How can you prepare for NEET MDS with PULP

Admissions to almost all the PG dental colleges and universities offering an MDS degree are thorough NEET MDS. With more than 14 subjects and 400 topics, the vast syllabus of NEET PG MDS Dental exam discourages the students at first glance. This causes many PG Dental aspirants to lose track of their MDS preparation and many even opt-out to attempt this exam. We have launched ‘PULP – NEET MDS Prep’ app to help each student puts his best foot forward and opt for a correct approach. Here is how you can utilize PULP during your preparation phase to give your best shot at NEET MDS PG dental exam. 

Largest Collection of Dental PG MCQs – 25,000+ 

NEET MDS is an objective type test; the preparation for this PG dental exam should also focus to decipher the strategy to solve most of these questions in the given exam time. Apart from building the concepts, you should also decode the semantics of solving MCQs. This is only be achieved by rigorous practice. PULP App has more than 25,000 authentic MCQs to help you understand not just the latest NEET MDS exam pattern but also other PG dental exams like AIIMS MDS, PGI, JIPMER, etc. On Pulp – NEET MDS Prep App, you can dive into topic-wise practice, get access to previous year papers, and even decide your difficulty help during practice workout. 

Free NEET MDS Practice Questions

PrepDNA – Discover and work on your weakest areas 

Cracking NEET PG MDS is not just practicing MCQs. You also need to equip yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, and the topics which require major attention. Our breakthrough analytics platform PrepDNA uses AI to analyze your performance and highlights the topics where you can lose marks. With Pulp’s PrepDNA, you can dive deeper to practice these weak links and improve your performance in upcoming practice sessions.

How to prepare for NEET MDS

Unlimited Customized tests – Build your test taking muscle 

Out of all the things, solving NEET MDS paper in the given time is the most important part of your preparation. Our free daily MDS focused tests on Pulp simulate the MDS test pattern and unlimited customized tests give you multiple shots to build your test-taking muscle. Solving mock tests will improve your speed and time, but the accuracy will improve only when you thoroughly analyze the results of the mock tests. Our detailed analytics will reveal where you currently stand among other aspirants and help you chart down your daily progress.

Free NEET MDS Daily tests


Regular Revision – Improve on previous mistakes and bookmarked questions  

NEET MDS has a wide syllabus and a lot to cover within limited preparation time. To be able to recollect these facts on exam day, it’s important that you retain them with effective revision. PULP has a dedicated revision section to help you focus on previous mistakes and bookmarked questions We found that those who revise their mistakes on regular basis improve their rank with a 2x speed than those who do not. Revising regularly on PULP will help you cover important topics and refrain you from overindulging in unnecessary stuff. 

Last minute preparation tips for INICET, NEET MDS

Study Circle – Create Challenges with friends 

Studying by yourself for NEET MDS can be extremely boring and tedious. Joining an effective study group can help you break this monotony and make learning more fun. PULP’s study circle can help you fulfill this need in a digital and much more efficient way. It allows you to create challenges with your friends, where you can select topic(s), number of questions, time limit and track each other’s progress via the leaderboard section. 

NEET MDS Group Study with PULP

Cracking PG dental exams like NEET MDS is not a piece of cake. We have designed PULP to be your perfect companion during your NEET MDS preparation. From unlimited customized tests to detailed analytics to effective revision, PULP has it all. That said, the final decision is all yours.  Just make sure that you take correct decision at right time. else, you might lose track of your NEET MDS prep and by the time you realize this, you are too late.