Success Story of Dr. Priya Chakraborty, AIR 605 in NEET PG 2022

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Sometimes, one small thing like “believing in yourself”—can make a difference between success and failure. Have you ever considered how much your level of success might be affected by your ability to believe in yourself?   

If you don’t honestly believe that you can accomplish something, you won’t put out your best effort, and without this, your chances of succeeding in your goal are significantly decreased.  

Pre-PG presents the story of Dr. Priya Chakraborty, who faced self-doubts and anxiety during her NEET PG 2022 prep. But she faced her fears and went from securing a rank of 42000 in NEET PG 2021 to AIR 605 in NEET PG 2022.   

NEET PG Initial Journey   

Dr. Priya Chakraborty is from Kolkata and did her UG at Gautama Medical College and Hospital. She joined a NEET PG coaching institute during her third year. At that time, she had no idea about the NEET PG prep and therefore relied on creating notes. Since she had started early, her notes were already in place during her internship.   

As a student at a peripheral college, it was difficult for her to prepare for NEET PG because she had very hectic and intense internship duties. Therefore, she focused on preparing NEET PG from her home. She started by reading her entire set of notes during the first six months.   

She also started practising NEET PG questions and giving GT tests. But when the time came for NEET PG 2021, she was not confident about the exam because she still had to study her short subjects. As a result, she secured a rank of 42,000 in NEET PG 2021.   

Pre-PG: The Game Changer  

After the results, she became depressed because she was confused about her study strategy, and the time was running out for the following year. She started using Pre-PG app after one of her friends suggested about the same. After two months of solving the NEET PG MCQs, GTs, and daily tests in the app, she appeared for INICET 2021. She got a rank of 5000 in INICET 2021 exam.   

She knew this rank would not give her any clinical branch, but she was still happy and satisfied because she had significantly improved. This boosted her confidence, and she continued her preparation.   

By December, she had completed her second set of revisions. She was simultaneously giving GTs and solving daily tests in the Pre-PG app to gauge her preparation level.   

“One of the best things about this app is that they give a clear picture of your improvement. The app would plot a graph based on your practice and scorecard and would give you a readiness index. It also helps you to know your weaker areas where you can spend comparatively more time.”  

Says Dr. Priya

According to her, revision aids in remembering the specifics of the subject you have studied. In addition, NEET PG aspirants who review the material are more confident while attempting any related exam questions.   

Learning from your mistakes and knowing how to improve them is crucial to NEET PG’s success.  

“Pre-PG helped me in this main aspect. For each of my wrong attempts, the app would repeat questions until I corrected them. So, I focused more on my wrong attempts, read their explanations, and added them in my main notes”.   

Says Dr. Priya

NEET PG 2022 Final Preparation  

Dr. Priya continued with her strategy till May 2022, but just before the INICET exam, she couldn’t study for 5-6 days due to personal reasons. This hindrance resulted in a rank of 3900 in the exam.   

She was disappointed with the results but eventually build her confidence and belief. Dr. Priya’s biggest weakness was anxiety and self-doubt, so she worked hard to eliminate them. She did some meditation sessions to build her lost confidence.   

The night before the NEET PG 2022 exam, she kept her head clear and revised some of the volatile topics from the NEET PG syllabus. While giving the final exam, she found the paper easy to moderate but slightly trickier.   

“Thanks to the Pre-PG app, I was easily able to exclude the options.

MCQ solving is a skill, and Pre-PG helped me acquire it with their daily tests and their GTs. I will always remain thankful to Pre-PG. Their questions very much stimulate the main exam. Their readiness index was so accurate for me. They you know your weaker areas and your stronger areas. And most importantly, they make you revise your mistakes.”   

Dr. Priya advises NEET PG aspirants to believe in themselves. Having confidence in your abilities can drastically affect your performance. When you have confidence in yourself, you may overcome self-doubt and have the courage to act and accomplish your goals.