Biggest Reason To Choose Pre-PG Over Marrow

Strong matches in NEET PG 2021

How do you make a decision of joining any NEET-PG preparation platform? Do you go by their attractive marketing campaigns? Do you get taken in by their fallacious claims of getting the highest repeats? Or do you take the time out to research what makes it a great learning platform for the NEET PG exam?

Every year after the NEET PG exam, a rat race begins among various profit-hungry medical PG entrance coaching institutes. After the exam, they flood the social media with incredulous claims of getting the highest number of exam questions from their platform.

They post pictures of their arguments- questions, videos, explanations, class lectures-whatever they could get their hands on to claim that the question came from their platform.

With more than 700 hours of video content, lengthy explanations, and thousands of pages of notes, it is not a big deal if questions come from such a vast repository of information.

After all, the publisher of the medical books too can claim that 100 percent of questions came from their books!!

A NEET PG aspirant might get swayed by these tall claims and marketing gimmick. They then shell thousands of rupees on these online platforms, thinking they would achieve the same successful fate as the toppers.

But have you ever decided to dig deeper? Ever thought, how these coaching institutes and apps are making these laughable claims.

We decided to investigate it to prevent you from falling into such marketing tactics. For your sake, we are comparing Marrow Vs. Pre-PG. Why Marrow, you may ask? Well, this year Marrow claimed that 190 out of 200 NEET PG 2021 questions came from their Q-bank (Even claimed that 192/200 Questions came from their videos). They had even posted screenshots on their social media platform to convince NEET PG aspirants.

Well, we also claimed that 194 out of 200 questions asked in NEET PG 2021 were from Pre-PG’s question bank.

We posted a blog about the questions repeated this year from our platform and gave out the information about the exact question ids and when these questions were uploaded on Pre-PG to satisfy our critics. We also wanted to provide upcoming NEET PG aspirants a solid proof before they decide to purchase a subscription on Pre-PG.

On our platform, you could even see our users thanking us after finding so many direct repeats on the NEET PG 2021 exam day. Even our haters cannot challenge our truthful evidence and testimonials from thousands of our users.

So, who is exaggerating, and who is saying the truth? Read on to know more.

What is the Definition of Strike Rate?

Though strike rate is a term for cricket, many coaching institutes use it to emphasize the number of similar or identical questions from their online learning platform with the questions in the NEET PG exam.

We have categorized each question into four brackets.

If the MCQ questions and options provided by the learning platform are very much similar or identical to the actual questions asked in the exam, then we categorize the MCQ as a Strong Match. If the question is a bit different but the logic is the same, then we consider it as an Indirect Match. Next comes the answer in explanations, notes, or flashcards from where the question might come. Not present mean questions that are not there on the app.

But as the pioneer in the NEET PG preparation platform, we offer what we advertise to our students. If you are solving questions from our platform, then we provide claims about the questions asked from Pre-PG. You can read the blog here to verify our claims.

So, let’s get to the important part. Pre-PG has a strike rate of 97%, most of them being strong matches. Just by practicing questions from our platform, you could have easily solved 190 questions and got over 700 marks in NEET PG 2021.

Now, if you look at Marrow evidence(screenshots), they claimed majority of questions that in reality came from their explanations part. How likely are you going to recall these facts from the vast obscure information provided by them?

To access this question on Pre-PG, click here
To cross-check Marrow’s claims, click here

We have designed Pre-PG to help you do the right kind of practice for Medical PG exam preparation. With a Q-bank of 75,000 NEET PG questions, it is a small gap that can be filled to ace the NEET PG.

Whereas, there is no guarantee that you will be able to retain all the concepts mentioned in lengthy explanations or notes. Therefore, you should try deliberately practice as many NEET PG Questions on Pre-PG as you can.

In NEET PG 2021, Pre-PG had more than 2 times the number of Strong Matches than Marrow.

You will find many examples where Marrow even have claimed those questions where just a part of the diagram had some semblance with the actual NEET PG Question!!

To access this question on Pre-PG, click here
To cross-check Marrow’s claims, click here

So, how many actual questions really came from Marrow. You will be able to get a touch of reality from this Facebook album that Marrow shared about NEET PG 2021 repeats from their Q-bank. After the first 7 questions, you will find that most of their claimed questions are from the explanation part. Their marketing strategy is to put big numbers out there to present a false narrative about their Q-bank.

Moreover, in Marrow’s Facebook album, they have shared claims of just 174 Questions (not 190). If you look closely, they have repeated the same question multiple times, making the data look like 190 Questions.

Here is another example.

To access the above question on Pre-PG, click here
To cross-check Marrow’s claims, click here

Moreover, Pre-PG had around 65 indirect matches besides 128 strong question matches in NEET PG 2021. Sharing one such example.

NEET PG previous year questions

To access the above question on Pre-PG, click here
To cross-check Marrow’s claims, click here

No, don’t think as a tirade against any coaching institute. We have no qualms against coaching or online learning platforms. There are quality players in every field. But we support the ones who are at least honest with their claims.

It is better that you check the claims yourself. Check out Pre-PG’s complete list of repeats along with their time of upload, and verify the findings by accessing the exact question on Pre-PG. We strongly encourage you to go through this analysis to see for yourself how some institutes hogwash students. An intelligent NEET PG aspirant would carefully check out this analysis before being taken in by these misleading claims.

We Don’t Claim 200/200 NEET PG Questions were from Our Platform

Unlike some coaching institutes and test prep platforms, Pre-PG does not claim all the 200 questions asked in NEET PG 2021 were directly from our platform.

First, it is dishonest to make such high-end claims. Second, we know that the NBE (NEET PG test conducting agency) does not directly pick questions from any coaching materials.

We value our student’s time. Our topmost priority is to provide insights into a student’s NEET PG journey. We help you keep a track of your progress to ensure that you transform your weaknesses into strengths.

We help NEET PG aspirants in reducing their burden instead of increasing it. We provide the most relevant NEET PG modeled-based questions that aspirants can cover within the limited time frame they have before exams.

Regularly practicing such questions on Pre-PG increases your probability of clearing NEET PG since it is sufficient to score high marks. That’s why we put more focus on NEET PG questions than notes because we found that it is a fast way to learn and retain concepts.

Unlike studying from a digital version of the age-old learning method of books, our innovative revision techniques make it a breeze to retain all the knowledge learned on Pre-PG. It will continuously follow your preparation, observe patterns within the incorrect questions, and improve your performance by prioritizing all the mistakes made in the past.

Pre-PG: Steering You to the Pinnacle

Since we too make claims as the rest of the online platforms, how are we different, you ask? Here is the difference:

  • An exceptionally talented and dedicated team of subject matter experts.
  • Unique breakthrough technology- PrepDNA, which identifies your weakness & improves your score in the NEET PG exam, helping you achieve your maximum potential.
  • Largest pool of 75,000+ NEET PG MCQs, along with 23,000 Clinical Questions to test your fundamentals.
  • 30 years of NEET PG, AIIMS PG, JIPMER, PGI, NEET SS, FMGE previous year question papers, thus preparing you for all types of patterns and levels of difficulty, so you will be ready to face NEET PG 2022 in all eventualities.
  • Coverage for every topic and subject.
  • Comprehensive video lectures to build your foundation and strengthen your concepts.
  • Daily revision of mistakes to intensify your preparation.
  • Discussion forum to interact with your peers to clear your doubts and motivate each other.

We are all this and much more…

The Pre-PG NEXT NEET PG prep app is meant to empower and enable you to face the actual exam confidently. Our platform just does not provide questions to solve but gives you daily insights into your progress.

Pre-PG is not merely a NEET PG online test aggregator platform. We are a product disruptor in the field of online preparation. Our quantum leap data analytics has outclassed every NEET PG prep platform (and even some coaching institutes). We aim to give every NEET PG aspirant, sitting anywhere in the country, a chance to achieve their dream of becoming a specialized doctor without burning a hole in their pocket.


Pre-PG, which is a leader in online PGMEE preparation, has created confidence in thousands of NEET PG aspirants to clear the exam with effective practice and revision techniques. Another aspect that we would like to point out is the highest referral and repeated enrolment ratio in Pre-PG.

Sometimes, some users who miss the cut-off by some marks continue to use Pre-PG after realizing the value of our services. This, we have seen hundreds of times in the last 5 years, and it shows the trust users have placed in us.

We thank you for realizing that Pre-PG is different.

We thank you for trusting Pre-PG.

Together, we will continue to maintain our legacy. Together, we will continue to make you the specialized doctor you aspire to be.

Prepare with Pre-PG. Prepare as per our recommended method and we guarantee that you will succeed. All the best!