Pre-PG’s Selection Guarantee Plan for NEET-PG Aspirants

Pre-PG Selection Guarantee

Cracking the NEET PG exam to get their favorite course and medical college is a dream for many doctors. But the dream only comes true for just a few of them. Yes, it is difficult to crack the NEET PG exam with a good rank, but it is not impossible with the right learning resources and learning methodology.

Pre-PG decided that it is high time to go beyond the traditional learning approach and start deploying a more innovative and strategic approach to ace the NEET PG 2023. To make the dreams come true for many doctors, Pre-PG recently launched Selection Guarantee Plan for NEXT 2023. There are other platforms that claim to produce toppers but none of them will offer any guarantee regarding your selection in NEET PG.

By following the Pre-PG’s learning methodology, you can make it to the top 10,000 ranks in NExT – NEET PG 2023. Despite following our recommended method, if you fail to do so, we will give you back your money.

And there is more. You will get a full refund if you accept a seat using NEET PG 2022. You do not have anything to lose here but everything to gain.

The Pre-PG Selection Guarantee 2023 Plan

Over the past years, Pre-PG has become the trusted source for many doctors around the country to prepare for medical entrance exams. After all, 97% of NEET PG 2021 Questions were from Pre-PG. As more and more doctors subscribe to our Pre-PG app, we have accumulated data for every category of student- ranging from the NEET PG toppers, which are at the front row, to the students at the bottom of the pack.

Pre-PG particularly focuses on students starting their NEET PG journey from the bottom of the pack and, by the year-end, reaching the top of the pack. Such medical aspirants are those students who were mediocre in their studies and graduated at the bottom of the middle of the class. Why these students, you ask? Well, because these students followed our learning methodology by heart. They paid attention to what we were saying, took time to practice and solved a lot of questions, more than 50,000, and regularly monitored their PrepDNA.

At Pre-PG, we have formulated a winning strategy. This winning strategy includes how you need to study for NEET PG, the detailed methodology you have to follow, and how you can utilize the Pre-PG app to practice questions. Students who have followed the winning strategy have cleared the NEET PG exam with high scores. This even includes students who merely passed their college-level exams.

The high-success ratio of our recommended method for NEET PG Prep has made us confident of our winning strategy. And that’s why we are assertive enough to offer you this refund plan. We are unfazed by our claims, and we will even give you a full refund if you fail to make the cut (despite following our strategy). No other NEET PG platform offers such type of assurance to medical students.

How Do We Compute Success?

Success is personal for every individual. At Pre-PG, we define success as when every Pre-PG user gets a seat in the government PG college. We make efforts to put you in the top 10,000 NEET PG ranks. But you have to do the necessary hard work to make it happen. This means that we also have to see the commitment from your side. You can also read the following frequently answered questions about Pre-PG’s Selection Guarantee Plan:

What is the Pre-PG Selection Guarantee program?

Pre-PG Selection Guarantee program for NEXT 2023 is one of its kind full refund guarantee plans that promise to place you in the top 10,000 ranks in NEET PG -NExT 2023. If you don’t get the top 10,000 ranks even after following our recommended method, you are eligible for a full refund.

Can I get a Pre-PG Selection Guarantee for the top 5,000 or top 1,000 ranks?

Even if you are targeting the top 5,000 or 1,000 ranks, the Pre-PG selection guarantee plan is made for you. But the plan does not offer you a refund if you do not achieve these ranks.

Which plans qualify for the Pre-PG Selection Guarantee?

Only 2023 Premium and Learning plans currently qualify for the Pre-PG Selection Guarantee. Other plans are not included in the selection guarantee because the plan also depends on the users’ learning hours, practice strategy, and time period that they can dedicate for the NEET PG preparation, based on Pre-PG’s recommendations.

Why is the Pre-PG Selection Guarantee plan only available for a limited time?

The Pre-PG selection guarantee plan is available only for a limited time because it would require a sincere and dedicated medical aspirant to prepare at least 8-9 months for NEET PG. You would have to follow Pre-PG recommended methods to qualify for the refund, in case you don’t get selected.

Can I get a discount if I buy the 2023 plans without the Pre-PG Selection Guarantee?

You will get the Pre-PG selection guarantee plan even if you buy a premium plan within the stipulated time period.

What are the conditions for getting a refund?

If you want to become eligible for the full refund, candidates must satisfy two conditions:

  • Nominate a person who can monitor your progress (a parent, friend, or mentor)-The nominated person will be sent regular updates on your efforts and proficiency. You will be held accountable by the nominated person for your commitments.
  • Follow Pre-PG’ recommended methodology: Based on the Pre-Pg recommended method, you need to put enough hours and effort into practice and revision to ensure success.