NEXT PG Medical Entrance Exam or National Exit Test Latest Updates

IMA, in its recent notifications, has already proposed NEXT as a replacement for NEET PG and other foreign medical entrance exams. There has been a commotion among students who are preparing for this competitive exam and looking forward to appear in the following years. 

So, what should students expect from this exit test? While no one knows what the paper will look like and how to tackle it, Pre-PG team has summed up guidelines and FAQs for NEXT to simply changes and further clarify the issues to its biggest stakeholders -Students. 

What is NEXT?   

NEXT also known as National Exit Test will be a common exit exam which would serve as Licentiate Exam, for entrance to Post Graduate (PG) medical course and as a screening test of foreign medical graduates. Moreover, it will also be a common gateway to attain license to practice medicine all across India. 

When will the NEXT become operational?  

NEXT will become operational within 3 years and will replace NEET PG by 2022. Students who started their MBBS in 2017 will appear in NEXT for the first time. 

How is NEXT different from NEET PG?  

The format of NEXT is broader than existing NEET PG and it will thoroughly check clinical skills. The part one (NEXT 1) of this exam will be objective MCQ-based paper, rank of which will decide your seat in PG medical course and qualification for post MBBS internship. The second part of NEXT (NEXT 2) will be practical based which will check the practical efficacy of student. In case, student fails to crack any of the part, h/she doesn’t get a pg seat and license to practice in India. 

Why NMC has decided to NEET PG with NEXT?  

The objective seems to be enhancing the quality of MBBS graduates in India. With the help of introducing a much deeper understanding of clinical concepts and enhancing problem-solving skills, Centre plans to produce a much better and more skilled batch of MBBS graduates in India. 

Who will be eligible to appear in NEXT?  

Final year MBBS students who wish to pursue PG studies or internship in India can appear in NEXT. Apart from being an exit test for MBBS students in India, NEXT will also cater to aspirants who completed their MBBS from abroad but wish to practice medicine in India. 

MBBS graduates who wish to pursue PG in medical will also be eligible for National Exit Test. 

What will be the mode of National Exit Test? 

NEXT 1 will be an All India concurrent online exam whereas NEXT 2 will be a practical exam judged by university/college. 

What will be the latest pattern of NEXT 2022?  

NEXT will have a total of 540 questions and will be conducted over 14.5 hours over three days.  

Day 1 

Pre-Lunch – Medical & Allied – 120 items (3 hrs)   

Post Lunch – Pediatrics – 60 items (1.5 hrs)  

Day 2 

Pre-Lunch – Surgery & Allied – 120 items (3hrs)  

Post Lunch – ENT – 60 items (1.5 hrs)  

Day 3 

Pre-Lunch – Obstetrics & Gynecology – 120 items (3 hrs)  


Post Lunch – Ophthalmology – 60 items (1.5 hrs) 

About 10% of each stream will focus on the basic sciences. Moreover, about 10% of the questions will be on Preventive & Public Health. These questions will be split across all subjects.  

The approximate split of content will be: 

  • 60% Problem Solving 
  • 30% Comprehension/Analysis 
  • 10% Recall 

What happens when you fail in NEXT exam?  

Apart from not qualifying for the seat of your choice for your PG medical course. You can give the exam next year but you can’t do the internship until you pass this exam. Similar to your final year MBBS exams. 

Will NEXT be a compulsory test to practice medicine in India? 

As mentioned above, without qualifying NEXT, you will not be eligible to practice medicine or pursue internship in India. 

Will NEXT be a compulsory test to pursue to post graduation after MBBS? 

Yes, it will serve as national-level PG entrance examination for MBBS graduates. The rank that you score in part one of this exam (NEXT 1) will decide your seat in your desired post-graduation course. 

 What is the centre goal of NEXT? 

Main Aim of NEXT would be to combine both the MBBS exit exam and the MBBS licentiate exam into one Exit Test. 

How will NEXT impact the preparation of the students? Will it make it easy or a bit tough?  

NEXT will tend to limit the shortcuts that many aspirants have been adopting in past few years to get the desired seat. Conceptual learning will replace rote-learning and students need to focus more on clinical and application-based learning

What is the optimum time to start NEXT preparation? 

NEXT will be conducted an year early in comparison to NEET PG so its better to start preparing an year early. 

How to prepare for NEXT 2022 PG? 

Pre-PG Prep is all set to provide you the best possible study material for NEXT. Apart from daily tests focused on clinical and new pattern questions, we also aim to provide free access to more than 25,000 clinical and application based MCQs to amp up your NEXT preparation. 

What are some advantages of NEXT over NEET PG? 

  • Uniformity through single Exam 
  • Removal of Unnecessary Paperwork for Foreign Students 
  • Many illegal practices by unqualified doctors would be limited 
  • Clinical and application-based exam will produce more qualified MBBS graduates 

Is there any disadvantage of NEXT over NEET PG? 

NEXT has no significant disadvantage over NEET PG as the pattern aims to produce more skillful doctors with a more practical, application and clinical based approach. However, the whole NEXT exam pattern will increase the overall duration of Medical Education. 

If you still have any doubts left, feel free to share in the comment section and we will try to rectify them for you.