Selection Guarantee Plan for NEET 2024: Practice Strategy for Aspirants

Selection guarantee plan for NEET 2024

NEET exam is like a marathon, with students running towards the finish line to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. For first-time NEET takers, the marathon can be intimidating, with so many miles to go before they can reach their goal. But for NEET droppers, it’s a chance to train harder, improve their technique, and finally cross the finish line.

That is why Darwin is presenting a Selection Guarantee Plan” for NEET 2024. Various coaching institutes may claim to produce toppers, but none will give you a guarantee or money-back offer like us. We’re guaranteeing your selection because of the confidence we have in our proven methodology, which no other platform or coaching has. We are not highlighting upfront that this plan is not for anyone. If students think that just by enlisting in this plan they will get selected or triple their money, it won’t work. The guarantee only applies if the student has prepared exactly as we asked them to prepare, which includes a commitment of 5+ hours of daily app usage and 8+ hours of study time.

If you sincerely follow Darwin’s recommended methodology, you can get into the college of your choice and achieve your dream of becoming a doctor. If you fail to get into the top 98 percentile, even after following our recommended method, we will refund you 3X of the money you paid.

You don’t need to be shocked!

No matter if they are NEET droppers or first-time takers, every aspiring doctor needs the right mindset and preparation, to get closer to their dream. With personalized learning and support, they can equip themselves with the right tools to scale the heights of success.

For many NEET candidates, the road to winning can be a maze of uncertainty and confusion. Without guidance, it’s easy to lose one’s way and miss the mark. With the right practice strategy and guidance, even the most lost NEET entrant can find their way to victory.

We trust our methodology, and that’s why we are offering a 300% refund, but do you trust yourself to follow it?

Darwin’s Selection Guarantee NEET 2024 Plan

NEET Prep App by Darwin achieved a strike rate of 98% in the NEET 2023 exam. This was the highest strike rate amongst any coaching institute for the NEET exam. Last year too, Darwin launched a selection guarantee plan for NEET seekers. Overwhelmed by the messages from tons of our users, we decided to bring another round of our selection guarantee plan but in a better way.

We want the maximum number of NEET candidates to benefit from this incredible plan, so we haven’t added any criteria for enrolment.

However, the only benchmark for success this year is that you should follow our methodology with closed eyes because it is already a proven success formula.

That’s why we are so sure that by following everything we ask you to do, you will definitely score over 98% in the NEET 2024. If you still don’t make it even after following our recommended methodology, we will give you 3X Refund.

You can search but we are sure that no one will give you this assurance.

Over the years, Darwin has become the ultimate source for NEET entrants to improve their ranks. The app has helped tens of thousands of aspirants to move from the bottom of the pack to the front.

All the users of SGP (Selection Guarantee Plan) will get 40,000+ NEET MCQs, study material, weekly personalized guidance, comprehensive notes, advanced concept lectures, AI-enabled analytics, doubt-clearing sessions, and access to other premium features.

But be warned. You must give 100 percent to get into the top 98 percentile in NEET 2024. Our recommended strategy demands a high level of commitment and hard work from the students. If you are ready to give your all, join our selection guarantee program without any delay. Our two batches start on 15th May and 5th June 2023 respectively.

How to Get into the Top 98 Percentile in NEET 2024?

Darwin had created a winning strategy for all NEET candidates aiming to improve their scores by a huge margin.

You can start by:

1. Getting enrolled in Darwin’s Selection Guarantee Plan for NEET 2024 (apply early because there are limited seats only. Once the batch closes, no new users can apply).

2. Follow Darwin’s Study Plan with daily revision, video lectures, notes, and homework. The daily study plan will help you learn 2X faster than any other coaching institute or application.

3. Nominate a person who can monitor your progress (parent, friends, peers, or mentor). The person responsible should hold you accountable for your efforts and proficiency. He/she will also get regular updates from Darwin regarding your progress.

4. Follow weekly personalized guidance to correct your shortcomings in the previous week.

5. If you do not get into the 98th percentile in NEET 2024 even after preparing as per our recommended method, you get 300% money back. No questions asked!

What is Darwin’s Recommended Study Plan for NEET?

Our study plan includes four components:

  • Completing the syllabus
  • Routine for revision
  • Regular Tests
  • Daily routine

Completion of NEET Syllabus

In order to ace the NEET exam, it’s crucial to stay on top of the syllabus and ensure that you’ve covered all the necessary topics. As a NEET aspirant, you can take advantage of Darwin’s comprehensive study materials and customized notes for each topic. With these resources at your disposal, you can create a study schedule that’s tailored to your needs and covers all the important topics in the NEET 2024 syllabus. By allotting time to each chapter based on its length and weightage, you can make sure that you’re making the most of your study time and setting yourself up for success.

NEET 2024

Curated Notes from Industry Experts

Not only will you get access to comprehensive notes and engaging video resources, but you’ll also have doubt-clearing sessions and daily lectures from our expert teachers. These will help you to tackle the most challenging and conceptual questions that you’ll face on the exam, leaving no stone unturned in your NEET prep journey. And here’s the kicker – practicing NEET MCQs is quintessential for acing the exam. So, we recommend you spend up to 75% of your prep time practicing these MCQs. With Darwin’s Selection Guarantee 2024 plan, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in the next year’s NEET.

In a study schedule of 10 hours:

  • 2-3 hours to study notes and for self-study
  • 6-7 hours to practice questions on Darwin

Subject-wise allotment of time spent on notes should be:

  • Spend 5-10% time on Physics
  • Spend 10-15% time on Chemistry
  • Spend 25% time on Biology
NEET exam

Practicing NEET Questions with Notes

  • If you are solving questions by looking at the notes, then ensure that the majority of the questions are correct on your second attempt.
  • If you are solving questions without notes, then carefully read the detailed explanations to get better clarity of the topic at hand. This will help you to eliminate your doubts and understand the concepts efficiently.
  • While completing the syllabus, solve topic-wise questions in Darwin. Then, move on to the next topic after referring to your PrepDNA. A green-colored graph indicates mastery of the concept, whereas a red-colored graph indicates weakness in that topic. While solving MCQs on Darwin, if you are not getting more than 70% correct, you should go back to your notes to understand the underlying fundamentals. Ignoring the topic and rushing to complete the syllabus might prove detrimental in the NEET exam.
NEET preparation tips

Revision Schedule

Darwin has created an elaborate revision strategy for NEET aspirants. There are 3 components in revision that you must focus upon:

1. Daily Revision: With the help of this feature, NEET entrants can review the questions they got wrong over the previous three days. You can retain the concepts and topics by reviewing the shortcomings frequently.

2. Weakness-based revision: Students must first comprehend the topics. Most of their time should be spent identifying their weakest areas and practicing the fundamentals to strengthen them. To understand how much knowledge you have gained, you must spend 60% of your revision time revising questions from your weakest subjects.

3. Time-based revision: Pay attention to the subjects or topics you haven’t studied recently. This would enable you to stay connected with the topics that you have ignored for a while.

For a more elaborate revision strategy – Read Darwin’s Revision Guide for Selection Guarantee Plan. This will help you better understand how to use the revision feature effectively.

NEET practice questions


Make sure to boost your NEET scores and memorize high-yield facts more efficiently. At Darwin, we understand the importance of recalling information alongside deliberate practice. That’s why we transformed high-yield facts, which cannot be covered in MCQ explanations, into flashcards.

But here’s the catch: most NEET aspirants ignore this game-changing feature! Don’t make the same mistake. Ask our users, and they’ll tell you the benefits that Darwin’s NEET flashcards offer.

To ace biology, you must consistently use biology flashcards and make them a part of your daily routine. With ~3000 flashcards, you can retain high-yield concepts with regular usage.

The best part? Spending just 5-10 minutes with these flashcards can drastically improve your NEET biology scores. But remember not to overdo it – using them for more than 10 minutes can decrease their efficiency. And don’t forget to revisit them 5-8 times a day to ensure that the concepts get imbibed into your memory.

Pro-tip: after using a flashcard, honestly rate the scale rating. This will help our advanced AI bring up flashcards with weaker concepts more frequently.

Feedback Scale (from left to right):

0 – No idea what this card is talking about.

1 – Knows other related facts but has no idea about the current fact.

2 – Faint ideas about current facts.

3 – Not sure about the answer but would remember if it comes in MCQ.

4 – Remembers the answer but had to try recalling it.

5 – Remembers the answer crystal clear.

Do not spend more than 30 mins a day on flashcards. Spatial reading and revising are the key concepts for using flashcards. Going overboard may have negative effects.

biology questions for NEET

Daily Routine

Darwin’s study schedule for NEET 2024 contenders is a proven recipe for success. If you’re a user of our Selection Guarantee 2024 Plan, make sure to follow this routine strictly to maximize your benefits.

Here’s what your typical day should look like:

Start your day with 30 mins – 1hr of Daily Revision – By practicing the “Daily Revision” questions in the Darwin app, you’ll be able to retain important concepts for longer. Regular revision is crucial to succeeding in the NEET exam.

Spend 30 – 45 mins on Daily Tests – Solve practice questions for the chapters you’ve already studied. NEET Daily tests will take 30-40 minutes of your time and help you track your progress alongside your peers. After attempting the test, take time to analyze your mistakes and identify areas for improvement.

Allocate 30 mins for Flashcards – Practice flashcards five to eight times a day to reinforce your learning.

For 6-7 hours, focus on Deliberate Practice – After going through your notes, make sure to spend 75% of your prep time practicing MCQs. This is where the real learning happens, and it will help you improve your performance on exam day.

NEET UG entrance exam

Achieving success on the NEET exam requires more than just a desire to become a doctor. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a solid study plan. That’s where Darwin’s Selection Guarantee 2024 Plan comes in.

By subscribing early, you’ll have access to our recommended strategy for NEET, which has helped countless students reach the top 98 percentile. But let’s be clear – this level of achievement requires a minimum of 8-10 months of sincere study.

If you’re ready to put in the hours and effort required to succeed, then we invite you to join our program and begin your journey toward success. Remember, becoming a doctor is not just a dream, it’s a possibility. And with Darwin’s Selection Guarantee 2024 Plan, it’s within reach.