97% Strike Rate in NEET PG 2022 Exam

NEET PG 2022 Strike Rate

As the NEET PG exam grows more competitive, no serious aspirant can afford to ignore the Pre-PG app because it would mean missing out on the opportunity that will help you to gain an edge over other worthy competitors. After all, how can you avoid it when 194 out of 200 NEET PG 2022 questions came from Pre-PG!

We are motivated and feel validated seeing the 97% of questions in NEET PG getting repeated from our question bank. The high success ratio of questions from our app has proved that users on our platform are getting results for their efforts.

No, we aren’t taking you for a ride with our claims. We take the strike rate percentage very seriously and never exaggerate it. We have the proof to show for it. You can check the similarity between the 194 NEET PG questions and Pre-PG MCQs.

The similarity and exactness of the questions will blow your mind!

Reaching for the Stars

Pre-PG had always proclaimed to provide the best holistic NEET PG preparation to its users. Our subject matter experts have always ensured to keep a pulse on the recent exam trends. Last year, Pre-PG had a strike rate of 97%, with most of the questions being strong matches. Even in NEET PG 2019, Pre-PG had over ~90% coverage.

This year too, we are flooded with emails and messages by our users who felt that most of the NEET PG 2022 questions were directly asked from Pre-PG.

After all, rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water, every ship has a good captain.

After the exam, our team sat down to thoroughly analyze the NEET PG question paper. This exercise aims to understand whether we are providing valuable services to our users or not? And we are delighted to say, “We have hit the bullseye.”

If any of our Pre-PG users had religiously solved daily tests and topic-wise questions, frequently revised MCQs, and focused on PrepDNA to work on their weaker areas, they would have scored 600+ marks easily. And if your goal was to score just above the cut-off, it would have been a cakewalk for you!

We want to show you sample screenshots of Pre-PG MCQs that appeared in NEET PG 2022. You can compare it with the actual NEET PG question and analyze how similar these questions are to the MCQs on our platform. Analyze them and find it out yourself to determine if there is any hyperbole in our claims.

Here is an example of an exact match question from Pre-PG that appeared in NEET PG 2022. To access this question on Pre-PG, click here. Cross-check the claims yourself and see whether we are speaking the truth or not.

Highest Strike Rate in NEET PG
NEET PG 2022: Exact match from Pre-PG

Here is another example of the NEET PG 2022 repeat from micro-biology. To access this question on Pre-PG, click here.

NEET PG Repeats
NEET PG 2022: Exact match from Pre-PG

You can double-check the findings for all the 194/200 questions for NEET PG 2022 from our other blog.

Pre-PG has always emphasized the new changes that happen in PG medical entrance exams. Last year, we have invested a lot to improve our technology and to enhance our content. We continued our legacy and this year too, almost all the clinical questions that were asked in the exam were from our question bank.

Even in this NEET PG, COVID-related questions that were asked in the exam were already present in Pre-PG. Sharing one such example. Click here to access this question on Pre-PG.

Best strike rate in NEET PG
NEET PG 2022: Exact match from Pre-PG

Pre-PG: Not Your Everyday Coaching Institution

“More from less” has always been the mantra of Pre-PG. We don’t want our users to feel burdened with learning materials or offer cut-copy-paste learning material from every medical book to claim our strike rate.

Other platforms post pictures of videos, explanations, and class lectures to claim their strike rate.

With more than 700 hours of video content, lengthy explanations, and tens of thousands of pages of notes, it is certainly not a big deal if NEET PG 2022 questions come from such a vast repository of information.

Pre-PG on the other hand had more than 150 strong matches. If the question and options provided by the learning platform are very much similar to the actual questions asked in the NEET PG 2022 exam, then we categorize the MCQ as a Strong Match. Just by thoughtfully solving these 150 questions, you could have scored 600+ marks in this year’s exam. The experience and teaching methodology of any platform are the key factors influencing the student’s experience.

We focus on smart learning. Our app doesn’t just aim to provide quality practice questions. Pre-PG has been designed to act as a 360-degree NEET PG prep platform to promote self-learning. Keeping this in mind, the best NEET PG app has been designed to promote self-learning. We do not even encourage users to solve every single question from our platform. We believe that NEET PG can only be cleared if you understand the concepts, have the know-how to apply them by practicing MCQs, analyze your weaknesses, clear your doubts to improve your weaker areas and revise enough to retain the facts.

We provide videos that are short and simple. Our up-to-date NEET PG MCQs with an exhaustive evaluation of answers and our in-depth analytics, especially the PrepDNA is a must for every NEET PG aspirant to ace the exam.

We help you master every topic and concept. Our focused and fast approach has again fetched valuable returns for our students in a short time.

Our past results and the highest strike rate in NEET PG are indicators of our successful approach. This is not a marketing gimmick. Our side-by-side comparison of NEET PG questions and Pre-PG MCQs should prove our honesty and transparency. We want you to look for unbiased results to make an educated decision while selecting your preferred NEET PG prep partner.


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