Setting New Records : 99.5% Strike Rate in NEET 2024

NEET 2024 strike rate

Picture this: You are sitting in the NEET examination hall for NEET 2025, and you find out that you have already seen or attempted 99.5% of these questions before.

How would that make you feel?

Like a man who had hit a jackpot!!

Yes, that’s what our users felt like when they took the NEET 2024 examination.

Our students shared with us thankful emails, telling us how surprised and happy they were when they noticed that the majority of questions came directly from our app.

Solid Evidence: No Fluff

But first, let us make it clear. We are not throwing out random numbers. We don’t believe in false stories. We really care about strong proof that doesn’t fool anyone.

We don’t have a magic ball to tell us which questions will come in the upcoming NEET exams. What we have is infact not so secret!

The BIG DIfference

How is it that Darwin, year after year, is able to crack the NEET strategy? What do we do differently that the rest of the online coaching is not doing?

Here’s a breakdown of our efforts:
1. Most Authentic NEET Question Bank: We are not just showing off! We have a treasure trove of 36,000+ NEET questions, 30+ years of PYQs, and SMEs that curate questions as per the new pattern changes. So, no matter what googly the NTA throws at you, we are sure you can handle those deliveries with master precision and knock the NEET scores out of park!!
 2. AI Magic: Our AI just does not tell you whether your answer was right/wrong and gives a test score at the end of it. Instead, our breakthrough tech gives specific information about your weaknesses and strengths. It makes you practice questions from the topics that need utmost attention. It’s like having a friend or parent who provides you customized solutions and tells you what you need to study and how much time to spend on it.

3. The Team of Experts:  We don’t just use algorithms. We have a smart team of experts who are dedicatedly working behind the scenes to ensure that the right NEET questions are selected and answered. It’s like a team of Avengers coming together using their specialised skills to help you crack that NEET exam.

Our Darwin’s NEET 2024 Report Card

So, how did we fare this time?

We had a 100% strike rate in Physics, 99% strike rate in Chemistry and a whooping 100% strike rate in Biology. Now, that’s impressive.

For example:

  • Physics: 50 out of 50 questions mirrored our platform’s questions. Check out this exact question here.
NEET 2024 Physics question
NEET 2024 – Direct Physics repeat from Darwin

Talking about Chemistry, 49 out of 50 questions were direct repeats from our platform. Check out this exact question on Darwin.

neet chemistry repeat
NEET 2024 – Direct Chemistry repeat from Darwin
  • Biology: A staggering 100 out of 100 questions found their twin in our Q-bank. Look out for yourself by accessing this exact question here.
NEET 2024 question biology
NEET 2024 – Direct Biology repeat from Darwin

Here is one more example. Check out this exact question here.

best strike rate in neet
NEET 2024 – Direct Biology repeat from Darwin

To cross-check all the 199 repeats from our platform, click here.

We pride ourselves on offering challenging questions that closely mirror the complexity of the actual exam. Our aim is to encourage you to explore the depths of your knowledge, expand your mental agility, and truly challenge yourself. Through consistent practice using our app, you can sharpen your abilities, refine your strategies, and approach the real NEET exam with unwavering confidence.

A Win for You

 So, for all those future doctors looking to ace the NEET 2025 and wear the white coat with pride – this isn’t just an app. It’s your buddy, mentor, and counsellor to get that dream score. We are not just a test series or mock tests app. It’s about perfecting your fundamentals, tracking your progress and giving your customised feedback at every step of your NEET preparation.

Now it’s time to stop thinking ‘what if’ and start saying ‘yes, sure’.
 So, download Darwin now and start getting ready for NEET 2025 like never before. There has never been a time when success in the NEET was guaranteed.

Work hard, follow our study plan, and you will be grateful for making this life-changing decision.

 Let’s chase those dreams of white coats and make it real!