With the right preparation strategy and discipline, anyone can do it

How to get a rank under the top 100 in INICET or NEET PG? – A question that often surrounds PG medical aspirants. However, getting into the “Top-100” requires much more than hard work and good preparation material. Well, it may sound almost impossible for some students but getting into the top scorers is not an impossible task, even if you are not a part of regular coaching classes. 

We all want to get into the college of our choice but seldom do we realize that in this holy grail towards success in NEET PG, you need to consistently work hard and follow a proper strategy. 

In this blog, we will take you along the journey of Dr. Ujjawal Shriwatav, INICET 2020 Rank 79, who managed to pull off this rank despite his “10 X 4” government job and no access to full-time regular coaching. 

Dr. Ujjawal, who did his MBBS from Nepal, started his medical PG preparation an year back. He relied only on the internet as there were no NEET PG/INICET coaching classes in Nepal and his government job didn’t allow him to shift to a better place for preparation. 

He prepared from home, from work and, from internet.  

The Start 

In the start of his INICET prep, Dr. Ujjawal thought of using books but due to the lack of time because of his job he decided to opt for online platforms for his PG medical preparation. 

“My prime Q-bank for NEET PG/INICET prep was Pre-PG Prep. In Pre-PG Prep, there are lots of questions, questions from every single topic. It enhances your memory as questions in so many ways.”

says Ujjawal.

Dr. Ujjawal started as a free user on Pre-PG and used to practice 30% of the questions for free. But, after going through the PrepDNA’s of one of the toppers from Nepal, he decided to make full use of Pre-PG’s PrepDNA, Q-bank, and became a premium member. 

The Motivation 

When Dr. Ujjawal started, his Pre-PG’s PrepDNA was mostly yellow and orange for most of the topics, which indicated his weaknesses.  

“I majorly used PrepDNA on Pre-PG. It was a kind of obsession. If you are into serious preparation, you don’t want to see yellows and oranges in your PrepDNA. I started solving more and more. Went deeper into topic-level, analyzed weaknesses, and then worked on them. Sometimes, I used to solve 1000 questions per day. In 1-2 months, I solved around 70,000 Questions. Most of my PrepDNA is now green.” 

Says Dr. Ujjawal.

PrepDNA was not the only thing that motivated him to prepare rigorously. As per Dr. Ujjawal, readiness index on Pre-PG pushed confidence into him and he managed to move it from 60 to 90 after practicing on a regular basis. Daily tests too played an important role in improving his rank. This was something which formed an indispensable part of his morning routine. 

Importance of daily revision 

At Pre-PG, we have always laid emphasis on the importance of revising on daily basis. Dr. Ujjawal too felt the same and was able to convert his short-term memory into long-term memory by utilizing the daily revision feature on Pre-PG. 

“I thought once I solved MCQs, I will remember them the next day. But the next day, I still made mistakes on 20-30% of questions. Daily revision on Pre-PG brought changes in me as I have to encounter that question again and again.” 

Diligent Practice is the Key 

There was a time when Dr. Ujjawal felt that his level wasn’t improving. He analyzed his performance and realized that he was losing marks because of silly mistakes and need to work on his accuracy and precision. Practice is the only way that can help you here and solving more than 70K NEET PG MCQs on Pre-PG helped Ujjawal to achieve the same.  

“This INICET was lengthier and had longer questions. Even though I completed the paper on time and reviewed back the questions that I left for review, many of my friends couldn’t complete the last 30 questions. I felt that time is really important and solving 60 MCQs on Pre-PG, within short span of time, is going to help you improve the speed.  

Clinical question tests on Pre-PG also proved to be very helpful and questions directly came into exam from these tests.” 

Dr. Ujjawal mentioned

In the last week of his INICET prep, Dr. Ujjawal focused on solving topic-related questions. He achieved it by utilizing the filters on Pre-PG, where he went for High Yield Questions + Previous Year Papers and reduced the chunk to 200 questions. 

Final Words  

Dr. Ujjawal strongly advises over planning and strategizing your INICET prep. Execution should be next on your list. As per him, it is important to plan revision before you start your Medical PG preparation as it forms the center of everything. Even if you are planning to study something for a month or for a week, you should reserve the last two days for revision. 

Three P’s will define your success in INICET exam – Perseverance, Patience & Persistence. 

We all tend to lose determination and hope during NEET PG/ INICET Prep. At those times remain calm, talk to your loved ones and keep believing in yourself. You need to invest in yourself, work on your mistakes and stay determined so that one day, you can become successful and get the medical PG seat of your choice.