More than 96% of NEET MDS 2022 Questions were from PULP

NEET MDS Strike Rate

Do you know what the best strategy to clear NEET MDS is? If you ask us this question, we will unhesitatingly say join PULP, the best NEET MDS prep platform, to prepare you for your dream career.

We have already received tons of messages and emails from PULP users mentioning how they solved most of the NEET MDS 2022 questions in seconds because they were an exact repeat from PULP’s question bank. In NEET MDS 2022, more than 96% of questions were asked straight from our platform. These 96% of questions were worth 920 marks. That means, had you used or solved questions from PULP; you would have made it to your favorite Dental PG college with ease.

Don’t believe us! Don’t take our word for it. Check the evidence yourselves.

We have analyzed every single question of the NEET MDS 2022 exam and compared it with the questions on our app. You will be shocked by the similarity of the questions asked. The NEET MDS questions were so close to the MCQs from our app that users themselves have told us that while solving the questions in the exam hall, it looked like they were solving questions on the PULP app!!

Hitting the Bull’s Eye

It is always a pleasure to see the questions from our Q-bank being asked in the actual exam. It becomes a proud moment for us and a validation that we are on the right track to help the aspirants prepare for their NEET MDS journey. Analyzing this year’s question paper has made us confident and more motivated to do better. If any of our users had religiously followed our app by solving daily tests, topic-wise questions, revising practiced questions at regular intervals, and focusing on PrepDNA to work on their weaker areas, they would have answered most of the questions of NEET MDS 2022 exam confidently.

Here, is an example of a question from PULP that appeared in NEET MDS 2022. To access this question on PULP, click here. Analyze it and see whether we are speaking the truth or not.

NEET MDS Strike Rate
Exact Match from PULP – NEET MDS 2022

Here is another example of the NEET MDS 2022 repeat from DMS. To access this question on PULP, click here.

NEET MDS Recalls
Exact Match from PULP – NEET MDS 2022

Team PULP has always paid emphasis on the new changes that happen in Dental PG entrance exams. This NEET MDS was more clinically-oriented in comparison to previous years. It was a joy for us to see most of the clinical questions in NEET MDS 2022 being asked from our platform. But we were not surprised; after all, we have the largest Q-bank of 7,000+ Clinical NEET MDS MCQs.

Here is one such example. And again, you can verify it by accessing this exact question on PULP.

Highest Strike Rate in NEET MDS
Exact Match from PULP – NEET MDS 2022

We have attached screenshots of all the 232 questions that have been asked from our platform. You can check the other blog and see it for yourself when the question is uploaded on our platform.

No Bluffing, No Exaggerated Claims! Furthermore, NEET MDS aspirants are not children who can be misinformed or misled. We hope you will read through to the end of this post and share your thoughts.

Encourages Purposeful Practice

We would again like to reiterate, as we have done previously, that the intention of PULP is not to provide you with readymade NEET MDS MCQs for you to remember and reproduce in the exam. Our platform aims to give proper guidance in the form of discipline, help you achieve daily goals for practicing questions, and eliminate weak areas. We want to help you master the right NEET MDS concepts and prepare you better for the D-day.

PULP’s goal is to help you track your performance periodically. At the same time, we try to maintain relevance to this exam’s demand by meeting the focus on key topics.

PULP is Different!

Many other apps or coaching institutes continue to claim that many NEET MDS questions came from their website or learning materials. Intelligent users can quickly realize how hollow this claim is. We are not bashing any coaching institutes or our competitors, but we want you to compare and decide. Their claim is somewhat similar to creating 50,000 pages of reading resources and claiming that questions were asked from 5 pages of the resources! If you look closely, most of their claimed questions are from explanations, notes, or video lectures.

However, in the case of PULP, you will find that most of the questions were direct repeats. We believe in “quality over quantity”. What is the point of creating an app which increases your preparation burden rather than reducing it?

We want to make things easy for you, not difficult. We have never mentioned that you should solve all the questions from our platform to get high ranks. Rather, we had discussed using a smart and focused approach. Instead of focusing on solving all the NEET MDS MCQs from our app, you should concentrate on solving questions from every topic to familiarise yourself with every concept and pattern of questions. Analyzing your mistakes, improving them, and revising regularly is the key to success.

PULP is an ideal platform for all NEET MDS aspirants that help you ‘separate the wheat from the chaff‘. Smart Dental PG aspirants have time and again realized the value of our app in simplifying the NEET MDS preparation for them. This affordable and rational app has become one of the most beloved NEET MDS online preparation platforms for many rankers.

We are proud that we have continued with our legacy of delivering the results. The high success ratio of questions from our app proves that our efforts have not gone wasted. Your trust in us has not been misplaced.

We again want to say, “Thank you”. We have been receiving emails thanking us for providing the most probable questions. This journey has been yours, and we were glad to be part of your journey. We feel happy that our special approach has benefited our users and helped them achieve their dreams.