Selection Guarantee NEET 2024 Plan – Revision Strategy

NEET revision strategy for selection guarantee 2024 plan

For NEET aspirants, the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to learning falls short. That’s why at Darwin, we’ve developed a personalized learning model that tailors planning, assessment, and revision to each candidate’s unique needs and interests. Our revision features are designed to help students not only strengthen their weaknesses but also maintain their learning momentum by recalling high-yield concepts. Our Selection Guarantee is not for everyone. Students should not expect to be chosen or to have their money tripled simply by signing up for this program. The guarantee only applies if the student has done what we requested them to do to prepare, which includes committing to using the app for 5+ hours per day and spending 8+ hours studying the concepts.

We take pride in incorporating individualization and differentiation into our NEET revision features, which assists aspirants to stay motivated along with encouraging them to reach their full potential. With our advanced revision features, you can easily revise your NEET syllabus and stay on track with your learning goals.

Experience the power of personalized learning with Darwin – the ultimate destination for NEET exam preparation!

Reach Pinnacle of Success in NEET 2024

At Darwin, we understand that NEET-UG aspirants require a well-structured study plan as well as a revision plan to succeed in the final exam. That’s why we have divided our program into two essential parts: the Preparation Guide and the Revision Guide.

1. Our Preparation Guide is designed to help aspirants complete the NEET-UG syllabus effectively.

2. Our Revision Guide aims to assist aspirants in revising the chapters and topics they have already prepared.

The purpose of our Revision Guide is to ensure that NEET-UG aspirants utilize Darwin in the most effective way possible. By following our guide diligently, you can be confident of achieving success in the final exam.

To master the NEET preparation, there are three key focal points that you should aim for:

1. Daily Revision: This feature allows you to revise the questions you answered incorrectly in the last three days. This feature helps you to identify and overcome your shortcomings while keeping important topics and concepts fresh in your memory.

2. Weakness: Based Revision: Understanding the importance of fundamental concepts in NEET is core. We encourage aspirants to devote most of their time to revising and strengthening their weaker areas. You can identify these weaker areas from your PrepDNA. Practicing these weaker questions is an excellent way to test your understanding and retention.

3. Time-Based Revision: It’s easy to forget concepts that you studied a long time ago. Our platform’s time-based revision feature helps you stay connected with topics you may have neglected for some time. Focus on these chapters to maintain a solid grip on all the subjects and improve your overall performance.

At Darwin, we believe that deliberately doing revision in this way is crucial for any aspirant’s success in the NEET exam. With our innovative platform and expert guidance, we can help you achieve your goals and claim your way to NEET success!

This revision again has 2 subdivisions:

  • Fast revision: You should focus on practicing daily questions from the app.
  • Focused revision: You should focus on studying the concepts, topics, or subjects and then practice MCQs. For instance, if you have completed a sub-topic, solve sub-topic-wise questions to understand how much knowledge you have actually gained.

Note: By combining focused revision with weakness-based revision, you can create a practice routine that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Core Fundamentals of NEET Revision Features

To optimize your NEET revision, it’s important to keep in mind some core fundamentals. Here are a few key points to remember:

1. Time is a critical factor in retaining information. Revision should be done soon after studying a topic to increase retention. Try to revise the same topic again within a few days to keep the information fresh in your mind.

2. Prioritizing weak areas is essential for success. Instead of dedicating equal time to all topics, allocate more time to topics where you need improvement. This will help you to strengthen your weaker areas and boost your overall performance.

3. Regular revision is the key to keeping the information fresh in your mind. By revising topics or chapters at regular intervals, you’ll be able to recall them more easily during the exam.

While we understand that not every student will follow these fundamentals, incorporating them into your revision strategy can make a significant difference in your results.

Get the best result through effective time division

Our results-oriented features are designed to help you optimize your revision time.

  • 60% for the weakest 30% of topics
  • 40% for the oldest touched topics

This division may not suit everyone’s individual study pattern, but it can serve as a good starting point to maximize your preparation time.

So, how exactly should you use Darwin’s Revision Feature?

We’ve laid it out for you in clear steps:

1. Do “Daily Revision” after practicing NEET MCQs

2. Allocate 75% of your revision time to “Focused Revision”. Within this time, spend 60% on your weak topics and 15% on your oldest touched topics. If both topics are the same, consider them as part of your weakness-based revision.

3. Spent 25% of your time on “Deep Revision”.

Practice revision while solving questions

For optimal results, we recommend that NEET aspirants use the Darwin NEET Prep App for approximately 6-7 hours a day, divided as follows:

1 hour: Daily Revision

1 hour: Deep Revision

4 hours: Focused Practice.

Our primary goal is for students to focus the majority of their time on focused practice and revision. Why? Because identifying and working on your weaknesses is a must to ace the NEET 2024 exam. Study these topics, review your notes, and practice questions to master them. Ideally, you should spend three times more time on focused practice than on Daily Revision or Deep Revision.

neet 2024 revision strategy

Now, coming to the number of NEET MCQs, here is how you should practice each day.

Follow this pattern:

1. Solve 120 Questions from Daily Revision

2. Solve 100 Questions from Deep Revision

3. Solve 120 Questions from Focused practice when done with notes

4. Solve 360 Questions from Focused practice when focused on tons of questions.

At Darwin NEET Prep, we believe in a student-centered learning approach that empowers each student to achieve their full potential. Our Selection Guarantee Program is designed to personalize the revision plan according to the student’s preparation stage, ensuring success in the NEET 2024 exam. With our support, you can rest assured that you will be fully prepared for the NEET journey.