Mega Jump in NEET PG Ranks with Pre-PG

Jump in NEET PG ranks

Dr. Trisha Roy Choudhury got a spectacular jump in the NEET PG 2022 rank securing an AIR-3700. This was an improvement in her rank of 40,000 in INICET in the last year.

Similarly, Dr. Priya had previously secured a rank of 42000 in NEET PG 2021. But this year, she attained a rank of AIR 605.

The same story is repeated by Dr. Pritam who secured a rank of 26,000 in INICET and got AIR 1611 in NEET PG 2022. That is a tremendous turnaround in his NEET PG result.

These are the stories of some Pre-PG users who had seen mega jumps in their ranks. In addition, we received messages and testimonials from thousands of our users who were earlier despondent about their NEET PG results but have shown massive improvements in ranks as soon as switched to Pre-PG.

So, what exactly changed for these users?

How did these NEET PG toppers who got ranks in the tens of thousands manage to pull off these jumps?

Do they have any “secret mantra” that you don’t know?

Well, here is the answer to the above questions!

Holy Grail For NEET PG Aspirants

Many NEET PG aspirants begin their journey by studying a subject, dedicating a fixed amount to each topic, and practicing some MCQs before moving on to the next topic. After that, they are confident enough to crack the exam at the end of the syllabus, only to see a dismal rank.

Where do you think they might have gone wrong?

The answer could be any one of the following:

a) Insufficient practice of NEET PG MCQs

b) Ignoring weaknesses and strengths

c) Last minute or no revision before the exam

d) Silly mistakes in the exam (marking easy questions wrong)

e) All of the above

And this is where the most trusted app for NEET PG prep comes in to rectify the mistakes that these aspirants have made in their previous attempts.

Pre-PG has been designed to give every user an edge over the competition. Besides providing every aspirant with the largest NEET PG Q-bank, clinical questions, previous year questions, video lectures, and flashcards; the app’s breakthrough analytics also helps you understand the weaknesses you should master to get your desired rank.

90% of the students fail to get their desired clinical branch and college in the first NEET PG attempt. Pre-PG app is a holistic app that gives detailed and vital feedback to NEET PG aspirants that is crucial to improving their ranks.

Read the whole blog to see how they used Pre-PG to make their comeback in the NEET PG exam.

Most Advanced and Unique Rank Improving Features

1. Pre-PG stats

Most NEET PG aspirants put effort into concepts either based on their liking or based on what they think their weak areas are.

By not carefully analyzing your topic-wise preparation, you can’t score well in your exam. Doctors who are serious about getting NEET PG ranks under 5000 understand that the best method to prepare is at the topic or concept level.

Understanding your topic/subject/ concept level preparation can help you develop the mental representations of interconnected concepts and will help you meticulously invest time.

Our app’s advanced AI (artificial intelligence), acts as your “personal coach” which monitors your progress and informs you of the hard truths about where you stand and what you should study.

It keeps a close eye on your performance and provides a detailed analysis of each subject and topic. PrepDNA is the only place where you will find these color-coded insights organized by topic. You generally know your strengths and limitations at a subject level but identifying strengths and weaknesses at the topic level gives you actual insight into what to prepare next.

NEET PG analysis
In-depth insights -Topic proficiencies grouped in subjects

All our users can see their subject level PrepDNA, but only our Premium users can access topic-level and sub-topic level PrepDNA. If you want to improve your rank, you should practice the weakest topics and start preparing by clicking on that topic on your PrepDNA chart.

This is the most valuable feature provided by no other NEET PG app. By narrowing down your weaknesses, you can focus to improve your ranks.

Smart, devoted doctors who ace the NEET PG exam always start with their weak topics and do not move on until they have improved.

2. Analyze progress with daily NEET PG mock tests

Most NEET PG aspirants complete the syllabus and take test series to become familiar with the NEET PG exam pattern. But there are rarely some who take their time out to analyze the results.

How do you know you are progressing or not if you have no means to track your progress?

Pre-PG provides daily tests with peer-to-peer ranks that helps you understand where you stand in the competition(as you’re improving so is your competition). Our daily tests stimulate exact NEET PG questions and patterns and can help you determine if you are improving or not. NEET PG aspirants who use our app utilize this feature to keep a pulse on their performance.

Daily Tests on Pre-PG

Pre-PG reveals your historical performance at a daily level. Accuracy of Readiness Index directly correlates with your accuracy on easy questions. Any number below 90% means you can’t totally rely on the readiness index. To get a rank under 10000 in NEET PG, you must get the easy and moderate questions right.

Toppers know that you ought to appear frequently in GTs and daily tests to maximize your score. After each test, sit down to analyze the mistakes with Pre-PG’s insights so that you do not make the same errors in the exam. Most of the toppers keep a track of their performance to determine if they are on the right path or not.

3. Deep Revision to eliminate mistakes

NEET PG aspirants who fail to clear the NEET PG exam make this common mistake – ignoring the questions that they have marked wrong before.

NEET PG exam cannot be cleared by reading the theory and practicing MCQs without considering the mistakes you are making. Reviewing the wrong questions before the exam can help in avoiding the same mistake you might make in the final exam. No topper can simply ignore the importance of revision during NEET PG preparation.

Pre-PG’s Deep Revision searches for MCQs that will help you improve your score the most by practicing. It prioritizes past errors, giving questions you answered incorrectly a long time ago. It also searches for patterns in your incorrect questions to help you figure out what you need to work on.

We studied and analyzed the results of doctors who used Deep Revision and discovered that regular users remarkably improved their NEET PG scores.

Dedicated and smart doctors recognize that improvement comes from learning why you make mistakes and redoing what you have done incorrectly on a frequent basis.

Helping You Make a Blockbuster Comeback

After a failed NEET PG attempt, it is usual to get disheartened or become upset. But rather than becoming demotivated, take it in your stride to improve your performance.

Since you have already completed your first study of the syllabus, it is now important that you bridge the gaps in your NEET PG preparation.

With the help of the Pre-PG app, you, too, can see a drastic transformation in your NEET PG performance. Take motivation from thousands of other aspirants who had come before you and used the app to improve their ranks. The app’s advanced features encompass every aspect of NEET PG preparation that you may require to get to the ranks of your dreams.

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