Frequently Asked Questions about NEXT – National Exit Test

NExT FAQs 2024

On June 27th, the national medical commission (NMC) organized a webinar on the NExT wherein representatives from various medical colleges participated.

An important aspect highlighted during the webinar was that from 2024 onwards, NExT is set to replace the NEET PG and all the existing medical entrance examinations, including INI-CET (AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, NIMHANS), and FMGE, streamlining the assessment process for medical professionals.

AIIMS Delhi has been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the NExT step 1 examination, which is scheduled to be held biannually in May and November.

We understand that even after watching many videos or reading about the exam, you may still have many questions in your mind. Therefore, here we are with some FAQs related to NExT:

1. What is NExT?

NExT is a standardized exam that identifies and promotes exceptional medical students for practice or higher education, ensuring they possess the necessary skills to excel in their medical field.

2. What is the exam pattern of NExT NEET PG?

The exam is divided into two stages:

The NExT step- 1
  • Theory-based exam in online mode consisting of multiple-choice questions.
  • Total 540 questions (successfully clearing all the 6 subjects in this exam is a prerequisite for participating in the internship program).
The NExT step- 2
  • Practical examination held by respective state colleges/ universities.
  • Paper 2 will comprise seven clinical subjects. It will be clinical case-based and will have simulated cases aimed at evaluating practical /clinical skills, decision-making, and analytical skills.
  • Students have to complete their internship before appearing for the NExT Step – 2 exam.

3. What is the question pattern for NExT Step 1 paper?

The NExT step 1 paper will be structured into three parts, each with a specific focus. Of the MCQs included in NExT 1:

  • 60-70% will assess problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • 20-30% will test comprehension abilities.
  • 5-15% will be based on recall.

Please find below a tentative schedule for NExT 1. Please note that the schedule provided is subject to practical and logistical constraints.

Schedule for NExT step 1 exam
Tentative Schedule for NExT Step -2

4. When will the NExT exam be held?

The first NExT exam is approximately scheduled to be conducted in May 2024 in a computer-based mode format.

5. What are the eligibility criteria?

The national exit test is applicable to undergraduate medical students. Here are a few eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled –

  • Undergraduate medical students have to be enrolled in MBBS programs at medical colleges approved by the national medical commission.
  • Foreign medical graduates (FMG) who have been approved by the NMC for the purpose of obtaining a license to practice medicine as a registered medical practitioner in India.
  • Any other individual holding a medical degree who intends to pursue academic courses, observerships, or other purposes as specified and approved by the NMC.

6. Are there any negative markings?

There is no negative marking in the NExT exam.

7. What is the cut-off for the NExT?

The minimum qualifying cutoff for the NExT step -1 will be set at 50%. Therefore, to pass the NExT Step-1 exam, the aspirant needs to get at least half of the highest possible raw score or 50 out of 100 marks. In each of the six subjects, they should score at least half of the highest raw score, or 50 out of 100 marks to pass the exam. The calculation of aspirants’ scores from all the times he/she took NExT Step-1 exam will be considered.

For example, let’s say you got passing marks in 2 subjects but failed in 4 subjects. You can retry the next NExT 1 exam, and if you get passing marks in the remaining 4 subjects, then you will be considered as having cleared the exam.

8. How can I prepare for the NExT exam?

Pre-PG has been updating and preparing its platform for NExT for the last 3 years. The app offers a wealth of features and provides extensive study material to clear the exam. Our practice tests are designed to precisely target new pattern questions. Pre-PG offers various other functionalities such as PrepDNA, revision tabs, unlimited and customizable mock tests, and 10,000+ NExT-focused flashcards among others. With the advanced filter option, you can access 26,000 NExT-focused questions and 21,000 clinical questions, enabling you to enhance your NExT prep significantly.

9. What if I fail the NExT exam?

If you aren’t able to clear NExT exam, you’ll not be able to proceed with your internship or complete the MBBS degree. However, you can reattempt it in the next exam cycle of NExT step 1.

10. What are the advantages of NExT?

A few benefits of NExT are-

  • The implementation of the NExT medical exam aims to establish a uniform and standardized education system across the country. This Pan-India exam will be mandatory for every state, ensuring consistency in the educational curriculum for medical studies. Moreover, it will play a crucial role in maintaining an equitable and consistent standard of medical education nationwide.
  • By introducing a single exit exam for all MBBS graduates, the government can effectively regulate the quality of medical professionals entering the workforce.
  • Previously, foreign MBBS graduates had to go through the MCI screening test (FMGE), which involved extensive paperwork. NExT will provide relief from that.
  • With the NExT exit exam, India is expected to align its medical regulations and advancements with international standards, fostering development and progress in the field of medicine.


In this article, we have tried to cover most of the frequently asked questions about NExT. But if you still have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comment section and our team will answer them for you.