Success Story of Dr. Bhavyasree P AIR- 127 in NEET PG 2022

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”  

—Steve Maraboli  

Primarily, limits are caused due to our mental limitations. Your inner self creates misleading perceptions of your restricted potential, which keeps you from realizing your full potential.  

Successful people have a history of pushing themselves to the limit, demanding more of themselves, and establishing lofty objectives. All of this is only possible when you have faith in your ability to succeed.   Therefore, stepping outside one’s comfort zone and bursting through the mediocre shell requires a can-do attitude.  

A person with a can-do attitude exudes enthusiasm and is mentally equipped to handle obstacles that stand in the way of reaching objectives.  

The appropriate mindset can genuinely shift the game in your favor. It gives you the self-confidence and fuel you need to pursue your goals and become where you want to be.  

Pre-PG presents the story of Dr. Bhavyasree P, who improved her NEET PG rank from 15000 to AIR 127. Read her inspiring story about how you can achieve amazing results.   

NEET PG Initial Journey  

Dr. Bhavyasree P completed her MBBS from Kozhikode, Kerela. She started her NEET PG preparation during her internship. Some of her friends joined foundation courses and coaching classes in their final year of MBBS but she did not feel confident in dividing her time between coaching classes and the MBBS program.

During her internship, she joined a online class for NEET PG Prep and started preparing notes. She mentions that she completed her notes on 1st November 2021, and after that, she started revising higher-yield topics for the INICET November exam.   

She secured a rank of 7900 in the INICET exam. She was dissatisfied with her rank and realized that she should have practiced more NEET PG MCQs. One of her friends who used to solve free daily tests in Pre-PG recommended her the app for practicing questions.   

The Best Features of Pre-PG   

Dr. Bhavyasree P specifically mentions two Pre-PG features which helped her the most in her NEET PG journey- Readiness Index and PrepDNA.   

“The PrepDNA is a color-coded area, like how well you know a subject. If the color is towards the red spectrum, then it shows that we are not good in the subject and need to prac. We have to practice more, and if it is towards the greener shade, it shows that we have mastered the concept. It is a very easy-to-catch feature.

At the start of the use of the app, my readiness index was around 20. As soon as I started practicing questions in the app, my readiness index started improving, and my PrepDNA started changing its color.”  

Dr. Bhavyasree P states that she didn’t practice all the questions in the Pre-PG app. Rather, she used to solve 100 questions per day which helped in improving her confidence and reinforcing her memories.  

Your preparation is incomplete without practicing the questions for the exam that you are studying. NEET PG aspirants must evaluate their preparation to maximize their scores. A greater understanding of the types of questions that will be asked on the examination can be gained by taking full-length exams.   

Dr. Bhavyasree P too practiced the full mock tests. She explains her strategy of giving GTs- In the morning, she used to give the test and later on analyze the questions that she had marked or guessed wrong, and would create mnemonics for important questions. She also took help from the Pre-PG’s discussion forum to get some useful insights on various questions, mnemonics, and different concepts.   

She emphasizes using Pre-PG’s daily revision feature, which helps in revising the questions for higher recall.   

Final NEET PG Prep  

The essential portions of the chapter are excerpted from previous year’s question papers. Dr. Bhavyasree P too practiced the past year’s questions of Medical PG exams to grasp which topics and concepts are important in the examination. In the last 90 days, before the final exam, she concentrated solely on short subjects because she felt she was weak in those areas.   

She also took the help of the Pre-PG adaptive filter to specifically solve NEET PG clinical questions, high-yield questions, and previous year questions.  

She was pretty anxious before NEET PG 2022 because, in the last month’s INICET exam, she had secured a rank of 1730, which was disappointing for her. So, she focused on revising volatile topics like the IP section, formulae of physiology, pharmacology, image-based questions, etc.   

“While giving the NEET PG exam, I felt I was giving another GT of Pre-PG because the questions were very similar.”  

Her final piece of advice to NEET PG aspirants is to start revision as soon as possible so that it would help them recall the concepts. It is also important to identify your weaknesses and strengths and to divide time between them accordingly.