97.5% Strike Rate in NEET MDS 2024 | Continuing the legacy

PULP NEET MDS 2024 Strike rate

Are these on your wish list when preparing for NEET MDS 2025?

  • Secure a high rank in NEET MDS? Check
  • Deep and comprehensive understanding of the dental field? Check
  • Focused and effective practice sessions? Check
  • Ability to grasp complex topics, retain information, and apply concepts during the exam? Check


What’s more, what if we tell you that we can up it with something better (or have already done it!)?

Why not a NEET MDS exam where you have already solved 97.5% of the questions? (That’s like cheating, or maybe not!)

Too good to be true, right?

Well, not anymore! Get ready to embark on a journey with the PULP app, the ultimate game-changer in dental MDS preparation.

In a world where every mark counts, PULP is here to guarantee success.

With the Highest Strike Rate in NEET MDS 2024, we can proudly announce that we were able to defend our legacy this year as well.

The 97.5% Strike Rate Revelation

You have heard the buzz, and yes, it’s real—a mind-blowing 97.5% strike rate! It’s not a fluke, not a random number pulled out of thin air.

We are not here to play guessing games; we are here to revolutionize your NEET MDS prep game. So, how did we achieve this phenomenal strike rate?

Let’s find out.

Concrete Evidence, Not Just Numbers

Numbers are cool, but the evidence is cooler. We didn’t just wake up one day and decide to claim a 97.5% strike rate.

No, sir!

We have the questions, the ids, and the success stories to prove it.

PULP is a powerhouse for NEET MDS aspirants who are on their way to secure the future. Our app is armed with AI-enabled analytics that act as your personalized mentor. It steadily tracks your progress, pinpoints your shortcomings, and adapts to your learning style.

We don’t just throw NEET MDS questions at you; we guide you. From mock tests to personalized feedback, PULP is your partner in mastering, retaining concepts, and improving your rank.

Daily tests, customizable workouts, revision sections—we have the tools you need to succeed. PULP is designed to provide you with a 360-degree learning experience.

Our strike rate speaks for itself, and our users’ success stories echo it.

We are not playing a bluff; we have strong, convincing evidence that indicates success.

Just like every year, after the test, our subject matter experts sat down to examine the NEET MDS 2024 paper. It wasn’t simple. It is a challenge in and of itself to retrieve the question paper (recalled – one) and compare each question with our Q-bank.

So, check out the evidence here.

Here is an example of PULP questions that came in NEET MDS 2024.

NEET MDS 2024 Question
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2024 from PULP

Click here to access this PULP question.

Team PULP has consistently kept up with the most recent modifications to NEET MDS. Similar to previous years, the NEET MDS this year too had a strong clinical focus. We were ecstatic to learn that most clinical questions in the NEET MDS 2024 were repeated from our platform. However, we weren’t shocked because, with over 7,000 questions, we have the largest Q-bank of Clinical NEET MDS MCQs.

Here is one such repeat.

best strike rate neet mds
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2024 from PULP

Click here to access this PULP question.

Here is another question that mirrors our app question.

NEET MDS Strike rate question
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2024 from PULP

Click here to access this PULP question.

PULP's strike rate NEET MDS Question
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2024 from PULP

Click here to access this PULP question.

In contrast to others, our claimed questions are not from any non-test materials such as notes, videos, etc,. They are based exclusively on the Q-bank of PULP.

The G.O.A.T

 Why are we exceptional in what we do?

It’s because we listen to our students’ thoughts, and our team works hard to apply them to our app to beat the competition.

  • The Grand Question Bank: Imagine having access to the motherlode of NEET MDS questions—that’s what our app offers! We have curated the largest dental MDS question bank, spanning every nook and cranny of the NEET MDS syllabus.
  • AI-Powered Solution: Have you ever had a study buddy who magically knew exactly what you needed? Meet our AI-based algorithm—your new best friend. It doesn’t give just any questions; it analyzes your performance, understands your learning style, and tailors its suggestions to suit you. It’s like having a personal tutor 24/7, minus the awkward small talk
  • Subject Matter Experts: Our team of subject matter specialists doesn’t just curate questions; they craft them with root canal precision! Every question is a gem, designed to challenge, enlighten, and prepare you for the dental PG battlefield. It’s not always about quantity; it’s about quality too.

Take that career-making decision

PULP is your partner in NEET MDS preparation. With interactive daily tests, peer challenges, and a vibrant community of like-minded dental PG aspirants, PULP transforms NEET MDS preparation into an adventure. 

So, if, at the start of the year, you were wishing for any of the lists above, be sure that each one of them will be guaranteed with PULP.

All you have to do is stick to the plan!

Yes, the PULP PLAN. The strategy devised for dental MDS aspirants will help you ace the NEET MDS 2025.

Your success story begins here, with a strike rate that’s not just a number; it’s a promise fulfilled.

Ready to conquer NEET MDS 2025? Let’s PULP it up!