is appealing, take a second to connect with those who have been there in a similar sitution and survived. With self-belief, personal development goals, and little modification in your preparation strategy, it is possible to overcome those struggles and be on the other side. 

NEET PG Topper Success Story With Pre-PG Prep

In this blog, we will cherish the success story of Dr. Lohith Kumar, who had a mega jump in his rank, right from AIR 51000 in NEET PG 2018 to AIR 1375 in NEET PG 2020. Apart from giving preparation tips, Lohith also emphasized on the importance of friendship during the preparation phase. 

Juggling Between College, Coaching and Internship 

Dr. Lohith did his UG from Government College in Mandya and was never an exceptional student. His percentage was 64.5% in the first year and for the next four years, his marks were around that only. 

Lohith’s college was one of the peripheral colleges, unlike the ones in Bangalore. There were some NEET PG coaching in Bangalore but there was no such activity in Mandya. One of his seniors joined the coaching for NEET PG in Bangalore in his final year and following the path, Lohith and his friends also thought of exploring this side in their fourth year. But unlike other standard coaching, it was only on weekends as they couldn’t attend classes on weekdays. Dr. Lohith admits that the hectic final year portion and internship didn’t allow him to prepare efficiently for NEET PG. As a result, his rank in the first attempt was 51,000. 

The Real Beginning 

“I know my rank won’t help; even the half of it won’t help, and even if you remove one digit from my rank then also it won’t help me to get into the desired college. I knew it was not an easy task. I had to work hard.”

Says Lohith

Even when Lohith was regular in class, jotted down the notes very well and bought some review books, he didn’t find them interesting to solve especially when this generation is so addicted to the online stuff. According to him, once you start solving MCQs on some online platform, you won’t find any interest while solving MCQs from review books. Even NEET PG is online.

Though he subscribed to a famous NEET PG preparation app during the internship and paid 24k for that, it all got wasted as he didn’t even complete 12 modules on that particular app. 

Lohith was still struggling and consulted some of his seniors to help him with this preparation phase who suggested that, ‘To crack NEET PG, he needs plan properly.’ 

One of his seniors also suggested the Pre-PG app

“I regularly used free version of Pre-PG in the first half of my preparation phase and later, in the second half, I subscribed to only Pre-PG. I subscribed only to Pre-PG. In the initial phase, I couldn’t match up with my friends. My score used to be around 70 and my friends used to score around 85–90.  

Detailed Analysis on Pre-PG App helped me to analyze where am I lacking behind so that I can give my better shot to match with the competition.

Pushing Himself Out of The Comfort Zone 

As per Lohith, NEET PG preparation plan is almost same for every aspirant. One will join a coaching, finish of the notes and then revise. That’s the smartest thing that anyone can do. 

The rest is decided by how hard you work.  

You can’t really skip classes; you have to take mock tests seriously and you have to pay proper attention to revision. 

Earlier, I never used to study for such long hours. I am indebted to Pre-PG app. From the beginning itself, it motivated me to study for longer hours. 

Once I was back from the class, I really can’t open the book. I really didn’t find that interesting. But with the help of Pre-Pg, I could pick up any subject and start practicing questions; anytime and anywhere.

PG Medical Topper Practice Free NEET PG MCQ on Pre-PG Prep
Lohith and his friend practicing on Pre-PG

Don’t Be Casual 

Lohith strongly suggests that casual attitude towards NEET PG Prep would backfire on you one day. Many aspirants think that if they can get through NEET UG, PG entrance exam will not be a great deal. But in reality, you can’t face NEET PG with this attitude; you got to be dedicated enough. 

There were times, in the daily tests, when his score used to go low and he realized that he wasn’t prepared enough. At this point, he felt it is important to question yourself and ask, ‘Am I doing something wrong?’ and revise your NEET PG strategy accordingly. 

Pre-PG allowed us to compete at All India level as well as with your friends on the Study Circle. Other apps don’t give you daily tests but here you get tests on a daily basis and the ranks are put up next morning. One more feature that I liked is that it allows you to give tests anytime and you don’t have to spend time booking slots for them. 

The revision part also proved beneficial to me. Once you know you have done some mistakes then you can easily work on them using the revision tests on Pre-PG.

Moment of truth 

Just like many NEET PG aspirants, Lohith didn’t expect NEET PG 2020 paper to be this lengthy.  

I used to solve daily mock tests. When you solve them on regular basis, you already know what’s going to be your strategy. This plan helped me a lot to give my best shot at NEET PG 2020.

Both Part A and B at NEET PG 2020 were quite lengthy. I started with Part C and was able to complete the whole paper on time. Few of my friends started with Part A or B and because of this reason, they couldn’t complete at least 20–30 questions.

Struggling Together, Winning Together 

According to Lohith, the last some days are very crucial for your NEET PG Preparation and you might feel demotivated. In his case, Lohith used to call his friends and discuss what they studied that day and the current trends in the NEET PG exam. Lohith emphasized over the value of friendship and how he and his friends helped each other out during his NEET PG journey. 

NEET PG Aspirants Asking and Answers Doubts for PG Medical Preparation

This was the story of Dr. Lohith Kumar who managed to pull off such a remarkable jump in his NEET PG rank. 

When we fail, it makes us question everything. But failure, as much as it hurts, also forms an important part of success. It’s the pathway to our goals. You get the idea? Never give up on your goals. You can do anything you put your mind to. Anything. 

Lohith is planning to take up surgery and might pursue it from UCMS, Delhi or King Edward Memorial College, Mumbai.  Pre-PG Prep is delighted to be a part of his journey and wishes him all the success. 

All the NEET PG aspirants out there, take out the maximum from his success story and be ready to build yours.