How Underdogs Nailed it!

Dr. Muhammad Sajid was an average student until a few months ago. He had doubts that he would make it big in the future. But after cracking NEET PG with AIR 1650 at his very first attempt, he stands at the threshold of a steady, bright future.

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Sajid did his MBBS from Calicut Medical College and was an average student throughout his college life. During his MBBS, he had no real idea about the NEET PG and had never attended any coaching class or used any app in that time frame.

The Rough Start

He joined a coaching in the final phase of his internship and continued his general practice on other days. Initially, he found it difficult to take down notes, revise them and take tests. His performance was also getting drastically affected by this stringent schedule. To solve this conundrum, he decided to stop the general practice and prepare full time for NEET PG.

Gaining the Pace

Sajid started using Pre-PG App along with his coaching. Gradually he realized that the only thing needed now is to enhance the self-confidence and smart work.

“This app really helped me a lot. I used to cover a topic and then practiced its questions from Pre-PG. It gave me a firm idea of how questions are framed.”

Favorites ❤

The thing that Sajid found very peculiar about Pre-PG App is the explanation for the answers.

He admits, “Many people told me to cover more questions instead of reading the whole explanation given but what I found is that by reading the explanation of a single answer, I could see 100s of potential questions from it. I swear I got many key points from Pre-PG’s explanations.

This made me really a BIG FAN of this app.”

The Game-Changer

Sajid confessed that initially his Prep-DNA didn’t portray him as a good competitor he did more than 60% mistake in the beginning but gradually reduced them by practice.

But practice alone won’t work. Sajid cracked it by working on his technique as well.

Initially, He was not a pro user on Pre-PG, so it was a bit difficult to filter questions but in the last 3 months to NEET PG 2020, he got Pre-PG’s premium version as a compliment from his coaching.

“It was the real turning point in my PG preparation. Now, with the Premium version, I was able to filter questions in different ways which helped me to concentrate on relevant questions based on the topic that I revise. I found this very user friendly.”

The D-Day

Sajid was exceptionally regular at daily tests of Pre-PG which not only helped him to keep pace with the competitors but also to get a real-time exam experience before the actual one.

By the time NEET PG 2020 came, he had completed more than 20k questions.

“During my NEET PG exam, many one-liners were directly from Pre-PG.

Many questions made me more confident. I can answer those questions without even looking at the options.”

Lessons Learnt

NEET PG opens up a sea of opportunity for all the doctors. The wishes of studying your favorite subject in your favorite college is something that every doctor dream of but only a few of them get to turn this dream into a reality. However, turning that dream into a reality has nothing to do with your merit and it is more about the efforts and dedication that you are ready to put in. The success story of Dr. Muhammad Sajid bears testimonial to this fact.

According to him, Success Mantras that helped him to ace NEET PG are,

  1. Frequent Revisions
  2. Regularly Appearing in Daily Tests

He is also grateful to his friend, Riya Fathima who supported him throughout his preparation.

Cracking NEET PG is not an easy task and it can’t be measured on any scale of brainpower. It is something that requires a lot of determination, dedication, theoretical in-depth knowledge, your keen interest in subjects and learning in a smart and efficient way.

Pre-PG is proud to be a part of Dr. Sajid’s journey and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Let his story inspire you to create and carve your own success story.