What’s NExT For FMGE | MBBS Exit Test for Foreign Graduates

Dearth of MBBS seats along with a stringent and difficult process to get admissions in Indian Medical Colleges forces many aspiring Indian students to explore learning opportunities abroad. The current system allows the aspiring young doctors to pursue MBBS courses from foreign universities abroad as well. After earning their degrees, in case these students wish to practice in India, they are required to qualify the Graduate Examination by NBE i.e. FMGE.  

Who are eligible for NEXT? 

By 2022, the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination will be replaced by National Exit Test, also known as NExT. This Exit test will not only replace the current NEET PG medical exam but will also serve as a screening test for foreign and Indian medical graduates to get a license to practice medicine in India. 

Clearing NExT Exit test is mandatory for all doctors who have earned their MBBS degree from a foreign country. Those who earn their PG degrees from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US are exempted from FMGE. However, whether the same exception will be applicable for NEXT or not, is yet to be confirmed. 

What are the major changes? 

Unlike the last pattern which comprised of a single MCQ based exam, NExT MBBS test will thoroughly check the practical efficacy of students. National Exit Test will comprise of two parts. NEXT-1 will be an All India Online Concurrent Exam which will be conducted in the time span of 3 days. The number of subjects is comparatively lower this time and more important will be given to clinical-based questions. 

You can check the detailed exam pattern and syllabus of NExT from here

This part will be administered in fourth year-end to release the students from the additional burden to prepare for a separate competitive exam at the end of their respective residency period. 

NEXT Part-2 will be a practical exam which will happen after the completion of internship tenure. 

This Exit Test tends to bring uniformity amongst Indian and foreign medical graduates as the same screening test will be applicable to both to get the mandatory license. Moreover, this single entrance exam will also be oriented to minimize the hassle and additional paperwork for the foreign graduates. 

How is it going to improve the quality of medical education? 

With NEXT, NBE focusses to limit the illegal practices by many under-qualified doctors and produce more skillful doctors in the upcoming years.  

The meticulous testing is aimed to evaluate practical and professional knowledge of doctors at the end of their training. Since the focus will be now given to clinical and application skills, the National Exit Test will also prove to be a great help to put a full stop on culture of rote learning. 

How can you embrace the NExT? 

Preparing for PG medical exams has always been a matter of concern for Indian doctors who have been studying foreign universities. Many of our users who have cracked FMGE using Pre-PG Prep have shared that there are many limited sources to prepare for an exam like FMGE.  Lack of acquaintance and study material adversely affects their chances to qualify the exam

But just as the digital era is changing the way we handle medical care, it is also revamping the ways we prepare for competitive exams. High-quality educational opportunities are now available at the mere swipe of a smart screen. 

Apart from the preparation of PG medical exams like FMGE, Pre-PG Prep has also updated itself to help students prepare better of NExT. Some of the recent changes are – 

  1. Introduction of Daily Clinical Tests 
  1. Updated PrepDNA to find weaknesses as per the latest NExT Pattern 
  1. NExT Focused Flashcards 
  1. More than 25K NExT-Standard MCQs by Dec 2020 

All foreign medical Indian graduates are required to pass National Exit Test (NEXT) from 2022 and beyond to prove their qualifications, get licence to practice as medical practitioners in India and to get enrolled in the State or National Register. The stakes are no doubt, pretty high this time. But if you ignore some minor cons, there is no doubt in the fact that foreign medical graduates are most benefitted with the introduction of this common exit exam.  

Make sure as you attempt to grow and equip yourself in this new marketplace, don’t forget to bring your zeal and enthusiasm to the learning table as well.