Story of Dr. Rakshith J, AIR 636 in NEET PG 2021

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The most frequent question asked by NEET PG aspirants is, “How much time do I have to dedicate to clear the NEET PG exam?”

Well, if you ask Dr. Rakshith J, who bagged AIR 636 in NEET PG 2021, the answer would be, “It depends.” and it sure does.

But it depends on what? This is the most follow-up question by students.

It depends on how well you studied during your MBBS years, whether you know the syllabus, understand it, how intelligent and skilled you are, and most importantly, how much time you are willing to put into learning and practicing consistently. Consistency is the key to your success. Consistency develops habits. Habits are the actions that you take every day to transform yourself, and actions result in success.

As Anthony Robbins rightly said: “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

The video describes the success story of Dr. Rakshith J, who set aside at least 2 to 3 hours every day for practicing and revising questions on Pre-PG. His encouraging and inspiring story could also lead you to the rank of your dreams.

The Beginning

Dr. Rakshith J describes himself as an above-average student. He had achieved distinction marks in his academic years. But in his own words, he is someone who did not take studies seriously in his initial MBBS years. At the end of the final year, he worked hard to get good marks.

He has started preparing for NEET PG during his internship and gave his first NEET PG exam in January 2020. In this attempt, Dr. Rakshith got the rank of 7238, which many people might argue is a good rank, but according to him, he would not have got his favorite course – Radiodiagnosis.

Despite working hard and getting a rank, he decided to drop the year. He again started preparing for the NEET PG exam 2021, which was scheduled for January 2021.

The Road Ahead

One of the major advantages of dropping a year is that NEET PG aspirants have the opportunity to fix the weaker points of their preparation. Dr. Rakshith J, too decided to improve his NEET PG score. Just like most of his friends, he started by joining a coaching institute. But according to him, he was not regular in the class. He relied mostly on self-study and used to solve question papers regularly. And that is when he came across Pre-PG.

“What I liked about the Pre-PG is that it has many options which allow you to customize the kind of questions that you want to solve. Pre-PG deep revision feature was a godsend. It helps to concentrate in weak areas and sharpen your skills”

Says, Dr. Rakshith

Using the Pre-PG’s deep revision feature, NEET aspirants can solve questions that they got wrong. It also finds the patterns within your incorrect questions to examine the concepts you need to improve on.

Dr. Rakshith completed his syllabus by March 2021. NEET PG was scheduled for April, but the date was brought forward to September, so Dr. Rakshith used these extra months to perfect his subjects.

He would solve at least 200 questions every day from the Pre-PG’s deep revision feature. But, most importantly, he concentrated on clinical questions.

“I customized my workout on Pre-PG to practice as many as clinical questions possible. As we have already seen from the NEET 2020 experience that questions are getting more clinical.”

Since the NEET PG exam has introduced some new changes in the pattern, clinical questions now hold the key to your dream rank.

The D-Day

Dr. Rakshith J hails from Bengaluru, but his NEET PG 2021 center was in Hyderabad. So, he traveled all the way from Bengaluru to Hyderabad a day before the exam. During his journey, he could not study, but he used that time to solve questions from Pre-PG.

He, in fact, barely slept the previous night. His exam was early in the morning, and he did not even have breakfast because the hotel could not serve it so early.

However, he is grateful for all the extra hours and effort he put into solving Pre-PG questions.

“What helped me in this NEET PG was the regular practice of so many questions which helped me to increase my speed. I could see that most of the questions in the NEET PG exam were modeled in the same way as the questions I solved on Pre-PG. It actually helped me a lot to answer quite fast to the extent that I could save 45 mins in the end to review my questions.”

Says, Dr. Rakshith

Consistently practicing mock tests ensures that you become an expert at time and speed management. After the exam, Dr. Rakshith J expected a rank around the range of 2000 but was pleasantly surprised when he got AIR 636. He is certain that he will get his favorite radiodiagnosis seat in a good medical college.

He signs off by saying,

“I couldn’t have done without Pre-PG. It is amazing to see that just 2 hours of revision every day could get me this rank.”

Dr. Rakshith J’s success story demonstrates that showing up at every chance you get confirms that you really want to achieve your goal. So, don’t quit, get inspired!

The success stories of such NEET PG toppers are special because they tell you what challenges these rankers faced, how they battled them, and how they continued to toil despite facing defeats. Every success story makes us believe in our fight and teaches us some very important lessons to ace NEET PG.