Introducing PrepDNA on PULP – Hack your selection in NEET MDS


Every mark counts in NEET MDS exam. And every additional point can give you headway in this fiercely competitive exam.

Someone said, “There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.” But what if we tell you that we have cracked the code of success in NEET MDS. Yes, you heard that right.

It is not a magic potion nor an insider’s job!

With the help of our revolutionary technology, you can take a giant leap from your competitors. Read on to know more about how our breakthrough technology can give you an upper hand in NEET MDS.

PULP’s Prep DNA: The Quantum Leap Technology for NEET MDS Aspirants

Did you know that PULP has over has over 38,000 users? Therefore, each student, while solving the test/question, generates a unique data trail. The data gathered is useful to understand a NEET MDS aspirant’s behavior to create the best possible learning environment.

In our attempt to provide the students with the best learning experience for dental PG exams, we analyzed the data to gain insights on student’s test performance, test results, and progress of each student corresponding to their peers.

The data gathered was a goldmine for us to start correlating the progress of our users and their marks and ranks in NEET MDS. Thanks to our users, who contributed to this massive attempt. We sorted out our questions on the basis of the following aspects:

  • Online-liners
  • Thought based questions
  • Case-based questions
  • Obscure questions
  • Difficulty level
  • Exam-based
  • Clinical Questions

Millions of data collected helped us in diverse ways. It proved to be a crucial key in understanding why some students score higher than the rest. It revealed why some aspirants are more successful in NEET MDS.

After months of hard work, our data scientists have finally determined the factors that influence success and failure.

This post is all about our algorithm that has proved to be the turning point in NEET MDS preparation. Find it yourself to see how we did it.

What is PrepDNA?

Like two individuals, no two dentists will have the same PrepDNA. Each aspirant has his/her strengths and weaknesses in any subject. PrepDNA comprises of all the information of your level of preparation. It serves as a roadmap to your goal and the areas where you need to focus in order to achieve it.

So, while you are using our MDS prep platform PULP, PrepDNA acts as your digital counselor. By analyzing the daily test performance of our users, we evaluated their strengths and weaknesses relative to other aspirants who got selected in the top 100(or exceptional students who consistently ranked top 30 in PULP NEET MDS daily mock tests).

PrepDNA is a comprehensive journey of your preparation. It shows your current position and how far you have to go in a single graph. With PULP’s PrepDNA, you can minutely analyze your topic level or concept level weakness and strengths.

We are sharing PrepDNA of some of our students. You can use them to analyze your own level of preparation.

Simplifying the PrepDNA

Umm.. did you become confused with all the above color-coded graphs? Don’t be. These are the visual representation of concepts or topics that signify importance (by size) and proficiency (by color).

In the graph above, you can see that Periodontics has the higher significance than biochemistry. Furthermore, the height of colored cells indicates how many concepts are a part of that proficiency level.

So, for instance, if your PrepDNA shows a red graph on certain topics, it means that you need to strengthen your concepts and put more effort there. Keep working on those subjects/topics till they at least become yellow. On the other hand, yellow implies that your concepts are good but you still need to practice more to master that topic/subject.

Topic-wise proficiency on PrepDNA

How this works?

Our PrepDNA compromises of advanced analytics technology that analyze performance on the basis of different parameters like question difficulty, guess likelihood, user confidence, and more to estimate how good you are in that topic.

As you start practicing more and more, we can garner additional and accurate information from your various attempts. If you see a gray color in the PrepDNA, it means that we do not have enough information for those concepts/topics.

Benefits of PrepDNA

Regular feedback and progress review: Feedback is essential to help students proceed in the right direction. PrepDNA constantly monitors your performance and assess your progress and direction like a digital coach.

Accurately identify your weaknesses: You may believe you know your strengths and shortcomings, but you will be proven wrong when you see PrepDNA for the first time. Remember that in a competitive exam like NEET MDS, you need to know your relative weaknesses, which PrepDNA can help you decipher by comparing your performance against the others.

Take action: What’s the use of feedback if you are not going to take any action! With PrepDNA, you can drill down to any topic that needs more focus and start practicing your weaker areas with a mere click.

Success is not luck: Your success in the NEET MDS should rely less on luck and more on preparation. PrepDNA eliminates the luck out of your evaluations. You might perform well in a few tests, but if your PrepDNA isn’t presenting a better image, it’s unlikely that you’ll perform well on a regular basis.

How to Use PreDNA to Your Advantage

Life is a matter of meeting preparation with opportunity

PrepDNA aims to provide you feedback that helps in reducing the gap between your current abilities and learning goals. When you make mistakes, constant errors, or demonstrate a lack of understanding, PrepDNA gives you an opportunity for deeper learning and growth.

The objective is to make you work on your weaker areas so that they do not become the reason behind your low ranks. You can start by making a weekly study plan to dedicate your time and effort to these weaker areas until you strengthen them.

PrepDNA guides you regarding the problem areas early on in your NEET MDS preparation. Starting early means that you know your shaky areas, understand the structure, and become adept at the skills you need to conquer those areas.

As you practice, you also get insights into your habits and your routine mistakes. PULP’s PrepDNA shows topics/concepts that you routinely get wrong from a subject.

Practice topic-related questions, study notes, and practise some more until you reach the next level of PrepDNA. Then go on to the next subject. DO NOT SWITCH TOPIC UNTIL THE FIRST ONE HAS BEEN COMPLETED TO YOUR SATISFACTION.

Your NEET MDS obstacles are not insurmountable! Lots of practice, knowing your weakness and strengths, and a digital coach can help you get to where you need to be – AT THE PINNACLE OF SUCCESS.