Do’s and Don’ts for NEET PG Prep | Tips and Common Mistakes

Do's and don't for NEET PG exam

Preparation for the NEET PG exam can be a daunting task. More than 1.5 lakh students compete against each to get into the medical PG college of their choice. It requires months of hard work, dedication, and focus. As a result, the pressure felt by the candidates is justified. But, with the right approach and strategy, it is possible to crack the exam. Here are some dos and don’ts that students must keep in mind for effective exam preparation.

Do’s for the NEET PG prep

Stick to your study plan – A successful study plan for the NEET PG exam would be to include the most crucial topics covered and to have detailed personal notes along with allotted time intervals for revision. You must be in your 2nd or 3rd revision when the exam is just a month away. Plan the revision process carefully to retain effectively and develop a strong understanding of fundamentals.

Study for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day – To crack the medical entrance, students need to dedicate several hours of the day to prepare. Of course, this differs from one aspirant to another. But, it is a good idea to devote a minimum of 6-8 hours per day depending on the stage you are at and the exam time you have left. If you don’t understand a topic, do not hesitate to refer to additional learning resources. You can also watch topic-wise video lessons on Pre-PG on all clinical, pre-clinical, and short topics for focused preparation.

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Practice 100 questions rule – Aim to solve a minimum of 100 MCQs daily from the initial stage of your preparation and gradually increase it to 400 This habit makes it very easy and time-saving to solve the questions in the actual NEET PG and can be a big differentiator between a high scorer and an average one. Pre-PG offers the largest NEET PG Q-bank of more than 75,000 MCQs including 20,000 clinical questions. With so many questions to practice, you can easily test your concepts.

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Work on your weaknesses – Practice alone won’t help you get into the medical PG college of your choice. You have to continuously analyze where you are going wrong and which topics are being ignored. Pre-PG’s PrepDNA can help you identify the topics where you are weak and need to focus more. Our AI-focused algorithm also repeats the test questions that were either missed or incorrectly answered so that you can practice them again and not waste time on the ones in which you’re already a pro.

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Maintain a work-study-life balance NEET PG preparation can be taxing, both physically and mentally, and taking care of one’s own health is prime. This is because a little negligence can cost candidates an entire academic year. Do not neglect the basic yet crucial things like 6-7 hours of sleep, healthy meals, going for small walks, or exercise among others. These routines will aid your mind to be fresh and go through another round of studies.

Don’ts for the NEET PG prep

Don’t be over-confident – There is no doubt that the competition is going to be fierce. Despite your preparations, there is no assurance that you will be able to perform at your peak on D-Day as it depends on a number of circumstances. Many aspirants finish the course and revisions a month earlier and neglect the final month. But don’t be over-confident and relax, use this time to revise as much as possible. Pre-PG offers free NEET PG test series which allows you to gauge where you stand in the competition and what amount of improvement is needed to secure a good rank.

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Don’t leave revision to last some months – Procrastinating revision can be a major obstacle in your preparation. Revision helps to reinforce the knowledge and concepts you have learned while completing any topic. It provides you with the opportunity to troubleshoot topics or concepts that need further attention. Therefore, it is important to revise your mistakes and work on them on a daily basis rather than leave them to the end. Pre-PG’s advanced revision features allow you to specifically practice NEET PG questions that you got wrong while practicing to gaps in your understanding and put measures in place to improve upon them.

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Don’t learn a new concept in the last 1 month– Learning a new concept in the last month will unquestionably undermine your exam drive. It’s better to use all of what you already know instead of trying something new at the last minute. At this point, stick to your notes flashcards and clear any doubts that you have.

Don’t compare your preparation with others – It’s good to have constructive conversations with competitors and friends, but foremost place your confidence in your own preparation. Avoid comparing your NEET PG prep with others as that would only lead to losing confidence and fear before the exam.

Preparing for NEET PG requires a lot of hard work and dedication. By following these dos and don’ts, you can ensure that you are on the right track to crack the exam and pursue your dream of becoming a postgraduate medical student. Continue studying and remember that the outcomes of the assessment will eventually influence your life.