Why Should You Practice NEET Previous Year Questions?

NEET Previous Year Questions

NEET past year’s papers have been the mantra to the success of every NEET-UG topper. Ask any topper for advice, and they would surely recommend the NEET previous year questions as to their path to glory. So, what actually happens when you solve the past years’ NEET test papers? How do these test papers help you?

This article will present the main benefits of practicing NEET previous year question papers and how they can help you ace India’s coveted medical exam.

1. Get a Know-How of the NEET Exam Pattern

When it comes to getting familiarity with the exam pattern and syllabus of NEET, there is no better way than to practice as many previous year NEET question papers as possible. They not only help you understand the mindset of the examiners but also make you knowledgeable of the important NEET topics asked in the past. Moreover, when you go for an in-depth analysis of the NEET exam, you will find out from which topics most of the questions are asked every year.

2. Improving Time Management and Speed

In the NEET-UG exam, you have to solve 180 questions in 3 hours. Imagine what would happen if you sat down to write the paper for the first time without ever writing NEET mock tests or going through the previous year papers? Yes, you would get frightened or nervous, might get stuck on some NEET questions, and lose your precious time. You may come out of the examination hall regretting not solving NEET past year questions before. This is the number one regret of most students who have not cleared the NEET exam.

It is important that you solve the maximum easiest questions in the NEET exam. Not only you should try to attempt all the questions, but you must also have some time left for the revision. This could only be possible when you have appeared in sufficient NEET mock tests and practiced NEET past year question papers. Setting a timer and solving NEET questions online can help you achieve speed. It is also advisable that you solve the NEET previous year questions like in an actual exam setting so that you get a familiar feeling of solving the question paper on the exam day.

3. Accuracy and Confidence

When you solve NEET previous year questions, it helps you in time management and improves your speed and accuracy. You get to become good at reading the questions quickly and understanding the pattern and nature of NEET questions. For instance, you might be completing ten questions in 10 mins. But it is also important to work on accuracy. As you solve NEET questions with greater accuracy, your confidence will improve, and you will enter the examination hall with great determination. Many NEET rankers say that solving previous year NEET papers has helped them score better as they felt that they could easily judge the questions asked in the examination.

4. 360 Degree Learning of all Topics

During the initial preparation, many aspirants do not solve the previous year question papers or NEET mock tests as they feel that completing the syllabus is important. Most NEET aspirants rush through the basics and topics to complete the NEET syllabus. At the last moment, they go through the previous year’s questions and find out that they are not good in the topics they were confident in.

In this manner, they lose on a golden preparation time. As they start to lose their confidence, some leave out solving NEET question papers altogether, while some start preparing for the topics from the beginning.

It is advised that aspirants should stick to solving previous year NEET questions from day one of their preparation journeys. As you progress in your NEET preparation, you should focus on intermediate and advanced difficulty levels. Besides previous year questions, NEET mock tests will also help you prepare for any difficulties and challenges and help you keep track of your preparation.

5. In-Depth Preparation Analysis

After solving any NEET previous year questions, you should spend some time analyzing your mistakes and weakness. Scrutinizing your performance can help you strengthen your NEET prep. Though your preparation may be rock-solid, there might be a case where some topics or concepts are hindering you from getting the perfect score. Identifying those obstacles can help you improve your NEET 2022 score.

How To Practice NEET Past Year Questions?

You can subscribe to Darwin, India’s leading NEET preparation online platform. The app offers NEET aspirants the most exhaustive NTA NEET Question bank with solutions. To ace NEET 2022, you should solve past years’ questions of medical exams like AIIMS, JIPMER, NEET-UG, AIPMT, MHT-CET, CITEE, KVPY SX, BCECE, KCET, AP EAMCET, MUOET, COMEDK, AFMC, and more. Darwin has the largest question bank of these medical entrance exams and much more.

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The app boasts of past 30 years NEET previous years’ question papers along with detailed explanations. You can solve the questions and learn from the notes provided and the question for the alternate learning experience. With Darwin, you not only solve the NEET questions, but you also receive a detailed analysis of your strengths and weakness. As you practice more and more, our breakthrough technology starts giving you questions from the topics which need more effort on your part.

Solving NEET previous years’ questions is advantageous to every NEET aspirant. There is a higher probability of questions coming out from them. When you have already solved such questions before, solving the questions in NEET 2022 exam will be a piece of cake for you. Therefore, aspirants preparing for NEET 2022 should solve past year question papers to make the most of their preparation.