98% of NEET 2022 Questions were from Darwin

NEET 2022 Strike Rate

Before joining any institute or test series, have you ever wondered what value addition would the platform make in your NEET UG preparation? Will it be just like any other platform where you give the test and get scores? Will it be helpful in analyzing your mistakes, and help you improve them?

What if we tell you that Darwin helps you in various aspects of NEET preparation and enables you to clear the exam with a better rank. These are not just exaggerated claims but rather honest and genuine statements.

Continuing with our winning legacy in medical entrance exams, Darwin has done it again. In this year’s NEET UG exam, 98% of the questions were from Darwin. Unbelievable, right!

But ask our students and users who have sent us emails and thank you messages in tons. And if these aren’t enough, we want you to see the proof yourself.

Darwin: The Holy Grail for NEET UG Exam

Darwin is a holistic learning platform that helps you correct your fundamentals, analyze your weakness, provide the latest NEET UG questions, keep you on track and boost your confidence before the exam.

What makes us unique, you ask?

It is to give you a detailed insight into your weakness and strengths. As you practice NEET UG questions, our advanced algorithm keeps a track of your performance. It reveals where you are making mistakes and how much effort you still need to master the concepts. We give you a reality check on your performance and support you to do better. Our deep insights have been helpful to thousands of medical students who aspire to become doctors.

But there’s more. Our MCQs are designed according to the latest pattern and trend of any medical exam. It can evidently be seen in the similarity of questions asked in the NEET 2022 exam and questions on Darwin’s platform.

In the Physics section of NEET 2022, 49 out of 50 MCQs were from our question bank, most of them being strong matches.

Here, is an example of one such question. To access this exact question on Darwin, click here.

NEET 2022 Physics Question
Question Uploaded on – 6/27/2021

Here is one more example from Chemistry. 48 out of 50 NEET 2022 Chemistry questions got directly repeated from Darwin’s Q-bank. To access the below NEET 2022 exact repeat from Darwin, click here.

NEET 2022 Chemistry question
Question Uploaded on – 5/16/2021

Last year, Darwin had a strike rate of 98% in the biology section of NEET 2021 – botany & zoology combined. Even though many students found biology to be the toughest section in NEET 2022, we broke our own record by hitting the strike rate of 99% in the bio-section. 99 out of 100 NEET-UG 2022 biology questions were from Darwin.

Yes, we know that’s hard to believe! Verify this botany repeat by accessing this exact question ID on Darwin.

NEET 2022 botany question
Question Uploaded on – 3/1/2019

The resemblance of the NEET UG questions with Darwin’s MCQs was exceptional! This means that had you been sincerely practicing the MCQs from our platform, you would have easily cleared the NEET 2022 exam with flying colors.

Sharing one more example to let you decide if there is any hyperbole in our claims. Again, click here to access this question on Darwin. You can verify the claims for all 196/200 repeats in our other blog.

NEET 2022 Zoology question
Question Uploaded on – 11/18/2018

How Do We Do It?

After each exam, our team of subject matter experts, test designers, and mentors sit together to analyze the question papers. This exercise aims to ensure that we are creating the right MCQs as per the current exam’s trend.

Our analysis aims to learn and understand the new pattern in each topic. This exercise helps us adapt to new test practices and prepare and design the questions accordingly.

In NEET UG 2022, 196 out of 200 questions directly got repeated from Darwin. You can cross-check our claims by accessing the exact question ID to see it for yourself. Last year too, Darwin managed to hit the highest strike rate of 95% in NEET 2021.

After the NEET UG 2022 exam, we got thousands of messages from users, thanking us for designing the best app for the NEET exam because while solving the questions in the exam hall, they felt that they were attempting one of the full mock tests of Darwin itself.

We want to let you know that we are not going to stop. Team Darwin will strive to work hard till we achieve the strike rate of 100% in upcoming NEET-UGs.

The objective of this article is not to mislead you with our claims. Darwin believes in transparency, hard work, and commitment and hence, our team is continuously striving to add more valuable features to the app. Our objective is to help any candidate out there to make an informed decision while selecting their partner for NEET Prep.