Leapfrog the Competition with PULP Premium

How to leapfrog the competition with PULP NEET MDS Premium features

Competition for NEET MDS is not easy. Each question that you get right is going to impact your rank. Stakes are high as that one extra right MCQ in the Dental NEET MDS Exam might be the deciding factor for your PG college. We started PULP with the vision to help every hardworking dentist be successful. Anyone who uses the free features of our app will surely get an edge over the competition.

PULP’s Premium subscription not only gives you an edge but also lets you leapfrog the competition. Good enough to get you half the NEET MDS rank you would get if you don’t use our premium features.

We launched PULP a few months back. We have already received tons of ‘thank you’ messages in which many NEET MDS aspirants mentioned how our result-oriented question bank was a game-changer in their last-minute preparations as 88% of NEET MDS 2021 Questions were from PULP’s question bank.

Why PULP has a Premium tier? 

Why should a team with social objectives even have a Premium tier? Because it allows us to fund more improvements in PULP App. Apart from the cost of best-in-class infrastructure and servers, we have significantly expanded our company: 

  • Over the last some months, we have hired several IITians to help us create the best-in-class infrastructure. In fact, please write to us if you know any students from IIT who are willing to work for a startup and want to revolutionize global education. 
  • We have hired a team of dentists and subject-matter experts who help us develop more clinical-focused NEET MDS questions and look into the feedback received on our question bank. 
  • Besides this, we have also grown our illustration and content team by four times. 

All this assures that you will get an improved PULP NEET MDS Prep platform, and our Premium tier has been funding these expenses. 

Why Go Premium? 

While 95% of the PULP app features are free, we have bundled the most valuable benefits in that 5% which are exclusively available only to our Premium subscribers. 

Get 100% Access to NEET MDS Practice Questions   

While others can practice just 30% of the questions for free, premium users will get full access to all the MCQs. Premium subscription unlocks all the questions that you can practice at the topic and sub-topic level. Deliberate practice is the key to crack NEET MDS. Our rich question bank allows you to practice till perfection. 

Clinical Practice Questions for NEET MDS
Subject and Topic-Level Practice Questions at PULP -NEET MDS Prep App

Topic-Level Accuracy By Question Difficulty 

We don’t mind repeating one of the most effective tricks to crack a competitive exam like NEET MDS: Get the easy and medium questions right. While non-premium members can analyze their overall performance by subject level, Premium users can see this in-depth analysis and charts for each topic. This breakthrough analysis of topic-wise accuracy for easy and medium MCQs will play a significant role in deciding each topic’s strategy. Not knowing it is undoubtedly a big disadvantage. 

Topic wise neet mds questions analysis
Topic-Level Accuracy for Premium Members

Revise efficiently with deep revision

You don’t master MDS prep just by thinking through the theory. You need to solve questions, make mistakes and then revise these mistakes until you master them
In our study of PULP users targeting NEET MDS 2021, the dentists who used our revision features on a regular basis improved significantly faster than those aspirants who were meticulous with practice but didn’t use revision features faithfully.

NEET MDS Revision

Our team investigated on effective learning techniques to build our revision features. We not only made our students practice questions and revise several times but also varied the time between these practice and revision sessions. It was less than a day for the first group, one day for the second group, and thirty days for the third group. 

We derived two conclusions from the experiment. First, multiple revision sessions significantly improved the percentage of correct answers. And second, aspirants with longer time periods between the sessions did much better in the final test.  

Practice and Revise for Dental PG exams like NEXT NEET MDS, INICET MDS

The key takeaway: You need to do revision for NEET MDS for multiple times and space them as well. 

We incorporated this analysis into PULP’s revision features. You can revise in three ways, two of which are reserved exclusively for our Premium users.

The deep revision feature lets you improve significantly faster by prioritizing the mistakes you have made in the past. This premium feature presents questions that you got wrong a long time back. The AI also looks for a pattern within the incorrect questions and finds questions that will improve your score the most.

Daily revision, which is available to all users, will allow you to practice your mistakes in the last three days.

The third revision feature type is bookmarked revision. Another Premium-exclusive feature that allows you to revise all the questions(by subject) that you have bookmarked earlier.

Select multiple topics while practicing

There may be times when you just want to practice those topics that you have learned. While PULP’s free version allows all NEET MDS aspirants to practice by topic, only Premium users have the luxury to multi-select topics. While practicing, bundling inter-related topics can prove highly beneficial, especially when developing mental models of inter-related concepts.

Subject wise practice MCQs for NEXT NEET MDS Dental PG exam

In the example shown below, the dental PG aspirant decided to practice by selecting multiple subjects for NEET MDS exam.

Advanced Filters and Switches

We had received many emails where users requested additional filters to customize their practice. Frankly, most of these dentists are seeking shortcuts. But our team yielded to this popular demand, and we decided to give Premium users the ability to “cheat” with our advanced filters.
Basic filters such as fast practice mode and simulate test are available for all users. Premium users will get access to more specialized filters such as the ability to practice by exam (for, eg. NEET, INICET, etc.) and practicing MCQs asked in the most recent years.
In the picture shown below, all the filters with a lock next to them are just available to Premium users.

Previous year questions for NEET MDS NEXT dental exam

We have just begun

Do you think that these are a lot of benefits for any Premium subscription? Think again. We are just about 40% done with our product development for PULP NEET MDS, which certainly means that more features will be added. But most of them will be exclusively available for Premium members.