A Step-by-Step Study Plan for NEET MDS: The Road to Success

Step by step plan to succeed in NEET MDS

Imagine embarking on a journey without a map or compass! You may stumble aimlessly, taking wrong turns and losing your way. Similarly, preparing for the NEET MDS without a well-structured study plan can leave students wandering in a sea of information, unsure of what to study and when. Without a good study strategy, NEET MDS aspirants risk falling victim to chaos, unnecessary stress, disorganization, and poor time management.

The absence of a structured plan can result in aspirants neglecting crucial topics, feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing a lack of confidence. In this article, we will delve into the importance of a good study technique for success in NEET MDS, highlighting the adverse effects that arise from neglecting this crucial aspect of preparation.

Phase 1: Familiarization (Initial 2-3 weeks)

  • Start by thoroughly understanding the NEET MDS syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Gather the necessary study materials and sign-up on the PULP App where you can access over 32,000+ NEET MDS practice questions as per the latest trends, free daily tests, PYQs, AI-enabled analytics and many other features to uplevel your exam prep.
  • Develop a bird’s-eye view of the chapters and their weightage in the exam.
  • Make a list of all the subjects and topics, and add their importance level and your proficiency in them.
NEET MDS preparation tips

Phase 2: Subject mastery (next 6-8 weeks)

  • Create a study plan keeping in mind the curriculum, your expertise in each topic, and your schedule including the free time and duration remaining for the exam.
  • Begin with subjects you find challenging while balancing them with your strong areas.
  • Make your own notes simultaneously during the lectures or while going over the notes on our platform.

Phase 3: Practice and revision (4-6 months)

  • Regularly attempt mini mock tests, full-length NEET MDS mock tests, daily tests series, and previous years’ question papers.
  • Practice MCQs by enabling different filters on PULP like image-based questions only, clinical questions, high-yield questions, recent year’s questions, etc. Explore various difficulty levels as well. All these will help you to assess your familiarity and improve your time management.
  • Test your knowledge of the learned topics by creating a customized mock test on the ‘build your workout’ feature.
  • Identify weak areas with PrepDNA and the topics that need more practice with EffortDNA and work on them.
  • 2-3 times/ week, dedicate additional time to clear off all your revision buckets. Analyze the answers that were correct, the ones that were not, and the questions you didn’t attempt.
  • Keep a notebook to jot down the important formulas, concepts, and quick revision notes.
  • Try to complete the entire curriculum during this phase.

Phase 4: Intensive mock test along with revision (2-3 months prior to the exam)

  • Allocate the final months primarily for mock tests and intensive practice.
  • Spend 60-70% of your daily preparation hours practicing questions.
  • Use ‘simulate test’ to practice MCQs by setting up the question count and test length to train your mind to solve the questions in a timed manner.
  • Analyze your performance in each mock test and identify your strengths and weaknesses. By this time, the top rank holders have 90-95% of the syllabus showing in green/yellow colour on the PrepDNA graph. That means they have gained competence in the majority of the portion.
  • During this period, you should be able to solve most questions accurately including the ones with high difficulty levels. Your daily and deep revision buckets should have lesser MCQs each day.
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Phase 5: Final weeks (last 1 month)

  • Avoid starting new topics at this stage to prevent overwhelming yourself.
  • Try to complete the revision cycle of the entire syllabus 2-3 times before the last month.
  • Ensure that every crucial topic and concept is covered. If something is left, cover it up in this last month only if it’s important.
  • Keep attempting mock tests and diverse kinds of questions to refine your exam-taking strategy, precision, and time management skills.
  • Engage in relaxation techniques, exercise, meditation, and adequate sleep to stay calm and focused.
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A step-by-step study plan is a roadmap that guides you through the NEET MDS preparation process. It takes time and patience so don’t jump the gun. Remember to be flexible and make changes to your study schedule when needed. The phases mentioned in this blog are a handy blueprint that can cater to most NEET MDS aspirants. But as they say – no one shoe fits all. Hence, your preparation plan has to be as per your current situation so modify it accordingly. Best of luck and subscribe to PULP to increase your chances of achieving your desired results in the dental NEET MDS exam.