How to Solve Physics Questions Faster in the NEET Exam?

NEET Physics

The Physics section of NEET is considered to be one of the most challenging, as it covers a wide range of topics and requires a strong foundation in the subject. Several students find it difficult to increase their speed while solving questions from physics during the NEET exam. Many even attempt to dodge the Physics syllabus in their high school because of its complicated concepts.

But, scoring well on just the Chemistry and Biology subjects of the NEET won’t help you achieve your goals. To get the highest possible ranking in the medical entrance exam, one needs to study Physics as well.

Therefore, it’s sensible to embrace the subject instead of avoiding it. To score well in NEET Physics, your aim should be to gradually increase your speed to solve problems.

Let’s look at a few tricks to solve the NEET physics questions faster.

Develop a Strong Foundation

The key to solving physics problems quickly and accurately is to have a firm grip in the subject. Make sure you understand the basic concepts and formulas thoroughly. Regular practice and revising the basics can help you to remember the formulas and concepts for a longer time. On Darwin, we have compiled topic-wise NEET notes to set a strong groundwork for important concepts.

Physics neet notes
Topic-wise Physics NEET notes

Start with easier questions

Avoid cramming your head to solve every question from the beginning. Start with the easy question during the practice sessions and gradually move towards the difficult ones. This will build your confidence to solve the more challenging questions. You can set the difficulty level of your practice session on Darwin with the aid of our advanced workout feature.

difficult neet physics questions

In the initial stage, set the level to easy and slowly move up the ladder. Regular practice will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in Physics. Answering easy questions will demonstrate a strong command on Physics. Improve basic calculation skills to gain mastery over Physics. NEET physics has many calculations like calculating integrals and determining some simple algebraic identities, ratios, etc.

Instead of mugging up equations try to understand the logic behind the same. Make sure you understand the question before you start solving it. Reading the question carefully can save you time and prevent you from making silly mistakes.

Keep the formulas handy

Try to keep a copy where all the formulas are written down so you may refer to them when taking tests. Flashcards, mnemonics, visual notes, etc act as great learning tools. You can manually create them or use a digitalized version.

Key an eye on the units

Make it a point to pay attention to the units in which the value of a certain physical quantity is given (especially in the case of numerical questions). The majority of foolish errors (literally “Time waste”) happen when the aspirant forgets to convert “meter into centimeters or kilograms into grams,” which results in him/her choosing the incorrect response from the four options. Examiners are experts at deceiving students, therefore make it a practice of converting the units correctly by considering your possibilities. For example, if the choice previously provided the number in millimeters, then converting the whole thing is already a time waster. This comes with practice. You can appear in Darwin’s Physics mock tests to enhance your speed and test-taking skills.

Practice as much as possible

Physics is highly based on problem-solving and the more practice you do, the more comfortable you will get with questions that you encounter on the exam day. Choose the right study material like NCERT books or practice on Darwin which has over 14,000 NEET practice questions from Physics.

Physics neet questions
Largest Physics NEET Q-bank

Increasing speed in the physics section of the NEET exam requires regular practice, focusing on important topics, and developing good exam-taking strategies.

Clearing Physics is considered to be the toughest among all the three subjects of NEET. However, by following the tips outlined above, you gain speed in solving Physics problems and aid to get high marks, even making you a top scorer in the exam.