FAQs for Droppers Plan

Droppers Plan Darwin NEET

We have recently introduced Droppers Plan on Darwin where we will be offering a selection guarantee to students re-appearing in NEET 2022. Though we have conducted a live QnA session on youtube to clear your doubts, our team has summed up FAQs regarding this Droppers Plan to further clarify it to its biggest stakeholders -Students. 

Q 1. What is Darwin’s Droppers Plan?

Darwin NEET Prep App will give you a full refund if you don’t get into the top 96th percentile in NEET 2022. It gives droppers the confidence to practice on Darwin, knowing that they will be successful in this attempt. Moreover, if you have scored 400+ marks in NEET 2021, we will give you a refund if you don’t make it to the top 98th percentile in NEET 2022.

Q 2. Why are you offering a Selection Guarantee for droppers?

Over the last few years, we have analyzed the performance of hundreds of thousands of NEET aspirants. We have developed PrepDNA, a highly predictive proficiency evaluator, and a practice and revision method that never fails to deliver.

We have had over 98% success rate with the users who used this method. That gives us the confidence to offer you the selection guarantee for the dropper’s plan. It means that we win together and lose together.

Q 3. Which plans qualify for the Darwin Selection Guarantee/full refund?

Only the NEET 2022 droppers plan currently qualifies for the Darwin Selection Guarantee.

Q 4. Why is the Darwin Dropper plan only available until Nov 21st, 2021?

We require you to practice, take tests, and regularly revise for an extended time to offer you the Selection Guarantee in NEET 2022. Even if you purchase a plan after 21st Nov, you will still gain from following Darwin’s recommended methods but will not qualify for the refund.

Q 5. What are the conditions for getting a refund?

To qualify for the money-back guarantee, you need to satisfy two conditions:

I. Nominate a person who can monitor your progress (a parent, guardian, or mentor)

Why? We will send regular updates on your effort and proficiency. This person will hold you accountable for your commitments.

II. Follow Darwin’s recommended methodology.

We will need you to dedicate enough time to practice and revision using our recommended method to guarantee success.

Q 6. Will there be personal doubt solving?

With the kind of plan we have, personal doubt solving will not be possible. We will try hard to ensure that every question or query which you post on the discussion board is answered by our subject matter expert. Since we are not a coaching institute, we won’t be able to spend time in personal doubt solving. We don’t think it is required for the success of the plan.

Q 7. Will there be one-to-one guidance?

Yes, the guidance will be personalized to you. We will be looking at all your key metrics and then give you the guidance. For instance, the personalized guidance will include:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Information about your fundamentals and current progress
  • Regular updates about your memorization
  • Status of revision and if there is a requirement to do more revision
  • If you are not solving easy questions correctly or are trying to complicate easy questions.

All these updates will be provided to you in the form of one-to-one guidance. It will be mostly on email, not on a call.

Q 8. Will a schedule be designed for us?

Yes, a schedule will be designed for you. You will be assigned a timetable on how to complete the syllabus, and revision will be personalized.

Q 9. Will there be guidance on how to approach each subject and how to manage time?

We will be guiding you but approaching a subject might vary based on your performance. We will be regularly providing you feedback, and you might be required to attend certain sessions if we find that you are not making any progress.

Q 10. Will we be given a timetable to complete the syllabus?

Yes, you will be given a timetable and a schedule to complete the syllabus.

Q 11. Will there be new features around guidance?

We are working on new features. However, it won’t be possible this time for users to start using the same. Users preparing for NEET 2023 will be able to avail it.

Q 12. What’s a common difference between free, premium, and droppers plans?

In the Free plan, you get 15% of the free questions if your PrepDNA is very low, 20 percent if you are mediocre, and 30 percent free questions if you are in the top percentile. You wouldn’t have access to sub-topic level practice questions, advanced insights, workout filters, and some revision features.

Regular premium plan provides all the above features except for the guidance.

In the Droppers’ plan, we provide guidance and assistance along with the premium subscription. We also keep your parents in the loop.

Q 13. If I join Droppers Plan, can I get 680 plus?

No, we are not guaranteeing the marks. But we are guaranteeing the top 96th percentile only if you follow our methodology. Moreover, if you have scored 400+ marks in NEET 2021, we will guarantee the top 98th percentile in NEET 2022, if you follow our recommended method.

Q 14. Will you guarantee 600 plus marks if I solve all 55,000 questions?

No, solving questions does not mean that you may get 600+ marks. Regular revision and fixing your mistakes help you get selected.

Q 15. Do you guarantee that all the questions in NEET 2022 will be from the Darwin app?

No. The examiners do not select questions from our app, and we do not have any tie-up with any examination conducting agency. The questions come from our app because we have created all types of questions that can be asked in the exam.

Q 16. Do Droppers plan and Premium plan have the same questions?

Yes, we haven’t created two sets of questions. Droppers plan provides you assistance and guidance to support you in your NEET journey besides premium features.

Q 17. I have already purchased the Premium subscription; can I get into the Droppers batch?

No, you can’t. This is an exclusive batch that would require your commitment. You can reach out to us if you want an upgrade.

Q 18. If the last day is tomorrow for subscription, can you provide extra days for making decisions and subscriptions?

Earlier the last date to subscribe droppers plan was 15th Nov but after continuous requests from our users, we are extending the time period by a week. You can subscribe to the plan latest by 21st Nov’ 21.

Q 19. Can you provide how many students have enrolled?

We can’t provide the exact numbers. Since only selected students can commit to this Droppers Plan, only exclusive students will join. Think about joining the plan only if you can commit 8-9 hours a day to study for the next 6 months.

Q 20. When will be the discounts removed?

Discounts will be removed after 15th Nov 2021. If you want to buy Droppers plan now, you have to buy without any discount.