88% of NEET MDS 2021 Questions were from PULP

National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducted the NEET MDS 2021 exam in a single day & in a single session on 16th December 2020. NEET MDS 2021 comprised of 240 MCQs that students were supposed to answer in an allocated time of 3 hours. 

Just like every year, this dental PG exam has once again set off a rat race among various coaching institutes, which flooded the social media with various posts confidently claiming that many of the exam questions were from their notes or modules. 

Direct Repeats from PULP

It has been just a few months since we have launched PULP-NEET MDS Prep and we have received an overwhelming response from all the users. 

We received tons of ‘thank you’ emails in which many MDS aspirants mentioned how our question bank was a game-changer in their last-minute preparations as many of the questions in NEET MDS 2021 were direct repeats from PULP. And we are glad to share that 88% of NEET MDS 2021 questions were from PULP, most of them being an exact repeat. Our subject matter experts have consolidated data to present an accurate picture of this analysis. We have added relevant links as well so that you can cross-check these findings all by yourself. 

In the example below, Q.1 of one of the sets of NEET MDS 2021 paper was an exact match from our question bank.  

To access this exact question on PULP, click here

NEET MDS 2021 Exact Match From PULP


Another question from Part B which was an exact repeat from PULP – NEET MDS Prep app. 

To access this exact question on PULP, click here

NEET MDS 2021 Exact Match From PULP

There are some other insights that we felt worth sharing. 

Dominance of Clinical Questions 

This NEET MDS observed many clinical and application-based questions. Both Part A and Part B of NEET MDS 2021 had these clinical questions which baffled most of the students. PULP has always paid emphasis on the latest pattern changes in dental PG preparation. On PULP, you will find a filter “Recent year Questions” which allows you to specifically practice questions from the latest previous year’s papers. Those who practiced on PULP were easily able to sail through these questions while others found them more testing and time-consuming. Both the sections also had a considerable number of image-based questions which could have been easily solved if you had the good application and clinical skills.  

Importance of Explanations 

Practicing as per the latest changes in MDS paper should be your utmost priority but besides this do not forget to read the explanations where your concepts are not strong enough, even if you get that MCQ right while practicing. Rote learning has become a thing of the past. Don’t try to mug-up. Instead, conceptualize MCQs with explained solutions given on PULP to get an edge over the competition. 

As more and more students are participating in NEET MDS, competition is certainly going to get stiffer in the upcoming years. Try to make complete utilization of the clinically-oriented and image-based questions available inside every subject on PULP. Regularly appear in daily mock tests and simulate tests to get a better grip on the time.

Checkout the other questions yourself. 

Cross-check the findings yourself by accessing the exact question id on PULP and matching the same with the NEET MDS 2021 Question Paper.  

Question in NEET MDS 2021Question in PULP – Exact Match
Which of the following has least shelf lifehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/9b2228e9-f707-456d-aebd-6ff196c93597
To view the zygomatic arches, the following projection is very commonly usedhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/6878c7b9-9020-46bc-ae98-c3d7ac91c820
Ig predominant in saliva ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/aaeb8b09-b005-4901-b83a-1b2bf8459983
Liquefaction necrosis is commonly seen inhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/5cd7675f-0069-4ab4-9c37-1dc38041d600
The knife used for gingivectomy ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/818a4525-c6b8-4db8-823b-b4713b71a9bf
Supernumerary tooth formation occurs during which stage of tooth formationhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/bfdb1d3c-b7f7-4a6a-addc-5fd9f2924b56
Dentin bonding agents usually containhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/b8683f98-dddf-4e62-baf0-902e127e2c59
The sound which is most affected in patients with class III malocclusion ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/554bf3ab-14f6-45e4-bbbe-90c23397bdc6
A patient of known valvular disease requires dental extraction. What should be the pretreatment prophylaxishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/29a6b457-ffaf-49ea-840f-70a204d0844b
Cleft lip is due to non-union ofhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/0ed0f52a-f30c-42fa-86a4-7a5777ed10c3
Diabetic patient with cellulitis developed vancomycin resistant staph aureus. What is the drug of choicehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/fd2c2a6a-59a4-4eb2-94ac-4f4be66c0a13
Noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressantshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/3b7d19e7-0c2d-4c4d-9b3e-476b61d815da
The parotid malignancy which shows perineural spread ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/0f618724-d048-4a52-a4e9-49b3a10a8573
The thyroglossal cyst is an example ofhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/57810aff-47b3-4b31-ab8e-4da7acee4672
Gubernacular canals guide the eruption of which of the followinghttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/b2c82f3f-7b33-479e-9bec-42c92feacb4e
While extracting the tooth in an AIDS patient, dentist gets needle stick injury. Treatment option for dentist ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/319a1869-3e2b-4076-9072-96195fffd73c
Which is the first change to occur after the nerve is cuthttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/b4b05dfa-6182-4445-8da9-7b5aa4d502b0
Dental profiling is also referred ashttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/39ef24a2-0c73-4ed8-80b2-a43e2d248215
What is true about Neuropraxiahttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/4fdd16fc-f7fb-402d-b86c-4fa6392dcdb2
The drug that has no use in acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/d0df6985-5b4b-4283-be68-f3a79449012d
Which instrument is helpful in making radicular access after entryhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/0f5403db-95b9-4f52-b8ad-99fec8cdfa95
Double retraction cord technique is specially used forhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/ab492cfe-efba-47c3-9af6-cfd279b07edf
Gene of P. Gingivalis fimbriae is?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/8a04733c-f186-4b4d-b702-0acf49378d10
Identify the following myofunctional appliancehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/462e833a-076d-48bb-a016-8541e49341c9
Metronidazole is effective in the management of which of the following diseaseshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/216d03c8-3573-4e10-95be-bb7c5769190e
Fever, clubbing and Osler’s nodes mainly occur in _______?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/08309946-ff44-458c-bea0-c25517caa644
Wernicke’s Korsakoff psychosis is due to the deficiency ofhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/f302bb69-51b6-4d7a-a2d7-b77c43087ff1
Contaminated wound in gas gangrene is treated byhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/b945cd0c-9d1e-4a96-822a-c191fcd4c6e6
18/8 SS wire ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/924b29ab-08cc-4670-9d9f-94f087f7bf99
All of the following is true about chronic alveolar abscess excepthttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/642f35f0-9e55-40c5-ac2c-3253d0669baa
Merkel cells are found in which of the following tissueshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/ebc48b8f-dfd7-4994-9878-c4885f874b1a
The strength of gypsum investment depends onhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/54108b90-fed1-4c9c-8438-93c56735cf01
When an interim obturator planned in a case of maxillary surgery, it is givenhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/d7662c26-bac6-4ef8-b0dc-e8dd851301ae
Champagne bubble test is related to _______https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/cbee1ecd-3498-4474-882d-2c97ec6d42e9
The surgery for correction of Cleft lip is done athttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/34e4e8a7-8c59-4526-89c3-ae18e85c83d9
According to WHO modifications of DMF index 1987, a molar filled with temporary restoration is classified ashttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/b00a2a20-6360-41b4-a8f5-27b60d3b5d86
The insulin indicated in diabetic ketoacidosis ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/29ecd1bf-81e9-4846-8127-964e07a4f2f6
________ test is used to differentiate Mycobacterium tuberculosis from atypical mycobacteriahttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/5bf1764f-7abe-45e8-8224-a404d5022a8c
The plexus of Rashkow is present in which zone of the pulp.https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/7672d169-c5ba-4f66-a417-4ef43f74cee7
Which among the following is the material used in the maxillofacial prosthesishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/1708036f-059d-4443-b52f-1e25c98c532d
A child behaves inappropriately during his dental visit. In response, the dentist sends the mother outside the operatory. This kind of behavior management is termed ashttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/d5652862-d0b3-45c4-9d7b-96dd094129b9
Noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressants (NaSSAs):https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/3b7d19e7-0c2d-4c4d-9b3e-476b61d815da
Hair-on-end appearance in a skull roentgenogram is seen in which of the followinghttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/a5b8f5d7-e68c-43ab-bf7d-5e2bc71fc1e2
Gubernacular canals guide the eruption of which of the followinghttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/b2c82f3f-7b33-479e-9bec-42c92feacb4e
What will be the treatment plan of a patient who is diagnosed with oral cancer of stage T3N2M0https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/ec6fa79f-0aee-406a-9466-96ac7797971d
Which of the following is a histopathologic feature of lichen planushttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/dd62d544-7039-4366-92dd-5f117350121c
A cold nodule in thyroid scintiscan indicates ______?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/26368dfa-470a-4c0d-b53b-937da641d3bb
According to Misch bone density classification, bone density found in anterior mandiblehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/93d48517-73ab-4a61-8f17-c1550d016ff4
Which of the following burs remove only infected dentin and not affected dentinhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/c6a3841a-a851-4961-b6f8-38510dfd977a
Which of the following is true about the attached gingivahttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/5388fe46-afab-47cb-ba64-3c40cc9ee4a7
The most common tumour of the salivary gland ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/916bc6d9-5899-4206-8665-adabc3e60daf
Which is a disadvantage of fixed functional appliance like Herbsthttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/7b1fdfa7-be21-4628-955b-28a5fe72cd06
Which is non characteristic of Eagle’s syndromehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/816d823f-f025-4057-a2b1-00244114fe96
What is the objective in bevelling the functional cusps in the preparation of posterior cast crowns?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/0278f445-e752-418c-aadf-2d7b4efb4279
In a patient with Bilateral TMJ ankylosis and severe retrognathia which is the best way of Intubationhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/c6a3841a-a851-4961-b6f8-38510dfd977a
Resistance to corrosion in a cobalt-chromium casting is due to presence ofhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/f134aa24-a9d4-41eb-98e1-742f094f9437
Management of odontogenic keratocyst involveshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/37bf6c7a-a27a-48a5-9d98-5d48e8b3adf4
If Mf is counter moment & Mf the force, Mc/Mf=0, type of orthodontic tooth movementhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/4b4acc34-e1d1-4a78-9e3b-7f2829c7a2d9
Early plaque of heavy calculus former contains morehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/ebe39476-594d-4ba9-a625-d494b3d7efcd
Which of the following is true about materia albahttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/c0b9b34b-f74f-4c60-93b6-0485faf8c35a
The radiographic projection most useful in examining the sialoliths of submandibular duct ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/130c3730-703a-4f19-ad89-c5b7b745b778
Which of the following is the most likely nevus to turn malignanthttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/ae6f6bf7-e73d-4a88-a35a-5ecb72028fe4
Which of the following is best use to view ankylosis of TMJhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/c2a4112a-8c66-4c98-aa27-1caffb63d4d6
The liver is divided intohttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/f9a6b486-a61c-4c2b-94f3-17ebe01df4f3
Non-resident foreign dental practitioners having dental qualification are eligible to become __________ members of IDAhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/f8384920-2216-4ac8-aff9-b5c96f4cccb6
The following is used to determine if a statistically significant difference exists between observed frequency and expected frequency, which is tested byhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/096dc7c1-7052-4f79-8205-5e96486cb837
Gout is s disorder of:https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/36484af1-d5bf-4439-9b34-07bde018dd9d
Ulceration of the palate in a poorly controlled diabetic patient on biopsy showed PAS +ve organism invading arteries and causing thrombosis. The most likely diagnosis ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/825ebdec-0ae2-4443-b470-f6b21c81f042
Which of the following do not appear as radiolucenthttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/306a47db-e89e-47cc-83f6-1be11001d43d
Which of the following processes is involved in conversion of DNA to RNAhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/dcc1c767-f08f-46e2-bb4d-c62c4416955f
Myoepithelial cells are present in which of the followinghttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/901ccee5-64c4-4715-b8b0-1dfbe1683572
According to the hierarchy of evidence for scientific literature, Randomized Control Trials arehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/8adc8bad-939c-45ae-86fb-85f1913e13bb
What is the optimum temperature for brazinghttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/1ee62cc6-0992-4e03-8936-c0f182dedeaf
What is the age of the child based on the given imagehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/6fa5636c-8375-4a58-99f1-fed0ac55f645
A 32 year old lady having palpable left supraclavicular lymph nodes revealed acidophilic double nuclei “owl’s eye” appearance of lymph nodes on histopathologic examination with CD 15 and CD 30 positivity on immunochemistry. What is the most probable diagnosis?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/4dfae3ae-12a9-4ff8-bc41-1a3c39b1ed18
Pathologic calcification is seen in which of the followinghttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/ed1c999f-4eaf-4052-b624-9029a88ec7e4
Stimulation of chemoreceptors causeshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/28ad02da-3603-4bb2-b6bc-81801f7d2a35
Novel acidic non-amelogenin enamel protein responsible for hydroxyapatite formationhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/77af7b51-a3d5-4cc6-be6f-73fb00c2f3c3
Which is the first direction of force to be applied when a forcep is engaged for extraction of toothhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/5d6eae99-e6e7-4aba-be62-98074487e630
According to Merin classification, the recall interval for Class B patients ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/0461c7cd-cefc-483d-8e99-492a1dc34499
The continuous band of muscles constituting buccinator mechanism is anchored athttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/3c848c18-f522-49b0-a9f9-fe0752a1779b
Electroplating is done by passing an electric current through an electrolyte, What is the electrolytic bath used by the Silver plated dyeshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/f4ab4af4-a5a8-46b7-ac66-1831d1cb80c8
In respect to the gingiva where should the finish line for a complete coverage crown be preparedhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/0bb4bbd1-aa8d-48dc-a576-cde098efd67f
Which of the following immunoglobulin reacts with soluble antigen in serological assayshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/33071f88-d6e4-4f82-939d-d7846de8ba38
Linear depression on a tooth surfacehttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/663ba9dc-9864-4f68-856d-06725afb2878
A patient with a history of excessive thirst, hunger micturition during nights and recent loosening of teeth indicates the patient is suffering from:?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/4a8aefd9-4d4b-4816-a7e2-c7f03187b552
Which of the following keratin polypeptides are present in the junctional epithelium but absent in keratinized epitheliumhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/6c3cf8af-4cf1-481b-93d9-a5092a59f99e
IOPA image of a 10-year old boy with injury to 11 with pulp exposure reported to a dentist. The ideal treatment plan ishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/13d73524-012c-4d32-aec5-3402781087c5
Number of lobes from which a mandibular second premolar developshttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/c29697e7-748d-44e2-8443-e77616b1f0f7
The root canal irrigant used during shaping and cleaning, which also remove the smear layer is _________https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/08a0ce31-b078-42ae-b0f6-8369c5851010
An acute apical abscess usually occurs due tohttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/c9ff61f1-80d4-4c21-a980-b306611c4c68
Radiographic examination of a child reveals several missing primary and permanent teeth. No teeth have been extracted. Medical history indicates practically no perspiration during hot, summer months. These facts suggest a preliminary diagnosis of?https://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/a9fb8a2e-632f-4f11-a433-aa834ee57f63
Bifid ribs, multiple radiolucent lesion of the jaw, multiple basal cell nevi, and falx cerebri calcification are found inhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/45bb48fc-861c-4197-8d3c-d942585075b6
A 11 year old child comes to the clinic with a history of long-term use of tetracycline. The maxillary anterior teeth are a mild yellowish brown. Which method is used to remove the stainhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/80ede17e-7510-4879-93e3-28cd648f6f51
Which of the following is the oral lesions associated with ulcerative colitishttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/e542649d-1404-4421-9231-10ae4d757238
What are intermaxillary elastics used forhttps://pulp.mcqdb.com/#questionpage/5930507d-90f4-4c3f-af92-c4ecd15bff80