Tips to Crack NEET in the First Attempt

How to crack NEET in first attempt

One of the major concerns amongst many NEET aspirants is how to crack the NEET exam in their first attempt. After all, most of these aspirants are in school and they have the crucial task of managing studies in school alongside NEET preparation.

Attending school and coaching, doing assignments, preparing for exams can be difficult. You might feel that you do not have sufficient time left on your hand to prepare for NEET. Or you might feel that you are not giving enough time to any of these. After all, you also have to score good marks in 11th and boards.

This article guides you on how you can strike a balance between NEET preparation and boards. If you want to crack the NEET exam on your first attempt, you need to concentrate full-time on time management.

Here are some of the tips to crack NEET on your first attempt:

1. Planning is Must

Learn to Prioritize Things

Doing things randomly does not suit any NEET aspirant’s purpose. First, you need to prioritize to get the desired result. Second, you must understand the importance and urgency of each task. For example, if you think a biology test in school is more important than solving an online NEET sample paper, then choose the former option. Solve the online test at a later date.

We understand that cracking NEET is your ultimate aim, but you can’t sacrifice one for another. Hence, to create a balance between things, you need a to-do list for prioritizing things.

Divide your time Equally

Your NEET syllabus covers concepts and topics of 11th and class 12th. If you study these subjects well in school and strengthen your core concepts, you are also laying a foundation for NEET. Therefore, don’t underestimate your learnings in school.

Learn and understand whatever is taught in your classroom. Your unit tests or pre-boards will give you a fair idea of how ready you are for boards and how strong your foundation is for NEET.

Also, daily solve NEET MCQs to assess your learning progression. Practicing MCQs will let you know where you have missed a concept or any part of the topic. Daily practice will enable you to get used to the manner of solving questions. Exam pattern, time management, and speed will become a part of your test solving strategies, which will prove crucial for D-Day.

Understanding how well you share your time in different subjects is a crucial aspect of introspection in the NEET exam and Darwin’s PrepDNA helps you gauge that. Evaluate your weaknesses and the additional effort required to be at par with the toppers.

Darwin NEETprep app
Topic-wise proficiency on Darwin

Set deadlines

While planning set deadlines for each topic and subject. Set goals for yourself because this will explain how much you need to cover before your first attempt. Afterward, solve practice questions from the topics or subjects that you have completed.

2. Combine Different Mediums For Your Learning

NCERT books and other reference material

While preparing for school exams, don’t skip on NEET prep. All the fundamentals of NEET 2022 for Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are covered in NCERT exams. So first, focus on completing your NCERT. It has been seen that most of the time, many questions in NEET have been directly asked from NCERT. For advanced concepts, don’t hesitate to help of reference books or NEET coaching modules. But remember cracking an objective exam like NEET is all about practice. A lot of practice.

For NEET aspirants, the Darwin NEET prep app has proved to be the best learning resource. You can solve chapter-wise MCQs, NEET test series, daily tests & mock tests as you study. In addition, you can use this NEET preparation app to score high in board exams.

NEET Question Bank

Online Test

To polish your test-taking skills, practice sample papers or mock tests from authentic platforms. Solving questions from online NEET preparation platforms help you to:

  • Solve regular NEET mock tests anytime from the comfort of your home
  • Get aware of recent pattern changes and trends
  • Let you know where you stand in the competition
  • Make you aware of your stronger and weaker areas in each subject
  • Prepares you for exam-day challenges and difficulties

With the question bank of more than 55,000+ MCQs, you can create unlimited customized tests from any topic or subject on Darwin. Besides this, Darwin also offers daily NEET test series which helps you to polish your test-taking skills for NEET. As you solve these questions, you will also get detailed explanations along with them. Build your foundation as you find new learning tricks and strategies in questions.

NEET test series
Free daily test series on Darwin

3. Put Various Learning Strategies to Use


After your school or coaching for NEET, allot time for self-study. Many NEET aspirants just keep rushing from one place to another but hardly acquire any actual knowledge from this exercise. Therefore, it is important that you have time to self-study to retain all your concepts.

Making Notes

When preparing for the NEET exam, you must have a good set of notes to revise. Prepare notes in such a way that you have a summary of relevant and important points. Highlight important references or write your comments or thoughts alongside the notes. It’s hard to keep track of everything in our mind; the notes make us stay organized and lead to quick revision at the time of the exam.

Periodic Revision

Many NEET aspirants usually find it difficult to study when the exams are near. It is normal to worry about exams, but this exam stress can cause you to feel anxious and can create a negative impact on your performance. So, you must revise your lessons daily to keep the stress away. Periodic revision during NEET preparation is important because:

  • It increases your confidence and helps you reduce exam anxiety
  • It enables you to study at your own pace without setting yourself up for exhaustion.
  • Revising daily will help you frequently memorize the topics, facts, concepts, or whatever you have studied; thereby strengthening your core.

Darwin NEET preparation app provides exclusive features for revision. As you solve more and more questions, you can bookmark the questions that you have done wrong. Then, revise your mistakes again till your concepts become clear. Our deep revision features enable you to practice questions from your weaker areas.

NEET Revision
Revise better with Darwin

Tracking Your Progress with Sample Papers

Practice as many sample papers or NEET mock tests as you can. Practicing these papers will give you a firm idea regarding the chapters that need more work. It will also give you a clear idea of chapters that have more weightage and your preparation level in those chapters. Practicing these mock tests will help you know whether your score is gradually improving or not. In addition, you can also brush up on your concepts to avoid forgetting them. The team at Darwin had come up with breakthrough analytics that helped students understand their pain points. Our PrepDNA helps you gauge your progress. It identifies your weaknesses and helps you to strengthen your concepts till these weaker areas become your strengths.


Flashcards are small notes that are used to test and improve memory through practiced information retrieval. Flashcards are a significant tool to memorize essential facts by the active recall of information.

Biology NEET flashcards

Darwin has 3000+ flashcards aligned with our mission to help NEET aspirants crack the NEET exam. Darwin flashcards help you retain high-yielding concepts. It is an exciting concept to recall better for NEET.

4. Stay Motivated Through-Out Your School Years

NEET exam is demanding and challenging. Thus, it is important for you to stay positive and motivated during your preparation. Getting in the habit of studying for long hours will keep you motivated.

Every day, focus on achievable goals. Little progress every day will keep you motivated to keep moving. It will ensure that you get good grades in Class 11th, Class 12th and crack the NEET exam as well.

Also, during your entire journey, remain fit and healthy. It won’t do you any good if you fall ill before your NEET exam or boards. Keeping your calm under any pressure is the vital key to achieve success in the exams.

Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results

Cracking the NEET exam in the first attempt is a universal dream for all NEET aspirants. Well, it is not an uphill mountain that you can’t climb. If you follow the above strategies disciplined, you are likely to sail through the exam on your first attempt.

Darwin is your partner in this arduous journey. Most of the NEET toppers practice from Darwin to win the NEET race. You, too, can subscribe to it to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor from the college of your choice.