Introducing NEXT-Focused Clinical Flashcards

NEXT-Focused Clinical Flashcards for NEET PG preparation

Recent changes introduced by NBE have made it very clear that PG medical exams will now be more clinically oriented, and aspirants who have a command over the clinical part will have a significant advantage over the others. These clinical NEET PG-NEXT questions aim to test the aspirant’s practical skills in addition to their theoretical knowledge.  

These changes might worry aspirants, but instead of panicking, you should start polishing your clinical skills.  

Besides free daily clinical tests and 21,000+ clinical questions, Pre-PG has now added more than 15,000 clinical-focused flashcards to help you recall your learnings.  

These flashcards will ensure that you do not encounter any surprises on exam day.  

Why flashcards?  

Flashcards are simple and often an underexploited resource. We chose to introduce flashcards over notes as they encourage studying through active recall, which is considered one of the best practices to learn effectively.  

Flashcards also work best for knowledge-intensive and practical subjects that require you to memorize several facts, making them ideal for the new pattern NEET PG-NEXT.  

You can access them with a mere click on your smartphone, which makes it ridiculously easy for you to fall into study sessions and let you take advantage of the short amounts of time available throughout the week.  

Practicing Clinical-Focused Flashcards on Pre-PG  

The biggest drop in retention will happen soon after learning. This is indicated by the steep fall at the initial stage of the forgetting curve model. This model demonstrates the rate at which we tend to forget any information over time if we don’t review it regularly. If we learn something new but don’t try to relearn that concept, it slips out of our minds over time. Even though our memory plummets quickly, a review session after the original learning can gradually build it.  

Forgetting will start again after each review session, but this time it will be slower than before. That’s why each new curve in the forgetting curve model is shallower than the last one.   

By reviewing strategic points, you can regularly halt the forgetting curve and reduce the rate at which you forget information. This approach is often referred to as “spaced learning” and will eventually stretch your recall and strengthen the concepts encoded in your brain. 

Using flashcards for the first time might be a bit frustrating because you might fail to recall. But here is the better news – with practiced information retrieval, you can consolidate essential concepts, and the “forgetting curve” levels out. Thereby making the learning more “durable.”  

Forgetting curve for NEET PG Flashcards
Forgetting Curve

Flashcards can prove highly beneficial when used correctly, but still, many aspirants make blunders while using flashcards. Here are a few that we have observed. 

  • Creating them in a way that forces rote memorization.  
  • Creating complex cards – which do not force the actual recall.   
  • Using flashcards to recall known clinical concepts.  

Pre-PG’s team embarked on a quest to identify the high-yielding content that will help you memorize the conceptual facts asked in clinical MCQs. We designed the flashcards for serious and ambitious learners who plan to smash their medical PG exams.  

When you start your flashcard practice on Pre-PG, we show a cue or hint and ask you to recall the concept or answer. You can either keep a note of it or say it aloud. We will reveal the solution once you click on ‘Tap for Answer’.

After seeing the answer, crosscheck the same with your guess and rate your performance on a scale of 0–5.   

  • 5: Fully Remembered the flashcard. No hesitation  
  • 4: Correct Answer recalled  
  • 3: Correct Answer recalled but with a substantial amount of effort  
  • 2: Slightly Wrong Answer recalled.  
  • 1: Wrong Answer recalled  
  • 0: No recollection. Complete Blackout.  
NEET PG - NEXT 2022 flashcards on Pre-PG app

Note: There is also an option to like/dislike a card. You can use this feature if you come across any bad or irrelevant flashcards. Our content team will regularly monitor the upvoted and downvoted flashcards to refine and prune the content.   

Recall, Repeat, Retain  

The best way to study from flashcards effectively is by obsessively keeping track of your understanding so that you can easily calibrate your ongoing studies. Unlike traditional flashcards, at Pre-PG, we have supercharged the concept of learning from flashcards.   

Besides feedback, you will also find the status of the current stage of each flashcard.  

Fresh – When you see a flashcard for the first time. 

Learning – When you see a flashcard with successful recall; Last Feedback Rating – 4 or 5 

Review – When you see a flashcard with an unsuccessful/ineffective recall; Last Feedback Rating – 0-3 

We keep track of each recall with the help of the rating that you put in for each flashcard. If you put 4 or 5 in the feedback rating, it gives our algorithm a signal that the recalls were successful, and that flashcards will be shown in the later sessions as per the forgetting curve strategic points. 

Recall clinical NEET PG concepts on Pre-PG

Once you review a flashcard and encounter gaps in your memory, don’t despair. This is the best opportunity to stretch your recall. If you indicate that you faced trouble recalling the card by choosing a feedback rating between 0-3, our algorithm will put it in the review stage. They will be placed in a recall bucket, and you can review them before and after the flashcard practice session. These flashcards will be shown to you more often until you master them. These spaced repetitions at the right time intervals will help you retain far more effectively. Over time, you will begin to see the flashcards you find challenging getting repeated more frequently than the easier ones, making the process much more efficient.  


Flashcards are one of the most classic study tools but can be vastly improved. This is what we have done with our adaptive NEET PG prep platform. As of now, there are more than 10,000 clinically oriented topic-wise flashcards, but we will keep on adding more high-yield concepts. You can utilize them to have a solid start to the evolving clinical pattern and to complement your MCQ practice on Pre-PG.