Story of Dr. Subhojit Ray, AIR 405 in NEET PG 2021

NEET PG Preparation Tips

You might have heard, “Hard work will always earn you success” innumerable times before. But to hear it repeatedly has resulted in dilution of its meaning. So, does that mean that you should stop listening to this advice altogether?

This is not merely a piece of advice or suggestion. Ask Dr. Subhojit Ray, who has cracked this year’s NEET PG exam with 648 marks. From NEET PG 2020 rank of 66,000 to AIR 405 in NEET PG 2021, he has come a long way.

After listening to his story, you may find that there are many instances where he fought back and never thought of giving up. From hardships, failures, and various obstacles, he just came back stronger.

This video describes the struggles of a NEET PG aspirant who introspected to find out his weaker areas and put in hard work to overcome his shortcomings in order to achieve an excellent rank in NEET PG. Inspiring and motivating stories like these push us to do better.

A Tough Start

Dr. Subhojit Ray did his MBBS from Calcutta National Medical College. He graduated from college in 2020 and gave the NEET PG 2020 exam but was disappointed with the result.

“In NEET PG 2020, I got a 6600 rank. It was a reality check for me as I realized that I was not fully prepared for the exam.”

Following the result, he started his comprehensive preparation for NEET PG 2021. He used to listen to video lectures and prepare handwritten notes from them as much as possible.

“After completing my syllabus, I sat for INI CET exam which got me a rank of 1418 . I gave the exam to check where I stand in my preparation for NEET PG 2021”.

Introduction to Pre-PG

Pre-PG was recommended to Dr. Subhojit by a friend who was already a huge fan of Pre-PG and thought that the app would help him in his NEET PG journey. In no time, Dr. Subhojit Ray also understood Pre-PG’s significance in NEET PG preparation.

“Other institutes also used to have a lot of tests. But the topics that were asked in INICET and NEET PG 2021, and the question pattern are very similar to tests in the Pre-PG platform. I used to give regular tests in the last 5 to 6 months, and it actually helped me a lot.”

Says, Dr. Subhojit Ray

The Lost Time

The practice of solving tests daily made Dr. Subhojit confident of his abilities to gain a good rank. But a tragedy struck. In the second covid wave, he fell to coronavirus infection. Due to Covid, he could not prepare for one and half months. The months that would have prepared him to get the best out of him were lost in regaining his health.

After the gap, he again sat for the INICET July 2021 exam and got a rank of 2259. With NEET PG coming closer, he had dropped in his ranking. But he did not lose confidence or gave up. He came into battle mode to fight for his seat in the NEET PG exam 2021.

“I used to give Pre-PG test every day. I used rank in between 1-100.”

He is particularly grateful to the weekly grand test on Pre-PG because the topics and question pattern were remarkably similar to what he found in NEET PG 2021 exam.

“While giving NEET PG 2021, I felt like I was giving the same paper from Pre-PG platform from the comfort of my home”.

NEET PG mock tests on Pre-PG are designed keeping in mind the actual exam. In 2021, 179 out 200 NEET PG 2021 questions were directly asked from Pre-PG’s question bank. When you solve these tests, it gives you an idea about the kind of questions that can be expected on the exam day.

Dr. Subhojit emphasizes the importance of solving a mock test to familiarise yourself with the syllabus, pattern, and difficulty level of the actual Medical PG exam.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Dr. Subhojit Ray explains his NEET PG strategy in detail, but he does not believe that everyone should follow the same. Instead, he goes by the motto of trial and error. NEET PG aspirants should try various strategies and customize them to suit them.

Dr. Subhojit had begun his preparation by focusing on foundation and pre-foundation subjects. According to him, if an aspirant has a basic understanding of all the subjects, then it becomes easier for the advanced subjects.

The unique thing about his NEET PG preparation was his habit of note-making in an interdisciplinary way. Since many topics in the NBE NEET PG syllabus are interconnected, related to each other, or are built upon each other, he clubbed those topics together to gain a clear understanding of those topics. He also created handwritten notes, so as to have everything in one place when the time came for revision.

Learning From Your Mistakes

Solving the NEET PG mock tests and daily tests will help you know how the actual Medical PG entrance exam will be. Dr. Subhojit Ray solved his questions sincerely by keeping a track of the time. This strategy helped him in managing time and speed.

“The complete analysis of the test and the MCQs on the Pre-PG platform helped me a lot. They had two columns of analysis. One was of easy questions, medium, and hard questions. And another one of the subjects. Whenever you will give a grand test, you will get a proper analysis of your standpoint and that helped me a lot as it gave me an idea about the subjects and topics on which I have to work upon for further benefit.”

says, Dr. Subhojit Ray

A NEET PG aspirant should analyze his/her performance daily and keep track of the progress. Evaluation of your test can help you make the necessary changes in learning strategies to avoid the same mistakes in the actual examination.

Dr. Subhojit Ray mentioned that besides practicing questions, he gained a lot from the revision features of Pre-PG. He said that after every test, he would analyze the mistakes he was making, bookmarked those wrong questions, and revised them later to fix those mistakes.

A NEET PG aspirant should analyze his or her mistake and think about what they could do to prevent it from happening again. This continuous revision will bring out the best from you in the actual exam.

Dr. Subhojit’s story is inspirational enough to lakhs of NEET PG aspirants. His focus, hard work, and dedication pushed him beyond the ordinary. Pre-PG is proud to have students like him.