Last 30-Day Revision Plan for NEET PG | Revise with Pre-PG

last 30 days revision plan for NEET PG

NEET PG is a highly competitive exam where the best from the lot is chosen. You’ll have to work outside your comfort zone to get a spot in the PG course of your choice. Revision is the backbone for NEET PG as it improves recall memory and helps entrants to leapfrog the competition in the last mile.

Incorporating these tips in the last 30 days of your NEET PG preparation can help you stay ahead of the curve and increase your chances of success.

Study smart

This method is used by many toppers to crack the assessment. Refer to previous years’ question papers to understand the NEET exam format. Make a note of the important topics that keep coming up repeatedly as it will save you a lot of time. Take subject-wise tests once you’ve finished each subject. Ideally, you don’t need to wait till the last moment to implement this technique, but you can utilize the last 30 days to perfect it and improve your timing.

neet pg previous year questions
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Practice as much as possible

There is no substitute to clear NEET PG other than practicing a good number of questions from every topic. Practicing questions will help you understand the topics where you are lagging and based on that you can decide if you want to give more time to those. Remember, your performance in your weakest topics will decide the improvement in your score. You can also identify your strong and weak subjects through Pre-PG’s PrepDNA and practice the weaker topics questions more especially if they have higher weightage in the test.

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Use NEET PG flashcards

Every minute of these final 30 days is crucial and you cannot afford to waste it. You may not be able to carry your notes and laptop everywhere but can always carry a phone. During your free time, digital flashcards can be used as they are considered a great way of revision and can be referred to anywhere. We would suggest you keep checking the Pre-PG app which has 15,000+ clinically oriented topic-wise flashcards to build a solid foundation for the clinical pattern.

neet pg flashscards
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Few mock tests won’t work

In the last 30 days, put the pedal to the metal and give it your all. NEET PG is a time-bound exam where you have to solve 200 questions in 3.5 hours. Along with the time limitations, the answers need to be correct as there is a negative marking for every incorrect answer. Solving at least 1-2 full-length NEET PG mock tests every day to test the waters and be more prepared for the timed environment. Apart from practicing free NEET PG mock tests on Pre-PG, you can create unlimited tests by combining various subjects and topics.

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Free NEET PG test series on Pre-PG

Continuous revision can make you feel mentally and physically exhausted. So, it’s a good idea to take a 5-10 min breather after every hour or two. This will relax your mind and give it the strength to study for another hour. Get enough shut-eye, and stay hydrated to be in the pink of health.


This 30-day NEET PG revision plan requires dedication, focus, and discipline. Cracking NEET PG is not a cakewalk but can be achieved by regular practice, avoiding distractions, and staying optimistic. Follow the above tips to “T” to increase your chances of clearing NEET PG on the first attempt itself with a good rank. Remember to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, and stay calm and confident during the exam. Break a leg!