Success Story of Dr. Trisha Roy Choudhary, AIR 3700 in NEET PG 2022

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Beginning early is the first step to a prosperous future for most successful people. So, whether you are a sportsperson or a NEET PG aspirant, if you have a dream and the motivation to make it come true, start as soon as you can. 

Every year, thousands of students take the NEET PG exam, but relatively few of them succeed. If you too, want to ace the NEET PG exam, starting early is the vital key to acing this exam. 

Take the case of Dr. Trisha, who embarked on her NEET PG journey during her internship. She secured a rank of AIR 3700 in NEET PG with hard work and commitment. Read her inspirational NEET PG journey to motivate yourself.  

The NEET PG 2022 Initial Journey  

Dr. Trisha Roy Choudhary completed her MBBS from Bankura Sammilani Medical College. She started preparing for NEET PG during her internship and had already completed her first revision by August 2021.  

After that, she began her second revision in a calibrated manner because she wanted to focus on clinical subjects.

You can’t stop being terrified by clinically focused queries until you start preparing for them. Your practical and analytical skills will be put to the test. The majority of the questions will be application, image, or diagnosis-based. Clinical questions are quite scoring and therefore, NEET PG aspirants shouldn’t ignore applied subjects.   

While she was amid her second revision, she gave the Nov INICET exam, where she secured a rank of 11000. That was a very big boost for her because, in the July INICET exam, she secured a rank of 40,000. She credits her success in the INICET November exam to solving a large number of year question papers.  

She proclaims that she learned about Pre-PG late in her NEET PG journey. She regrets that had she known about this app for NEET PG sooner, she might have secured a higher rank.  

The best thing about the Pre-PG exam is that questions are very new. From the old topics, you get new type of questions, and when you get them correct, it is a different type of happiness altogether.

Says Dr. Trisha

The rising curve and daily progress on Pre-PG also ensured her that she was going in the right direction.  

According to her, Pre-PG GTs are set up to simulate an actual test for pupils. Initially, while solving the GTs, her rank was not up to par, but this didn’t demotivate her. She explains that she always knew she would do better and bounce higher back.

“I owe a lot to the Pre-PG because it helped me overcome the fear of those subjects in which I was very poor, and I knew I had to make them my strong points. Because in NEET PG, every question is equally important”.  

She also solved the image-based NEET PG clinical questions on Pre-PG which closely simulates the real NEET PG 2022 image-based questions. Read how Pre-PG had the highest strike rate of 97% in NEET PG 2022.

Final NEET PG Preparation  

NEET PG aspirants should identify the types of problems they have historically found the most challenging. They should create a manageable problem set of only those problems, analyze them, and revise them for higher recall.  

Ten days before the NEET PG 2022 exam, Dr. Trisha created a diagram of 20 important topics in which she felt she was weak. She made it a point to revise these 20 volatile topics every day so that they do not remain a weakness for her. She maintained a separate notebook to revise classifications, scoring systems, and topics around covid. Compilation and creating concise notes for quick revision is a key point to scoring higher in NEET PG.  

Using the deep revision feature of Pre-PG in the last days of her revision, revised all the past year’s questions and image-based questions, and questions in which she had erred so that she would not make the same mistake in the final exam.  

Revision feature on Pre-PG : Daily, Deep and Bookmarks Revision

Dr. Trisha advises that NEET PG aspirants should begin their journey early and focus on improving their mistakes so that if they encounter similar questions, they answer them correctly. Pre-PG is extremely proud to be a part of her preparation journey. Our purpose in sharing these stories is that they continue to encourage you to keep striving towards your dreams, and keep you believing that nothing is possible.