Success Story of Dr. Sabah, AIR 23 in INICET MDS 2022 Exam

neet mds success story

When things start to become difficult, we know that it gets too hard to stick with old methodologies. We believe that efficient and deliberate practice methods for the Dental NEET MDS exam help you learn faster and keep you motivated.

The more effective you are with your practice time, the faster you will learn and improve. NEET MDS aspirants can become discouraged with their progress when practicing questions, but it is vital to remember that getting good scores takes time – and that’s okay! The essential thing is that you stay with the process and work toward your objectives.

Practicing NEET MDS questions daily means actually going in the direction you want to go and doing so in a relatively efficient manner. Sometimes goals can be like revising a small chapter. Other times they can be solving the full NEET MDS question paper. Setting goals and practicing precisely to reach those goals will maximize your score and accuracy, and will give you the highest chance of success in the Dental PG entrance exams.

Here is the success story of Dr. Sabah. Know how she secured a rank of AIR 23 INICET MDS 2022 and AIR 425 in the NEET MDS 2022 Exam.

The Initial Journey

Dr. Sabah, a native of Karnataka, completed her graduation from a private institution in the same state. However, she did not desire to pursue the NEET MDS exam during her graduation years and therefore joined a clinical practice.

During her clinical practice, she decided to go for the NEET MDS exam. Just like many students, who do not have any idea where to begin, Dr. Sabah too decided to give a dental PG exam to understand the exam pattern and format of the exam.

Her first attempt was for an INICET MDS exam, for which she got one and a half months to prepare. She followed some books and secured a rank of 600 on her first attempt.

PULP: An Indirect Mentor to Dr. Sabha

Dr. Sabah’s rank gave her newfound confidence. It influenced her behavior and decisions. She subscribed to the most reliable Dental PG Entrance Exam Prep App – PULP.

“PULP is a good app because it is very exam-oriented with clinical questions. Also, it has exam pattern of 240 questions in 3 hours which can help you in becoming accustomed to the time . It also provides very deep analytics of preparation to know where you stand amongst the students.”

Dr. Sabah also praises the PrepDNA feature of the PULP MDS Prep App, which helps Dental NEET PG MDS aspirants to understand their weaknesses and strengths. The detailed insights given by our AI (Artificial Intelligence) help the NEET MDS aspirants to keep a track of their performance on regular basis. In addition, it provides topic-level insights, weaknesses in each subject, and how much effort you ought to put into mastering the concept.

“PULP helped me to revise mistakes. So, for example, if you give a test a day before, you can revise it the next day. This will eventually improve your performance.

This PULP NEET MDS app was an indirect mentor to me because the app helped me keep a record of my performance. It also has a graph where it shows whether you are going up or down in the subjects. If you are doing self-preparation like me, then I would highly recommend this app”.

Advice to NEET MDS Aspirants

Dr. Sabah recommends that every NEET MDS student must be very thorough with their concepts. A deep understanding of the core concepts will help the students to develop their critical thinking ability, which may come in handy while solving NEET MDS clinical questions.

You can learn and understand the concepts from your textbooks, videos, or NEET MDS prep Apps. A sincere effort on your part can work wonders for you. It is important to believe in yourself and work hard to attain success in Dental PG entrance exams. Practicing every day can improve your skill and take you toward your goal to ace NEET MDS 2023.