98% Strike Rate in NEET MDS 2023 | 237 out of 240 Repeats

best strike rate neet mds

“Success is not just about hard work and dedication. It’s also about using the right tool at the right time.”

This quote by Barack Obama stands true for our NEET MDS aspirants who prepared from PULP and solved most of the answers to NEET MDS 2023 questions in seconds because they were an exact repeat from PULP’s question bank.

Knowing more than 98% of NEET MDS questions are repeated from our question bank, we are inspired to make our app even better. The high success rate of questions from our app has proved once again that users who practice on our platform are rewarded for their efforts. And we are not exaggerating here!

We have already received numerous messages and emails from our users conveying how they felt instant relief after seeing so many familiar questions in the NEET MDS exam. 237 out of the total 240 NEET MDS 2023 questions, most of them being direct repeats. That means, if you had used PULP diligently, you would have been the top scorers and easily made it to your preferred branch and Dental PG college.

Don’t trust us blindly! We encourage you to scrutinize the facts yourself! Just like every year, this year too we examined each and every question on the NEET MDS 2023 exam and compared it to the questions on our app.

The resemblance in the questions will leave you in awe! Users were amazed at how well our app’s questions prepared them for the actual NEET MDS exam. Our app’s MCQs are so aligned with NEET MDS questions that users felt users felt like they were taking yet another PULP’s mock test in the exam hall. Hitting the bulls-eye like it’s second nature!

Our team sat down to analyze the NEET MDS paper after the exam. It was not easy. Getting the questions paper (recalled –one) and comparing each question with our Q-bank is a task in itself.

This is done to better understand the new trends in the NEET MDS exam. We evaluate the paper to find answers to the following question:

How did it differ from the previous years?

This year, how did students find the paper?

Did our platform provide an additional benefit to our subscribers?

Are we heading in the right direction?

Do we need to revise our question bank, daily test pattern, or in-app analytics?

Being updated and catering to the needs of the students is a crucial step to being the best NEET MDS prep platform. We believe it is our responsibility to show dental aspirants the right path. It s always a treat to see questions from our Q-bank pop up in the exam. And we are proud to announce that, similar to the past two consecutive years, this year too, we were able to defend our crown and continued our legacy of maintaining the highest strike rate. This is a surefire sign that we’re on the right path to help NEET MDS succeed in exams.

Actions speak louder than words

Analyzing this year’s question paper has given us more confidence and motivation to perform better. If any of our users had followed our app religiously by solving daily tests, topic-wise questions, revising practiced questions at regular intervals, and focusing on PrepDNA to work on their weaker areas, they would have confidently answered the majority of the NEET MDS 2023 exam questions.

Here is an example of a PULP question that appeared in NEET MDS 2023.

highest strike rate in neet mds
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2023 from PULP

Click here to access this PULP question.

Take a closer look at yourself and see if what we’re saying rings true.

Exact match neet mds
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2023 from PULP

Here’s another example of the NEET MDS 2023 repeat. Access this exact question on PULP.

Team PULP has always focused on the latest changes in dental PG entrance exams. Just like last year, this too NEET MDS was more clinically oriented. Our joy knew no bounds to see that the majority of clinical questions in NEET MDS 2023 were asked via our platform. But we weren’t surprised; after all, we have the largest Q-bank of Clinical NEET MDS MCQs with over 7,000 questions.

Here’s one such instance. Again, you can confirm it by accessing this specific question on PULP.

Take a critical look at yourself and see if our assertions hold water.

neet mds 2023 strike rate
Direct Repeat in NEET MDS 2023 from PULP

We’ve included screenshots of all 237 questions submitted through our platform. You can see it for yourself when the question is uploaded to our platform by visiting this blog.

Also, unlike others, our claimed repeats are not from videos, notes, or other non-test material. They are entirely based on PULP’s Q-bank.

No bluffing, no exaggerated claims! Furthermore, NEET MDS aspirants are not kids who can easily be manipulated or misled. We hope you will read through to the end of this post and share your thoughts.

What sets us apart from the rest? Many other apps and coaching institutes continue to claim that many NEET MDS questions came from their website or their learning materials. But, if that is true, and despite spending thousands of rupees at various coaching institutes, if NEET MDS dental is proving difficult to crack, it’s time to rethink.

We are not belittling any coaching institutes or competitors; rather, as intelligent users we want you to compare and decide for yourself.

We want to make things simple for you, not complicated. We have never stated that you must answer all of the questions on our platform in order to achieve better ranks. Instead, we discussed taking a strategic and focused approach. Instead of practicing all the NEET MDS MCQs from our app, you should focus on questions from each topic to become familiar with each concept and pattern of questions. The key to success is to analyze your mistakes, improve them, and revise on a regular basis.

PULP assists you in separating the wheat from the chaff. Smart dental PG aspirants have repeatedly recognized the value of our app in simplifying their NEET MDS preparation. We don’t just focus on our question bank. Our platform strives to provide an all-encompassing solution for NEET MDS. We aim to aid you in tracking your progress while keeping up with the exam’s demand for key topics’ focus. No doubt, this inexpensive and result-oriented app has quickly become one of the most popular NEET MDS online preparation platforms among many top scorers.

The high success rate of questions from our app demonstrates that our efforts were not in vain. We are honored to have lived up to the faith you had in us. We are proud of our accomplishments, and you should be too of yours!

We’d like to thank you once more. This was your journey, and we were proud to be a part of it. We are thrilled to see that our unconventional approach has assisted our users in reaching their goals. Nothing makes us happier!

We are ready to write history once again in the next year and we won’t stop till we achieve a strike rate of 100%!