Studying Together, Winning Together for NEET MDS

Group study partner for NEET PG Dental

Students who study in groups learn more quickly than those who study independently. If you don’t comprehend a subject, you can quickly ask your fellow group members for assistance. Studying for an exam like NEET MDS by yourself can be tedious and difficult, especially when the syllabus is so extensive and time-consuming.  

Joining a study group might help you break the monotony and will make study sessions more productive.  

When students gather in an efficient study group to prepare for a common objective of learning, they tend to support one another to stay motivated.  In an efficient group, all the group members are committed to giving their best shot and accomplishing their daily targets.  They tend to prepare for quizzes and assessments without cramming as well as promptly fulfill their preparation goals.  

PULP App has always tried to deliver the best possible solutions to all aspirants preparing for the Dental PG exams, such as NEET MDS, INICET, etc.  

Apart from a large question bank of over 27,000+ high-quality practice questions, daily mock tests designed per the latest NEET MDS pattern, breakthrough analytics, daily discussions and revision tests, we have also introduced a study circle feature on the PULP app that could help you meet the requirements of a study group.  

How did it all begin?  

Students who participate in study groups feel more confident and more productive while pursuing their academic goals. Arjun and Gautam, the co-founders of MCQdb, had observed this when they were a part of a study group in IIT Bombay.   

So, while establishing the foundation of PULP, they made sure to include the study circle.  

“Not being able to understand a concept while studying and having no one nearby to help can be frustrating at times. One of the key advantages of studying in a group is that you may ask your peers for help if you are not able to understand anything during your NEET MDS preparation. Most of your preparation time is saved by having someone to help you reinforce your mastery over weaker areas. Study Circle was built on the premise of this theory.” Says Gautam.   

The Key Takeaways  

PULP’s study circle not only helps measure your own strengths and weaknesses but also of your fellow group members.  

Clinical NEET MDS MCQ response by a friend on study circle pulp
For each challenge on study circle, you can see the option marked by other members. 

After speaking with multiple candidates who utilized MCQdb’s apps during their preparation, Arjun discovered the importance of this functionality. “Last year, many users mentioned how they would gather together and solve a test together on app. As they sit together, they discuss, ‘Option A should be the correct answer to this question. What are your thoughts? How many questions did you attempt? ‘What was your test score?’ and other similar queries.”  

Study Circle feature on the PULP app allows you to design a challenge for you and your group members, customized by topic(s), the number of questions, and time. 

Subjectwise MCQs NEET MDS Challenge
Create a challenge that can be customized by topic(s), question count and test length

Keep a track of each other’s progress  

It is generally easier to stay motivated when you are studying in a group. You are inspired to push yourself beyond your limits by seeing how others perform. You’re accountable to more than just yourself. When students compete against one another, they usually see who won and not by how much. PULP attempted to be more open about each member’s performance in a study circle so that students could see close near they were in achieving their objectives while competing against each other. Members of the study circle on PULP can create custom challenges and compete in them and monitor each other’s progress via the leader board section present on app.  

Test Rank NEET MDS Challenge on Study Circle
Leaderboard section on PULP

Besides this, it allows you to see the overall time spent by other group members on PULP, for each day.  

Striking a balance between studying and socializing  

For best efficiency, a study group of four to six people is recommended. You can limit socialization and maximize individual participation with a group of 4 to 6 members. We decided to restrain our study circle’s limit to 5 users as larger groups will not allow participants to contribute much, and organization could be a challenge. Members of smaller groups, on the other hand, are more likely to socialize than study.   

Best for those who procrastinate  

A study group will not only help you to stay motivated and be more productive but also curbs procrastination. There are other ways, but nothing beats preparing and competing with peers. If a student is preparing alone, he or she may skip daily mock tests, under-prepare, or put off regular practice. When they are a part of a study group, they will have greater responsibility to keep pace with others and contribute to the study session. You can discuss your goals, schedules, turn to your friends when you lose motivation, and eliminate the pressure that leads to procrastination. When you’re surrounded by people who are willing to make an effort to perform better in their exams, it creates peer pressure and drives you to improve your performance.


There are always other ways to improve your study methods. Joining a study group will provide you the opportunity to oversee a range of study methods and adapt them to your regimen.  We hope the study circle is an interesting onset to start thinking about ways to make competitions about more than just winning. In this post, we have not yet covered all the advantages of study circle, nor have we even begun to look at the advantages that can be achieved from it.  

Team PULP is rigorously working to improve the study circle by adding community-based benefits so that NEET MDS aspirants can get the most out of it in the future.  

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So, get a move on! Create a Study Circle on PULP, invite your friends, create challenges, and smash them together!