Build your Workout: Create Unlimited Mock Tests for NEET MDS

Create unlimited NEET MDS mock tests with PULP's build your workout

In the pursuit of success in NEET MDS, every aspiring dentist yearns for the pinnacle of achievement—a remarkable score. Yet, it’s disheartening to witness countless dental PG students falling short of their expectations, despite their tireless efforts. One glaring factor that frequently contributes to this unfortunate outcome is the inadequate practice of solving mock tests. Ironically, even if you have solved a plethora of practice questions, you can still get low scores on the final exam.

You need to push your boundaries by practicing a range of difficulty levels for every subject. Customizing your tests with easy, moderate, or mind-bendingly challenging questions for multiple topics, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey of growth and mastery.

You don’t need to scratch your head to find a solution for this as we have one!

PULP’s innovative “Build Your Workout” feature. It empowers NEET MDS aspirants to create unlimited mock tests that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Below, we explore how this feature transforms the way you prepare for the NEET MDS.

1. Personalization at its best

Unlike generic study materials, PULP understands that each NEET MDS aspirant is unique. With the “Build Your Workout” feature, you have the freedom to customize your mock tests according to your strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. You can select multiple subjects, topics, and sub-topics while creating any test. You can also choose to practice the subjects recommended by Effort DNA AI to practice from the areas that need more attention. By focusing on the areas that require extra attention, you can optimize your study sessions and enhance your chances of success.

neet mds mock tests
Create tests from subjects suggested by Effort DNA AI

2. Tailor-made difficulty levels

Preparing for the dental MDS exam involves mastering different levels of difficulty. PULP acknowledges this and offers a range of difficulty levels for each topic. Our filter allows you to define your practice session in 5 parameters – Very easy, easy, normal, difficult, and very difficult. Whether you want to start with easier questions to build a strong foundation or choose a higher difficulty level to challenge yourself, this incredible feature provides the flexibility you need to grow and excel.

NEET MDS PG questions
Customize the difficulty level of the test

3. Real NEET MDS exam simulation

The dental medical exam is a time-bound assessment, and time management is crucial for success. With the “Build Your Workout“, you can allocate a specific time limit and hand-pick the number of questions for your simulated test. By setting the duration limit and the number of questions, you sharpen your exam-taking abilities, train your mind to think fast, and become better equipped to tackle the stress of the actual exam.

Define Question Count & Test Length

4. Adaptive filters to build your skills

After selecting the subjects, difficulty level, time, and question limit, you can apply our advanced filters to curate tests that cater to your specific needs. You can create a mock compromising just of clinical questions, image questions, previous year questions, high-yield questions, or questions from a particular exam. Review your answers, track your progress over time, and focus on areas that require improvement. This data-driven approach empowers you to optimize your study plan and strategize accordingly.

dental MDS Prep Tips
Image-based questions only filter on PULP

5. Unleash creativity through randomization

Embrace the joy of unexpectedness with our app’s element of surprise feature. Just as an artist mixes colors on a palette, our platform injects a sense of unpredictability into your mock exams. Each time you create a workout, questions and answer choices are dynamically reshuffled, simulating the excitement and challenges of the real NEET MDS exam. Enhance your adaptability and critical thinking skills as you navigate through a unique, creative journey with PULP.

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Select subjects and topics of your choice


PULP’s “Build Your Workout” feature revolutionizes the way NEET MDS aspirants prepare for their exams. Embrace the creative freedom it offers, personalize your study sessions, and witness your skills and knowledge soar to new heights. Design tailored mock tests and after every practice test, do a comprehensive performance analysis through PrepDNA to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to fine-tune your prep strategy and allocate more time to areas that require improvement.

Don’t overthink! Take control of your NEET MDS prep with PULP today and increase your possibility of coming in as the top scorer in the dental PG medical exam.