NEET PG Prep: Good Strategy / Bad Strategy

Do we need a strategy to crack NEET PG? What is a good strategy for NEET PG preparation? Many doctors try to answer these two fundamental questions as they start their PG prep. 

Some doctors end up rejecting the idea of having a strategy for NEET PG preparation. They decide to work hard and assume their results to reflect that hard work. But working hard and having a strategy are not mutually exclusive. A strategy is more about making choices that give you a competitive edge over others. 

NEET PG Year Wise Distribution by Pre PG Prep
The Mountain of NEET PG — Volume of Syllabus to Cover

Majority of NEET PG aspirants do have a strategy but realize that it is not working. They have a bad strategy, which is even worse than not having a strategy. A bad preparation strategy guides you in the wrong direction and ends up giving you a disadvantage against other aspirants. On the other hand, a good strategy will ensure to guide you in the correct path and make you shine in NEET PG. 

NEET PG Number of questions by difficulty
Number of Questions by Difficulty

But, which strategy is a correct strategy? What sequence of subjects should I follow? How should you distribute your efforts between subjects? 

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