How to Handle Negative Marking in NEET MDS

Handle Negative Marking in NEET MDS with best MDS prep app

When you apply for the NEET MDS exam, all you hope to achieve is a fruitful outcome and you put in all your endeavors to get succeeded. You might study, follow an adequate schedule for Dental PG Prep, and might even let your health suffer because of that. But have you ever wondered that things that you do not do yet or pursue can affect your NEET MDS results too? There are various methods by which you can enhance your results and for that, you should be attentive and understanding towards the key points to make your MDS prep better. It comprises of how to prepare for the NEET MDS exam, how to make your mind stable before the exam and how to attend the exam. You might suppress your scoring with the negative marking, which you would have scored by giving correct answers. 

It is important to get as many as questions correct in NEET MDS 2022 but at the same time it is important for you to limit your incorrect questions. You could do a lot better in NEET PG MDS if you could manage to master this balance. 

Here are some tricks and points shared with you all to help you out with this blunder and quite often repeated mistake.

Read guidelines attentively 

You should go through the guidelines once you fill the examination form for Dental NEET PG. Reading guidelines properly means you should revise the necessary points. One of them also includes that your marks will be deducted from the total score, whenever you fill an incorrect option. This is the first step that will make you confident about the questions you are deemed to attempt. If you ignore this point written while reading the guidelines for NEET MDS, you will eventually answer the questions randomly which will do more harm. 

Learn the Art of Time Management by Solving Mock Tests 

You must manage your time according to the questions given in the exam paper. If you will be able to manage time successfully, you can eventually score well in NEET MDS and pass with flying colors. Solving NEET MDS mock tests will help you to develop this grip over time management. Start solving mock tests from an early stage and you will be well aware of your weaknesses and strengths by the time you have to face the real NEET MDS exam. During the NEET PG MDS exam, you would have a better idea about which topic/section to cover first to maximize your Dental PG score. Time management is important as it will also spare you some time to go through with the answers you have filled and then for the questions that you have left to attempt at the end.  

NEET MDS Mock Tests on PULP NEET PG MDS Dental Prep App

Eliminate Your Mistakes by Revising on PULP 

To avoid negative marking, you should not blindly skip questions about which you are unsure. You should also work on mistakes that you have been committing while practicing NEET MDS MCQs or while solving MDS mock tests. PULP’s daily revision, which is available to all users, helps you improve a lot on your mistakes on regular basis. PULP’s AI engine prioritizes mistakes you have made in the past and presents NEET MDS practice questions that you got wrong a while practicing. 

Revision tests for NEET MDS preparation on pulp neet mds app

Do not Be Overconfident 

You should always fill the questions you are sure about. Do not act overconfident and fill the answers in a queue and leave the questions you are unsure about in the final hour or half an hour. If you become overconfident, you might end up filling the wrong answers which will increase the probability of negative marking in dental PG exams.  

Hopefully, these points will help you handle negative marking in a better way during your NEET MDS exams. Stay cool, do not take unnecessary stress, and you will surely be able to take a better hold on the Dental MDS exam.