Success Story of Dr. Anam Fatima | AIR 286 in NEET MDS 2022

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Successful people hardly lean back and constantly make progress to achieve their longer-term objectives. Even when successful people have setbacks, they do not lose their eye on the goal. Rather, they focus on the ways with which they can develop their skills and keep soldiering forward. Looking at setbacks or failures as learning opportunities is one of the most prominent habits of successful people.

They know that setting attainable goals is the first step toward success. These objectives may not always be simple to achieve but having a goal will help you move forward and get beyond challenges.

Take the case of Dr. Anam Fatiha, who left her NEET MDS preparation journey because of some reasons and picked it up a few years later. She didn’t quit and secured a rank of AIR 286 in NEET MDS 2022. Read her inspirational journey below to keep going on your path.

The Beginning

Dr. Anam Fatima completed her graduation from Jamia Milia Islamia College, New Delhi. She has been good in her studies and is a gold medallist too. Unfortunately, when she gave her first attempt, she couldn’t secure a good enough rank to get admission into a government dental college.

She couldn’t continue her NEET MDS preparation and decided to do the clinical practice. In the year 2021, when Haryana PSC announced a job for dental officers, she decided to get into preparation mode again.

When some NEET MDS aspirants leave their preparation for a long time, they feel underconfident. The same happened with Dr. Anam Fatima, who felt that her preparation was not up to par. She felt lost as to where to start. She felt that her fundamentals were strong and thus, decided not to join any NEET MDS coaching institute.

Self-Learning to achieve success inNEET MDS

During her self-preparation period, she learned about PULP App. According to Dr. Anam, this online NEET MDS preparation app proved to be a game-changer for her. She started giving the daily, mini, and full mock tests compromising 240 questions on this platform.

Gradually, she started showing improvement in her marks as well as in her rank.

“The best feature which I liked about PULP was the filter section. I could give a subject-wise workout and a full syllabus workout. Specifically, if I wanted to practice image-based questions, then I could set filters, and I could also set my difficulty level. All of these features helped me prepare.

The most important thing was that after the test, I could see my weak areas so that I could specifically practice those weak areas. The graph and the PrepDNA helped me analyze my situation and where I am standing among the rest of the competitors.”

Says Dr. Anam

Must for NEET MDS Aspirants

She advises NEET MDS aspirants to read the PULP questions explanations repeatedly because these explanations are the grounds for some new NEET MDS MCQs.

It is important to study smart rather than work hard. Besides this, aspirants should also keep an eye on the current NEET MDS trends. Dr. Anam recommends NEET MDS aspirants to read research papers, PGI, and recent AIIMS MDS papers to follow the pulse of the exam. If you have doubts, you can follow reference books like Carranza’s for periodontics, Cohen, and Philips. She makes special reference to Philips because the graphs and pictures given in the book are asked in the NEET MDS exam.

It’s never too late!

Dr. Anam Fatima gave Haryana PCS exam and got shortlisted for the interview, but unfortunately, the exams were canceled and will be conducted again. Hearing this news, she got a little depressed, but her friends and family motivated her to appear in the NEET MDS 2022 exam.

She advises NEET MDS aspirants that it’s never too late to try again. You should always keep yourself prepared and wait for the right opportunity. If you have it in you, you will definitely achieve your goals.

PULP is proud to be Dr. Anam’s partner in her NEET MDS journey. A success story like this makes us believe in our fight and teaches us some very crucial lessons to crack NEET MDS.